hate that shirt though you little shit


i hate you..

will asked his father for his blessing to date nico…even though they’ve been together for months. will loved every second of it that little shit

Birthday Gift // JK Scenario

This is made for all the people whose birthday is today! Yeah, that’s right. I SEE YOU. And if it ain’t your birthday then HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY.

Genre: Fluff
Jungkook x reader
Length: 1.4k words
It’s your birthday and your bf Jungkook comes over to see you. He’s extra sweet and you two have a lot of fun, but unfortunately something goes wrong…

You opened the door eagerly, smiling when you saw him standing there, his hands held behind his back. A shy grin decorated his face as he stood there, looking so adorable you wanted to squeeze his cheeks.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N,” he said, stepping forward to brush his lips over your cheek hesitantly. You giggled at his shyness, hooking your arm around his and pulling him inside.

“Why so shy, Kookie? You’ve been to my house before,” you asked, closing the door behind his back. He simply smiled at you, pulling you towards him and wrapping his strong arms around your shoulders, hugging you tightly. He ruffled your hair with one hand before pulling away from you and showing you what was in his hand.

“Look what I got you,” he said, holding the little gift-wrapped box out towards you. Your eyes rounded and you lunged for it immediately, but he snatched it away from you, chuckling.

“Nope!” he shouted, jumping back. “You have to wait.”

You pouted in playful frustration. “For whaaat?” you whined. He grabbed onto your wrist and pulled you towards your kitchen, smiling like a little kid. He placed the present in the middle of the table and pulled out a chair for you to sit in. “For me to make you dinner like the good boyfriend I am.”

“With what ingredients?” you taunted, raising an eyebrow. He opened your pantry cupboard and pulled out two cups of instant ramen. You laughed at him, but still sat down in the chair. Your eyes stayed trained on him as you watched him boil the water and ready the noodles. You’d only been going out for a month but he still knew exactly how to make you happy. You’d told him you didn’t want a big birthday thing so he’d come to your house in sweats and his favourite hoodie and made you instant ramen. You hadn’t really known what to expect when he’d told you he’d come over, but so far it was going perfectly.

But you wanted to know what the present was so bad. What could he have possibly gotten you after you’d been going out for such a short amount of time? You gazed at him as he placed the noodles in the boiling water, admiring how good his shoulders looked in his white hoodie. How the hell had you managed to land yourself in a relationship with such a good-looking guy? Everything about his physical appearance was literally perfection, and his personality only complimented it. He was shy and sweet, just what you looked for in a guy, but he was also fun and had a good sense of humour. He could make you swoon just by blinking, and he knew it too. He was still too shy to show it but you knew at some point he would use that fact against you.

He brought over the two ramen cups and placed one in front of you, tearing open the packet of flavouring and pouring it over the noodles for you. You smiled at him. He was being so sweet. But you were still waiting to see what your present was, the thought of it nagging at the back of your mind.

Eagerly, you started eating your ramen, burning your mouth on the boiling water. You let out a small yelp and swallowed it all in one gulp to get the burning liquid off of your tongue. Jungkook failed to stop himself from laughing at you, and you swiftly hit him on the arm.

“Don’t laugh!” you giggled before hastily blowing away the steam that was rising from your cup.

“Y/N, you’re laughing too.”

“I’m not,” you said, hastily switching your facial expression back to a neutral one. He stared at you with a small smirk, cocking an eyebrow, and you burst back into laughter again. You were soon laughing stupidly together, and it got to the point where it wasn’t even laughter, just a whole lot of inhaling and happy tears. This had happened like a million times since you got together. For some reason you just found each other ridiculously hilarious and were set off laughing by just the smallest things. It was so stupid but you loved it.

You suddenly resurfaced from your laughing fit with another yelp of pain, even louder this time. You’d now knocked over your ramen cup, spilling it all over your clothes. You stood up to get away from it as a reflex, but the thin material of your shirt was already soaked through and the hot liquid was quickly burning your skin. This time, Jungkook wasn’t laughing at you, and had stood up instantly to help you. He pulled your shirt over your head and let it fall onto the kitchen floor in a slap. You let out a tiny gasp at his actions, not expecting it at all. Without pausing to perv on you, he swiftly took off his hoodie to cover your stinging skin and your muscles relaxed now that the threat on your skin had been eliminated.

You were surprised. You’d kind of hoped that when he was taking your shirt off it would be for other purposes, but you were grateful all the same. In fact, it had been his perfect opportunity to perv on you, but he’d simply done what he’d needed to do to keep you safe. You felt really touched by his maturity in the situation.

“Sorry. I didn’t want it to give you a serious burn.” You looked up to see that his cheeks were bright red. He was avoiding eye contact, biting his lip with his bunny teeth.

You gave a small smile, reaching up to his jaw and pushing so that he was looking back at you. “It’s okay. I understand.” He kept looking at you, looking slightly relieved that you weren’t mad at him. You leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips, telling him how grateful you were in the only way you thought he would respond. He kissed you back, but then pushed away so he could look at you properly, gripping your arm.

“The present I bought you is pretty perfect for this situation, actually,” he said, looking back at where the little box was sitting on the table. You felt a spike of excitement. Now you would see what he’d got you.

“Yeah?” you asked slowly. He pulled away from you, reaching over to grab it. He placed it in your hands gently, watching. You opened the lid and he smiled mischieviously, shy Jungkook disappearing. You chuckled.

“You didn’t.” You pulled out the object, holding it up in front of you.

“I did,” he laughed.

It was a white t-shirt, completely identical to the one he was wearing. You’d teased him for the amount of white shirts he owned, and he had told you that he would buy you some so you could match.

“Do you like it? Now we can be the same.”

“I can’t believe you,” you giggled, looking back in the box, seeing that it wasn’t the only thing in there. “Oh, and what’s this..? Another one. Oh… and there’s another one! Jeez, Jungkook, you really know how to spoil a girl.”

He smiled. “That’s not all I got you, don’t worry. But I did say I’d get you some.”

“I know you did, and I love them. Thank you, Kookie.” You pushed your arms around him and hugged him, burying your head into his shoulder. Usually when you did that you’d be burrowing into his soft white hoodie, and you felt a little puzzled until you realised that the reason that wasn’t happening now was because you were wearing it. His shoulder felt just as good though, and you relished in the hug before he pulled away from you again.

He stared at you, waiting.

You stared at him, confused. “What?”

“Aren’t you gonna put it on?”

You felt surprised. “What, now?”

He stifled a small chuckle. “Well, Y/N, I’ve already seen you without a shirt on. Don’t be embarrassed,” he grinned cheekily, not even surprised by the punch that landed on his upper arm.

“Jeon Jungkook, you’re such a cocky little shit and I hate you,” you said, smiling stupidly even though you wanted to at least pretend you were annoyed.

“No, you don’t,” he grinned, pulling you back in for another hug. He stroked the back of your silky hair softly and you breathed in his scent, grateful for his whole existence. “I know you don’t.”

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Welcum home

Summary: “I missed you,” Dan breathed against Phil’s lips. “Don’t you dare leave me for a dangerous mission for a whole week again.”

Genre: smut (finally!!!)

Warning: secks(rimming, cumplay, nipple!kink), swearing

Words: 1, 289

A/N: (kinda sequel to this fic but it’s stand-alone dw) aRE YALL KIDS HAPPY NOW HUH. (beta’d by my waifu (again) asianellenpage ily)

It hasn’t even been ten seconds since he entered their flat, Phil already felt warm arms engulf him in a bear hug.

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