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A reminder after reading various policies on tumblr and ao3, that harrasment and hateful speech sent directly to you or aimed at you/your blog / you fic works / your comments section is a breach of their policies, and there as a ‘report abuse’ button on both sites which you can use. A03 bans users who abuse others on their site. Peace out 😘

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Your attention please. It has come to my attention, Ms. Dlomo is the target of very concentrated and intense “hate speech” and other rhetoric on Twitter and Tumblr. I visited @LongLukeArnold aka Long John Silver’s account (to spread the #Joadi love) and saw all manner of evil directed at Ms. Dlomo by SilverFlint fans. It’s heartbreaking. I especially felt uncomfortable for Mr. Arnold, who plays Madi’s love interest on the show. His feed was filled with hate for his co-star, when all he asked was we flood Tumblr with John x Madi. What he got was Silver & Flint. 😱 Over and Over and we hate Madi/Zethu.

Although, I am unable to confirm. Sources say, prior to Ms. Dlomo’s making her own Twitter Account private, Ms. Dlomo posted her personal religious beliefs on HER OWN account. Someone took offense and began a “homophobic” smear campaign, which explains the SilverFlint Movement. These individuals have made it their mission to destroy any professional satisfaction, the award winning actress may get from playing Madi. And it appears TPTB are bowing to the pressure as well. Can anyone show me where Ms. Dlomo has been featured in a Press Junket or Con? Is she even in the pictures? Despite playing a significant role in the Show’s final season?! Sad. Especially, when TPTB had a potential cash cow in featuring a WOC. Minorities control style, culture and What’s hot! We Cosplay too! (Fact: see Music. Fashion. Hair. Film. Small Business growth & development..etc). With women supporting this show… But I digress.

As a person who grew up in a religious home, with gay family and friends; Hell, I was a Fag Hag and Beard before I even understood what those terms meant! 🤣 I know the pain my Black brothers and sisters endured because of who they loved and they would NEVER stoop to the dirty depths these folk are wallowing in.

I find what the SilverFlint faction and others are doing to Ms. Dlomo just as appalling as what so called “Christians” do. Currently, I see no difference between the two.

The best way to soften a heart towards your plight is to show love and to educate. Not steal, kill and destroy.

So, if you are so inclined to be an agent of change, please let’s make Ms. Dlomo’s and Mr. Arnold’s final season special. Let’s show the Black Sails fandom, what love and appreciation looks like ( because ain’t no way I can do what they do, naked even) 😜via tweets and posts and whatever you do best. 😍


More Nazi blogs sending gore and body horror have popped up, with the same modus as in the spring (fast use, fast burn). Guard your inboxes and remember to report any incidents to Operation Highlord and Tumblr!

Also, be aware that reblogging this post may cause you to become a target whether you’re Jewish or not. I encourage you to reblog if you’re good at the fast scroll, but please put your mental health first. One of the images I received today, without going into detail, appeared to have involved the use of small explosives.

PROTECT YOUR FELLOW TUMBLRITES. Do not allow this to continue.

To anyone who is in the Rip Hunter and/or Time Canary tags

There is an individual who likes to troll and hijack posts to shit all over Rip Hunter and Time Canary fans and harass them with phrases such as “they are POS” “they are bi/trans/homo phobic and do not care about POC characters”. This is harassment and I want to remind all of you that the best way to make this person stop is by reporting them for violations of Tumblrs TOS about hate speech and harassment. If enough people report it, it will stop.

*this has been a psa for y'all*

Name: Nick

Age: 22

Location: New York

What type of craft you practice: I’m an eclectic witch and dabble in a lot of different areas. My main focuses are divination, herbalism, healing magic, folk remedies, and spell work. 

Likes: Art (mostly painting and illustrating,) Sewing historical garments, drag, nature, snuggling with my cat, reading, and of course witchcraft.

Dislikes: sexism, bigotry, racism, homophobia and transphobia, hate speech, romanticizing of mental illness.

Contact method: Tumblr: thesideshowmermaid 

Fun Facts: I have been practicing witchcraft for almost 7 years. I am queer and non binary, also I am a drag king. I am studying costume design

What are you looking for in a pen pal?: Someone to share ideas with, an exchange of knowledge and a possible friendship

Does the age of your pen pal matter?: Not at all. Any age is welcome

What about the gender?: All genders are welcome as well

And location?: earth

notes from dad:

Doomybot gets asks time to time from users who contribute nothing other than slurs, or the promotion of violence based on racial prejudice. 

 Although I don’t care what you say on your own blog, pushing racially based ideologies on my own public platform is annoying, especially when I explicitly ask that people don’t engage in that kind of behavior.

This sort of stuff is outright prohibited in the Tumblr community guidelines under hate speech and spam. So, instead of deleting posts right away, I will now report particularly egregious and recurring users to Tumblr.

Please continue to send me info on when you see stuff that probably shouldn’t appear on doomybot.  You guys are really helpful and moderating content is a whole lot easier when I have people telling me what’s going on.  

