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Sherlock's Daughter: Bullied


Pairing: there isn’t one for this due to the reader being the daughter of Sherlock Holmes.

Request: hello! just a random person who enjoys your one shots… 😅 sorry for just lurking & liking like nothing, but they’re just so good!! i also want to make a request; one where the reader is Sherlock’s daughter, but she gets bullied since she’s a replica of her father & when he finds out that she gets bullied, he snaps & does a surprise visit with uncle Mycroft & John? 🤔

A/N: firstly, I got rid of the gif thing at the start like I used to do because I wasn’t liking it. Secondly, I’m sorry that this has been a long time coming. Thirdly, thank you for your kind comments. Finally, enjoy! x

Warnings: bullying.

PS: I also stated in here that teachers are underachievers but I do not believe this. Most teachers are very hardworking and are highly intelligent but I just had to say something like that in here because I can imagine Sherlock saying something like this.

“Ugh!” Bianca Scott exclaimed as you walked past. “How annoying are smartarses?” She was addressing the ‘populars’ as you liked to call them. The ones that thought they were above all the rest. “Just the way they go on in class… No wonder they don’t have any friends.” This hit you like a truck. It was painful when she insulted you to your face but it injured you more when she did it indirectly. However, you kept your head down and ignored her.

“Pizza, please,” You said to the dinner lady, who then put a slice on your plate. “Thanks.” You went to pay and then sat down next to your friend Heather in the dining hall.

“Hey,” You greeted.

“Hello," Heather replied.

"How was history?”

“Dreadful. You know when I said Mr Ev-”

“Heather!” One of Bianca’s cronies shouted (you believed her name was Clarissa). “Come and sit with us!” The rest of the girls giggled.

You sighed. “You may as well sit with them. They’ll pick on you otherwise.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” She gave you a cautious look before leaving to sit with the people you despised. Well, you didn’t really despise them. You felt sorry for them in a way because they felt better about themselves because they were bringing you down. You knew they took Heather to isolate you from everyone. Heather couldn't help it though and you didn’t want her to be bullied like you.  



Your day went from bad to worse. They’d made your life a misery though the last two periods of the day and unfortunately Daniella Smith was in your form so after your two classes, she spread rumors in form time. Of course everyone believed her; they didn’t really have a choice but to make fun of you. On the way home, Bianca caught you again and began to shout colourful words towards you. Unfortunately, you’d made a snarky remark about her so she punched you. She was about to beat you to a pulp before someone called her over to offer her a cigarette. You walked to a safe distance before crying your eyes out. You received some strange, however some sympathetic looks, on the way home. You were in the middle of London so it wasn’t surprising but very inconvenient. You felt so lonely in a very busy city.



As you approached 221B, you hoped that your father wasn’t in. You especially hoped that he had no visitors in either, although you did love him to bits. You unlocked the door before heading up to your room. You already deduced that your dad wasn’t in even before you entered the flat. You did pick up your dad’s knack at deduction, which worked in your advantage occasionally. However, recently it hasn’t aided you in the slightest at school. Suddenly there was a ring. You picked up your phone.

“Y/N!” Exclaimed the person from the other end. That person was Sherlock. “I’m going to be late home. Cases call.”

“Okay,” You replied before mentally scolding yourself. Your voice had cracked and you knew that your dad would automatically pick that up.

“Okay we- Hang on. You’re upset. What is it?” You hung up quickly and threw your phone to the end of the bed before laying down and staring at the ceiling. You knew you should probably treat the bruise that was forming but there was a lack of effort.



“Y/N?” Sherlock called as he entered the flat but he already knew you wouldn’t reply and you were in your room. He opened your bedroom door and saw your pitiful state. “Fights? Really?” He had noticed the forming bruise. “Wait! Not a fight. There isn’t as much damage-”

“Shut up!” You yelled. “I don’t want to be deduced! I didn’t want the 'power of deduction’ as you so kindly put it! It’s that that got me in this mess!” You stood up an stormed out of your room and left the flat. He called out to you but it was no use.



You came back a few hours later. Your father was stood where he had recently been playing his violin. He stopped the music when he heard you enter.

“Y/N,” He said calmly. “We need to talk.” You looked at him with sorrow in your eyes and you looked like a fragile piece of glass that was about to break. However, you thought you’d already smashed. You sat down in what was John’s armchair and your dad sat opposite. You took in a deep breath and then told him everything…



“I assure you Mr Homes, that our school does not tolerate bullying in any shape or form,” Mrs West (the headmistress) informed.

“So my goddaughter coming home crying and having a black eye is something that normally happens at this school then?” John asked as anger was boiling in his blood.

“John, stop…” You said weakly.

“No, Y/N,” Sherlock said sternly. “John makes a perfect point and I don’t see why these people, who had to take the job as a secondary school teachers because they aren’t good enough to go any further in their career, get to express how against bullying they are but can’t be bothered to stop it when it does occur.”

“Mr Holmes, I assure you this situation will be taken care of.”

“No I don’t think it will.” The door to the head teacher’s office swung open and stood there was Mycroft Holmes.

“Ah!” Mrs West exclaimed and her face turned bright red, suddenly realising the relation. “Mycroft Holmes! I mean, Mr Holmes.”

“Yes,” Was his reply. “I do believe that I need to talk to you in private about this delicate matter involving my niece. I hope I won’t have to do anything to do something to the school that one may think is too rash…” The use of his authority threatening the future of the school was enough to change her mind. In fact, Mycroft turning up was enough.

“Yes, Mr Holmes…”



“I’m surprised you all did something about it,” You told John as you ate your chips as you walked away from the fish and chip shop during the walk home from your school visit. Your father had stayed behind with Mycroft to talk to the teacher.

“Why would that be?” John asked. “Ugh! I put too much vinegar and salt on these chips.”

“Tell me about it. I’ve drowned mine in ketchup. Anyway, I think it’s because dad had a hard time in school. Him being picked on because of his mind. I thought that he wouldn’t bother because there wasn’t anyone there for him. Also, he seems so emotionless. I thought he’d hate me for feeling some degree of sadness.”

He chuckled. “I once thought Sherlock was emotionless for a while. However, he had major turning points; your birth was one of them. I’d never seen him care for a person that much before. He’d move Heaven and Earth for you, Y/N. Trust me.” You nodded your head and smiled happily. You then knew that your father would protect you from everything, despite his reputation and persona.

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