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Do you wanna explain the story of Tumblr user Pizza for the younger bloggers?

oh jesus christ. jesus fucking christ. there was some rich Discoursing on this one. 

so tumblr user pizza was an incredibly popular user who was mostly known for shitposting, being #Relatable, and having the much-coveted url pizza.tumblr.com. they also frequently responded to any post that mentioned pizza as if someone was talking about/to them. here are some examples of popular posts that they made or contributed to

i’ve discussed how much i hate the term “tumblr famous,” but let’s face it–pizza was “tumblr famous.” i have no idea how many followers they had, but it’s safe to say that the number was astronomically high (one source i read said 500k+ but i’m not sure how reliable that is).

in january 2014, some shit starting coming to light via call-out posts pertaining to pizza’s history of racism (a sentence i cannot believe i just typed. im talking about a call out post for racist pizza right now. why haven’t i deleted yet). 

basically, pizza was a white girl, but she had a “black people” tag and tags on her blog that utilized the n-word, like #n****stories and #n****fight. all of these tags contained racist stories or jokes which used black people as a punchline. here are some screenshots taken from those tags and a brief explanation of what happened immediately afterward. obviously, TW for racism and slurs.

pizza responded to the criticism by deleting the posts in the tags and apologizing, saying that she had created the tags over a year before and had learned and grown since then and wasn’t racist and was so embarrassed and thought the n-word was just a nickname and not a slur….blah blah blah. it’s incredibly difficult to find the original apology post (or the apology video she made) but that’s the gist.

people then fired back by pointing out:

  • she still had links to the tags in question prominently displayed on her blog until the call out post started circulated
  • she had just made a post linking someone to those tags three days before shit hit the fan (which is why shit hit the fan in the first place)
  • she had been called out before and told why those tags were racist and had ignored it

the apology was largely seen as inadequate, and she was criticized for focusing on how embarrassed she was by the whole thing, how it affected her, and for not acknowledging that what she did was racist. and there was much memeing.

so basically there was a lot of Discoursing on tumblr user pizza being Problematic and her popularity RAPIDLY declined. however, the final nail in her coffin came when her account was terminated in august 2014.

although a lot of people were thrilled to see her blog deleted, there was initially a lot of confusion about why she was terminated. there were rumors that she was terminated specifically because of her racism, and that she had been reported for violating community guidelines.

but as we can tell from the plethora of gross neo-nazi and white supremacist blogs that continue to exist unchecked by tumblr @staff, tumblr does jack shit about blogs that spew hate speech!!! 

no, tumblr user pizza was not deleted for racism. she was deleted for advertising and promoting a diet pill that was known to be a scam, which is a violation of a community guideline that the tumblr staff actually cares about. 

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she went on to make another blog (larrytattoos i think???) 

but no one cared and so she faded into obscurity where she belongs.