Please, keep hate speech and racially charged language on your own blogs.  I think it’s your right to say whatever you want, but it’s also well within my rights to keep your stuff off of my blogs.  Thanks.


I thought that this number of followers was a good reason to celebrate, so I’m doing this thing! ugh I hate long speeches Thank you all for making my tumblr days brighter, you are wonderful people!

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The shootings in Copenhagen

I’m so angry that people would try to justify what happened in Copenhagen yesterday and early this morning. The first incident happened at Krudttønden, where a meeting was held. The meeting wasn’t some “hate speech rally” as some of the people on tumblr makes it out to be. It was held to discuss freedom of speech. Several people got shot and one of them died.

The second incident happened around 1 am where yet another man got shot, this time in the head, and more people got shot, when the man opened fire once again.

It makes me sick to se people disrespect the people who died. They were innocent people. They did not deserve to die.

Before you comment on the events get your facts straight. It wasn’t some meeting to glorify hate speeches! It wasn’t even about hate speeches. It was merely to discuss the topic freedom of speech.
Don’t go spreading false information.

Tumblr SJW vs French SJW vs Imperialism
  • France: We're so sad, 12 people who were making us laugh by using satire to fight racism and fanatics have been brutally murdered.
  • Tumblr: Yeah, well, they were racists. If you're defending them, you're racist as well, you bunch of hypocrits!
  • France: Wait no, you don't understand the context, please ask us, we'll explain. And our country has no laws against blasphemy but we have one against hate speech and Charlie Hedbo was never convicted of that...
  • Tumblr: Duh, because you're racist!
  • France: We have racism and it's a huge problem, but we're walking the Unity Rally to fight it!
  • Tumblr: Uhuh. Racists. If you want to fight racism, you're not doing it right.
  • France: we're using our culture to end racism, because our society is different from yours and racism doesn't express itself the same way. Racism isn't the same in France, in the US, in Australia, in Pakistan, in Ethopia, you can't use the same tools!
  • France: Aaaah, right. Well, fuck you, we're #NotintheUSA and #OtherculturesMatter. You don't know shit about our country. We're fighting racism, and you're fighting us. Get your head out of your ass and to educate yourself, it's not because we're doing things differently that we are bad people.

@staff @support @david how is it that you’ll make an editorial decision, a judgment call, that “free speech” can have limits and can be proactively moderated when it comes to banning thinspiration blogs because of the harm they do, but you’re not willing to do the same when it comes to nazi blogs which use your site to organize harassment campaigns and promote hate speech. 

you’re clearly not hands off about moderating tumblr, so why are you so half assed, noncommittal and wishy washy about this?

Why Hate Isn't An Opinion

I’m glad we have laws against incitement to hate in France because it sends the message that society as a whole is concerned by racism.

When hate speech is considered free speech, it means that fighting it is solely the victims’ responsibility. If they’re lucky, they can find allies to stand with them. But at the end of the day, it entirely depends on those hypothetic allies’ morality, and the victims’ visibility as a community. Thus, if the public opinion has a bad opinion of your community, prepare to fight alone and constantly hear why the hate you receive is deserved. If the public opinion has no knowledge of your community, prepare yourself for screaming in the desert.

When you protect hate speech, you actually protect the oppressors, who are, most of the time, in position of power. When the victims can’t defend themselves properly, the oppressors, their allies, and the even bigger number of people who don’t feel concerned, can turn a blind eye on the victims’ suffering. Therefore, it perpetuates oppression, by basically saying that society will care about hate only when it’s directly threatened. If we bring it to an individual level it means: I will care about that problem when I’m a victim. If you’re white, you probably won’t ever be a victim of racism. Protecting hate speech gives you a free pass for not giving a damn.

Living in a democracy means living in a country ruled by its people. As citizens we have to build a common vision of the society we want to live in. Voting a law against hate speech means the end of indifference. It also means we don’t depend on individual appreciation of what is hate and what isn’t. We don’t depend on political correctness but on the Law. And since there’s not more effective censorship than moral censorship, laws against hate speech actually protects free speech.

The shooting in Denmark that Tumblr doesn't care about.

Tumblr is exploding about the Chapel Hill shooting (fucking understandably) but somehow ‘sleeping on’ the gunman kill[ing] one and injuring three [BBC News] by opening fire at a debate on free speech in Denmark. And it’s not about how many people were killed - the gunman fired several dozen shots - he intended to kill all of them, don’t you dare turn this into a hard-done-by competition, these are human lives being threatened. Do not excuse the enemies of free speech just because on this website it’s fashionable to blindly support religious freedom, do not excuse murder because it’s fashionable on this website to blame white people for everything. People should not come under literal fire for their beliefs in 2015, and that includes everyone. This attack was horrific and none of you are talking about it. I suspect if you were talking about it you’d say they were 'asking for it’ by having the Swedish cartoonist there.