hate them so much

you’re so easy to read but the book is boring me

  • [writes a 5 page paper in high school]:mediocre bullshit
  • [writes a 5 page paper in college]:professional bullshit


when u dont like a character but they havent exactly done anything to make u hate them so u try to be accepting and understand that u have no grounds to hate that character but u still cant stand them anyways and that character is loved by a lot of the fandom so u gotta keep ya hate in 

all i want to do is learn stuff and not have compulsory tests on it


i love learning new stuff

and reading new books

but when i stress myself out to the point where i’m crying because of exams

that kinda takes the fun out of it

do you feel me

When someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, I’m a big Pushing Daisies fan.” You just feel like, “Oh, wow: You’re the one who watched it. So nice to meet you.” […] When I meet one of the fans, I’m always like, “Aw, one of my people. You liked it, too? I liked it. You liked it. Let’s talk about it a little bit.”
—  Lee Pace really loves Pushing Daisies and Pushing Daisies fans. (x)

God, I love Oikawa Tooru.