“If we give them equal rights they force boys to wear skirts”

Sounds pretty illogical and hateful against lgbt+  people, no?
Like, if you can marry, how does that force people to wear skirts?
Just another way from the haters to spread their propaganda of hate.

“If we respect trans women as women they will force lesbians to have sex with them”

For  terfs claiming to hate the patriarchy, they love to use the same hate speech tactic.
Terfs are not feminists.

And if you don’t think both arguments are ridiculous hate propaganda, please leave.


GLAAD now has a website that tracks all hate speech – including racism and Islamophobia – coming from the Trump administration

You probably know that Trump has advocated jailing people or denying them citizenship for burning flags and that Pence has called for a ban on LGBT people in the military. But what about statements like National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s that Islam isn’t a religion and doesn’t deserve constitutional protections?

Images: GLAAD


Free speech includes unpopular opinions. 

Free speech does not include burning shit down.

Yes, free speech includes hate speech.

No, free speech does not include punching nazis. (Although I do strongly dislike Richard Spencer. Not an excuse to punch him tho.)

Having discussions with people who believe that “there are only two genders” is optional.

Sure, you might be able to change their minds or further our visibility with discussion, but your safety as a nonbinary person must come first.

Listening to people who don’t want you to exist is an exhausting and harmful task that should never be demanded of you.

You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for a bigot’s hate speech.

This Facebook post about New York City commuters working together to remove swastikas and hate speech from a subway car is going viral

The best behavior can rise out of the worst situation.When confronted with racist graffiti, what should you do? Here’s a hopeful and inspiring story from one commuter who worked with the people on his train to get rid of the hateful symbols and words.

Image: Gregory Locke


There’s this disgusting channel/user on Youtube who’s going around and not only harassing and starting keyboard wars with neuro-divergent people, but is putting out these disgusting videos, calling autism “Evil”, and supporting god awful “treatments” of autistic people. I’ve already reported this person, and if you give a shit, you need to as well (I can’t put the link to the channel or it won’t show up here, but just look up “ Seeing Clearly Media” on Youtube. 


And thanks. 

-Raven V. 

How I Handled Homophobia In My Third Grade Classroom
It is not only my opportunity, but my responsibility to educate my students on these topics.

Clearly, despite the fact that these children are only 8 years old, they have already largely internalized our society’s homophobia, and they have already adopted many of the ideas of toxic masculinity, one of which is that men showing affection towards each other is weak and not okay.

But how do you explain homosexuality to kids? 

The same way you explain homophobia:

“That word is not, by any means, an insult. Using the word gay as an insult is just as bad as racism or sexism. This is called H-O-M-O-P-H-O-B-I-A.” I wrote on the board while spelling it out.