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im a Louie larrie so maybe it's different for me but I love Zayn more then Harry and I've unfollowed 50 people in the past hour alone for hating o Zayn and then turning around and praising Harry. I'm declaring myself a zouis from now on :/ (okay but seriously do you know any awesome Zayn blogs who post stuff like you? I need more in my life)

ppl can be very very hypocritical with zayn and harry (and most of 1d honestly) and it can be super frustrating to find blogs who love Both but luckily ! we have a lot of lovely ppl in this fandom!! here are some z loving blogs that u should definitely follow!!! there are plenty more but these are just some off the top of my head: (also i feel like this very quickly became a ziam rec but! adjfdkjf)

 @awwwhoopsehdaiseh, @zaynrocksliam, @bisexualharry,  @liamalmighty  @love-you-lou, @louisprotectionsquad@all4zayn, @zayncangetsome, @zlanet, @zaynmajor, @paynefulperiods, @zonshine, @bisexvalziam, @0xyzen, @ziamupallnight, @zaynfeatliam, @malikaesthetics, @verseziam, @zaynsbambieyes

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I hate that people spam their families with stuff about Larry. Like why do that?? What does that accomplish?? It seriously makes no sense. Having said that, did she say something about it today?

It really doesn’t make any sense. I can see why she feels suffocated by social media at times ugh. She replied “are you mental” to a girl that said her last post of an art gallery piece “Confirmed Larry”

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I love how there are girls taking signs that say 'fuck me' or 'let me suck your dick' on them to their concerts but you only talk shit about Larries who bring Larry signs which the boys obviously don't mind considering Harry gave thumbs up to a girl that was holding a sign that said 'Larry stylinson' on it. You are constantly looking for excuses to talk shit about Larries as if there's anything wrong with shipping Louis and Harry and showing them support... smh

Here’s the thing… I disagree with this:

Just as much as I disagree with this:

Also, I don’t give a fuck who Harry gives thumbs up to. Larries are problematic and need to be stopped. I have a friend who recently left the Larrie fandom and she literally has to QUESTION HER SENSE OF REALITY when it comes to Harry and Louis because she had Larry Tunnel Vision for the longest time and lived in their little censored world of absolutes. It’s not okay for that part of the fandom to be able to do that to people. It’s awful that they can fuck with people’s minds like that.


I personally believe that Harry and Louis are in a real relationship. I support them fully, but I can’t support Larries who should know better than to act like they do.

Larries also do stuff like this:

This is nasty a’f and so many Larries have this mentality. This is NEVER okay.

I would link this post but I’m too scared you won’t click on it, and I’m the OP so it doesn’t matter.

  • Larries are so heterosexist. They use Harry and Louis being stereotypically “gay” as evidence for Larry being real which is gross.
  • They are way too in your face with Harry and Louis about their shipping. For example, that sign in Sweden: “If God hates gays, why do Harry and Louis looks so cute together”
  • They refuse to hear out any criticism and when someone explains to them in great detail with many receipts that they’re wrong, their most common response is “It’s just my opinion back off” or “Whatever, I’m going to keep doing it anyway.”
  • They don’t pay attention to the other boys and try to make everything about Harry and Louis (Larry Tunnel Vision)
  • Because they don’t care very much for the other boys they end up just believing whatever the official narrative tell them about Liam, Niall, and Zayn. That’s just one example of the rampant hypocrisy in that part of the fandom.
  • Anyone who disagrees with a Larrie is an Anti, even if they’re correct.
  • Larries ship Zerrie and Sophiam without question. When they preach their mission to be fandom detectives and get to the bottom of Modest’s bullshit, there is no space for them to be hypocrites.
  • Larries commonly make homophobic/racist remarks that make many LGBTQ+ people and POC very uncomfortable.
  • They’re obsessed with Larry coming out of the closet and even say things like “I’m going to drag them out of the closet myself” which is insensitive, and slightly homophobic.
  • Because when Harry and Louis interact like this it’s true love:

but when Zayn and Liam interact like this they’re bros:

Or when Larry act like this and it’s extreme thirst:

but when Ziam act like this they’re just bros:

I have a whole post about their double standards: HERE

Also, Elounor and Sophiam are exactly the same, but most Larries refuse to believe that Sophia is a beard. It’s not that I’m upset with them for not agreeing with me, It’s that they don’t look at and discuss the evidence in the first place.

Look through my Larries tag, and fandom bullshit tag, maybe it’ll help you get a little more perspective on the issue that are Larries before you come back into my inbox being aggressive and nasty for no reason.