hate that shirt though you little shit


i hate you..

will asked his father for his blessing to date nico…even though they’ve been together for months. will loved every second of it that little shit

Welcum home

Summary: “I missed you,” Dan breathed against Phil’s lips. “Don’t you dare leave me for a dangerous mission for a whole week again.”

Genre: smut (finally!!!)

Warning: secks(rimming, cumplay, nipple!kink), swearing

Words: 1, 289

A/N: (kinda sequel to this fic but it’s stand-alone dw) aRE YALL KIDS HAPPY NOW HUH. (beta’d by my waifu (again) asianellenpage ily)

It hasn’t even been ten seconds since he entered their flat, Phil already felt warm arms engulf him in a bear hug.

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ok you guys are slacking on writing mom/dad friends because, let me tell you, it goes way beyond mother-henning. so for inspiration here’s a list of things i have actually done

  • the time i brought cupcakes to rehearsal because it was two members’ birthdays and i didn’t want them to think i forgot about them; meanwhile, i was highkey bitter about it because they were all little shits the day before (the birthday girls were both saints though i love them)
  • “hey abby do you have this” “yes” “do you have this” ¨yes” “ok but do you have this” “yes, don’t even ask me, just look in the fucking bag”
  • spray painting shirts while my mom was in the hospital because i promised i’d do them
  • “i love my kids” two seconds later: “i hate my kids” (bonus: anytime anyone threatens or makes fun of them i’m Ready To Attack)
  • making gifts for everyone. every year. every single person got one. i’ve put months of my life into those gifts.
  • when i brought a blanket and a pillow for the bus ride home from a competition in the middle of the night and i ended up using a uniform bag to stay warm
  • “okay, you’re limping, i have a million braces in my bag so go pick one out. if you don’t i’ll wrap it myself and probably stab you with a pin”
  • everyone comes to you for petty drama. everyone. i know everything.
  • the little swell of pride whenever they do something right
  • packing enough snacks to feed half of a bus and actually having some for myself
  • the Look. the disappointed stare. they know when you’re disappointed in them. i’ve masted the look and sigh.
  • and the classic: “i love all of my kids. except you. you’re adopted.”