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30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 23

A character you’d love to have as your sibling


Reasons why:

  1. He’s such a dork that I literally just want to hold him forever and take care of him because I know he can’t do that on his own. Maybe even embarrass the hell out of him at school because of how protective I could get but he’d still love me because I’m his sister
  2. He likes video games, yakiniku and manga so that’s going to be our bonding time and I’m going to be the really clingy sister towards him.
  3. I want to have his family’s metabolic rate. He mentioned having a sister in GakuPuri and that she was extremely thin despite eating as much as he did.

Let me just point out that he has a tag on my blog called “PRECIOUS PRECIOUS DEVIL CHILD”

Also I was just debating with a guy who was telling me how all feminists hate men, and I was explaining about how feminism is actually about dismantling a patriarchal hegemony that’s harmful to all genders, and then he said - and I quote - ‘white males are the new 1940’s black people of the world’

so then I called him an idiot and he said 'Um, that’s a low blow, but since I have balls then I suppose you know where to aim your kicks’, to which I replied 'Son, believe you and me, my kicks are aimed squarely at your bigotry, not your balls. Your balls ain’t all that' 

and then I turned off notifications, washed my brain out and tried to forget that I wasted half an hour forming reasoned arguments against a poor oppressed middle class white man who literally thinks he’s Martin Luther King