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Pairing: Negan x Daughter!Reader, Carl x Reader
Word count: 1,136
Warnings: Swearing

Part 2 of Gonna Marry That Boy

“I know what boys his fuckin’ age think love means, and there’s no way in hell you’re runnin’ off to do that with that little shit!” As he saw your eyes look anywhere but at his face, and the coloring on your face change slightly, barely noticeable in the light from the parking lot, his anger grew. “You’ve got to be fuckin’ kidding me!”

You jumped and looked up at him, tears in your eyes. “We were careful…” Your voice was barely above a whisper.

He ran his hand over his face. “YOU!” He pointed at Carl. “Get your sorry ass home. I’m gonna be havin’ a chat with your daddy, boy.”

Carl didn’t have to be told twice. He was back to his car in record time. Your eyes never left Negan. “Please, calm down.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down? That little shit had his hands on MY daughter!” He put his hands on his hips. “Go finish putting some fuckin’ clothes on. I need to go have a chat real quick, and then we’re going to see that punk’s father.” Negan left no room for argument as he stormed off.

After you’d put everything back on, you walked over to where Negan and Simon stood. You shot Simon a look. He was someone you knew well from growing up around the Saviors, and he never gave a single hint that he had been following you. Crossing your arms over your chest, your Y/E/C looked up at Negan. His jaw was set as his eyes looked over at you. “I’m dressed.” You told him.

“God, you look like your mother.” He sighed. “Let’s go. I gotta go scare the fuck outta that punk.”

You started following him to his bike. “Dad, come on.” You half whined. “Do you really have to go play badass at his house and talk to Rick?”

He stopped and turned to you. “Rick?” Negan did not sound amused. “You call his father ‘Rick’?”

“He insisted, saying he found it weird that his son’s girlfriend was calling him ‘Sheriff Grimes’.” You shrugged, not seeing the issue with it. “Mr. Grimes made him feel old, and when I called him Mr. G as a joke he said that it sounded odd. So. That left Rick.” You explained. “Why’s it a big deal?”

“How fuckin’ often do you see him?” He asked, pissed at Simon for not telling him everything. They would be having a talk after this. It was going to be a long ass night, and you were not leaving his sight, either.

You groaned. “I eat dinner there the nights that you guys meet usually.” Tonight Rick had to work, leaving you and Carl to do whatever else you wanted. “He drives me home from school sometimes, if Carl has to work.” You couldn’t see why he cared if you and Rick got along. It just meant another person to keep you safe. “Is it because he’s a cop?” Leave it up to your father to get pissy because you were dating a cop’s kid.

“It’s because he’s a grown ass man!” He shot back. “Now let’s go. We’re stopping at home for you to put some real fuckin’ clothes on, young lady.” Negan motioned for you to follow, and was clearly done with the conversation.

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Eyes ::: part three

AN:// Wow guys, sorry this took so long! Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the previous chapters. Feel free to tell me what you think of this part :)

Word count: 2431

Warnings: cursing

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Cody’s POV

I fucked up. I don’t know how, but I fucked up. And now I’m struggling to keep up with Jane’s vigorous speed walking. Though she obviously doesn’t want me to keep up. This is so incredibly awkward. Things were going so great… and now…. Ugh what did I do?

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Characters: Eisuke, MC
Prompt: "I saw you trying to hit the ‘door close’ button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you late for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than 'you started it’“ AU

OKAY SO IT’S NOT REALLY A FLUFFY HAPPY PAIRING THING. I just.. really couldn’t get this idea out of my head. So, here. Have some second-hand embarrassment, elevator sass. Currently I have no plans of continuing it but it might change if I ever get the motivation? Or if anyone actually wants to see it continued. lol but why on earth would anyone want that?

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