GLAAD now has a website that tracks all hate speech – including racism and Islamophobia – coming from the Trump administration

You probably know that Trump has advocated jailing people or denying them citizenship for burning flags and that Pence has called for a ban on LGBT people in the military. But what about statements like National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s that Islam isn’t a religion and doesn’t deserve constitutional protections?

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Facebook moderators are trained to protect “white men” and not “black children” from hate speech

  • A set of training materials leaked to ProPublica reveal the guidelines for what Facebook moderators should consider “hate speech” and what counts as an attack that should be taken down, or could trigger an account suspension. 
  • Included is a slide deck about protected groups that show why it’s not OK to curse at men, but why it’s fine to call for the complete segregation and exclusion of refugees and migrants.
  • The most alarming of the slides is a quiz from the slide deck that shows three groups: black children, female drivers and white men. The quiz asks which of the subgroups “do we protect” with content moderation and post take-downs. 
  • The correct answer is: “white men.” Read more (6/28/17)

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New law in Germany requires social media sites to remove hate speech

  • Under a new law passed in Germany, Facebook and other social media platforms may have to pay millions of dollars for failing to remove hate speech from their sites.
  • The law, passed Friday, requires any social media company with more than 2 million German users to censor all posts that incite racism, defamation, violence or other “obviously illegal” content.(New York Times)
  • This includes any false, slanderous “fake news” reports published by users claiming to represent legitimate news sources.
  • If Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media sites fail to delete such hate speech within 24 hours, they will face a fine of €5 million, or $5.7 million, according to the Verge.
  • If the offensive content is not gone within a week, the companies could be charged up to €50 million, or $57 million.
  • In cases where it’s unclear whether or not the content of a post violates the new regulations, sites have up to a week to make a decision. 
  • The law goes into effect in October. Read more (6/30/17)

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Professor Jordan Peterson, shortly after having his seminar crashed by dozens of noisy, disruptive students attempting to silence him for “hate speech” gives an incredible speech to the students who attended the seminar to hear him speak, encouraging them to educate themselves in order to defend logic and reasoning if needed, and concludes with the incredibly powerful line,

“Nothing’s more powerful than articulate speech! Nothing!”

  • person: so i kicked jim out of my house for being nazi scum
  • liberal: freedom of speech means everyone in the entire world has to listen to white supremacists advocate for genocide.
  • liberal: every single place where someone can speak must openly allow for white supremacists to preach about the joys of genocide at every given moment.
  • liberal: if there is a single person ever who doesn't want to support the advocation for genocide they are literally anti-freedom of speech and worse than the people advocating for genocide.
  • liberal: even though said nazis are literally not being jailed or murdered for what they're saying, and in fact are literally preaching how we should jail and murder people en masse for saying shit in opposition to their advocation for genocide.
  • liberal: their rights are being GROSSLY taken away.
  • liberal: and that's why you should let jim back in your house so he can go on another rant about how hitler was right.

Neo-Nazis are making their own video games — and they’re just as horrifying as you’d think

  • The neo-Nazi game Zog’s Nightmare, one of the most violent, anti-Semitic titles ever released, has an equally horrific soundtrack that mocks a trio of Jewish rappers.
  • Imagine the Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party),” but instead of the original chorus, the line goes, “You gotta fight/ For a white/ Country.”
  • It plays in the background as you face off against an army of Jewish soldiers with yellow stars pinned to their uniforms.
  • You won’t find this kind of white supremacist sentiment in blockbuster video games or popular indie titles.
  • For racist gamers, there’s a whole subsection of releases made by and for neo-Nazis — in case racist mods and racially pure mainstream games weren’t already enough. Read more (5/22/17)

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Having discussions with people who believe that “there are only two genders” is optional.

Sure, you might be able to change their minds or further our visibility with discussion, but your safety as a nonbinary person must come first.

Listening to people who don’t want you to exist is an exhausting and harmful task that should never be demanded of you.

You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for a bigot’s hate speech.

This Facebook post about New York City commuters working together to remove swastikas and hate speech from a subway car is going viral

The best behavior can rise out of the worst situation.When confronted with racist graffiti, what should you do? Here’s a hopeful and inspiring story from one commuter who worked with the people on his train to get rid of the hateful symbols and words.

Image: Gregory Locke

Free speech includes unpopular opinions. 

Free speech does not include burning shit down.

Yes, free speech includes hate speech.

No, free speech does not include punching nazis. (Although I do strongly dislike Richard Spencer. Not an excuse to punch him tho.)