hate the pants and never wear them thank

i cannot believe togashi managed to make us sympathize with fucking ants

like out of all annoying insects they are probably within the top five. have you ever tried to fight an ant infestation? it’s hell. there’s no end to them. you finally think you got them all only to have like 15,000 more of them suddenly pop out of a crack somewhere and spell out “nice try, asshole, we’re still here and we hate you, and all your food is ours.” and he introduces this helmet-headed dickbag with a suspicious crotch bulge who never fucking wears pants and looks like fucking cell from dbz and we’re all prepared to hate him because first of all he’s a fucking ant and second of all he acts like a total jerk at first, but by the end of the arc we’re fucking weeping over him. thanks, meruem. you asshole.

what’s next? who’s togashi going to make us sympathize with in the dark continent arc? mosquitoes? wasps? illumi?

i’m on to you, togashi