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A really, really random thought

I think APH Denmark it’s one of the few characters that actually shows personal growth in the show.

I don’t like when people portray him as complete 100% cinnamon roll, because he is not. Because that’s like pretending that he had never done anything bad and Sweden is the bad guy. And  tbh things aren’t that simple. 

He had to be complete alone to realize that he fucked up real bad. 

If you read a little bit of history, almost 40 years after that Sweden left the Kalmar Union, they went to war because Denmark (his king) wanted that Sweden to come back. Denmark wasn’t going let Sweden get away that easily. (Fun fact: Both countries had new and young kings by that time.)

Tbh for me, APH Denmark was a control freak, a child that was raised to become a huge empire by his parents and that’s why he has such a big ego. While Sweden was probably just left there, maybe raised to be the one who assisted Denmark in his needs. (Please refrain of making sexual/romantic jokes, because i’m not talking about that.)

APH Denmark is an excellent leader despise everything. I think that he just had very, very bad luck. He probably is even better than Sweden in that aspect, while Sweden probably is better with strategy. 

He hit a big rock when Sweden took Norway away from him. He relied in Norway a lot. So he was there, all alone and with the responsability of raising Iceland.

That’s where he actually changes. Because people change. He realizes that people were leaving his side and maybe, just maybe he was the one to blame for his own situation. 

He still refers as himself as the sexy leader of the Nordics, but he shows great concern for the rest of the Nordics, while I don’t think he would when has a teenager. 

Don’t take this a bash against his character.

i think he, despite the goofy look that the fandom tends to portray, is one of the deepest characters out there. And this is why he is one of my favourite characters. Because he actually grows as a person unlike other characters that are just flat. (Not giving name because i don’t want discourse.)

A small rambling about APH Denmark that nobody ask by me. 

Is That One Yours?

Prompt: Thanks to his larger than life personality, Anthony had no problems with getting along with your large Filipino family.

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Words: 970

Translations of key words/phrases in Tagalog:

Salamat po - Thank you (formal)

Magandang gabi po - Good evening (formal)

Tito - Uncle

Tita - Aunt

Gago - Crazy

A/N: Day 4 of the hamwriter’s marathon. So far, this is the hardest to write! The prompt was to “Celebrate your culture and where you are!” Well, since I am Filipino and live in the states, I decided to write about it (lmao wow, that was beautifully written, wasn’t it?) Thanks to @nesthemonster, who helped me with the idea (love you)! Anywho, hopefully you guys get a glimpse to what I have to endure being in a large Filipino family. I fucking love it. But at the same time, hate it.

Salamat po.”

“Magandang gabi po.”

You hide your grin behind your hand, watching as Anthony paced back and forth in your hotel room, reading the notecards in his hands.

“Your pronunciation isn’t too bad,” you say.

He looks up, beaming. “This is going to be so easy, Y/N. Your family is going to love me.”

You walk up to him and adjust his bowtie, a pretty plum color that matched your dress. Today was your Tito and Tita’s wedding anniversary and you decided to finally introduce your long-time boyfriend to the rest of your family. Family was a very loose term, considering that for Filipino people, any friend of the family was considered a part of it. While you may have thirty “Titas” attending tonight, in actuality, you only had five that were related by blood. But that didn’t stop any of them from prying into your personal life and giving you advice that you didn’t want or need.

“Ant,” you croon, wrapping your arms around his neck lovingly, “my parents already love you and that’s all that matters.”

He smiles, his arms coming down to the middle of your back to embrace you, and gives you a quick kiss. “I know, but I want to make sure everyone likes me. I want to impress them.”

“Yes, because that’s very hard to do,” you say, giggling.

“You know all about that, don’t you?” He smirks.

You flush and pry yourself away from your arms. “Alright, let’s go, gago.”

“Is that one yours?”

You groan when you see Anthony with the Titas, mimicking the simple footwork of a line dance. Your Mother, knowing that he loved dancing and being in the center of attention, dragged him over to learn line dancing, an art that your clumsy and uncoordinated self had never learned to do. He was a natural (of course he was), and his hair, which was down during the reception, was now pulled into a bun as he partied on the dance floor.

He starts to add his own touch to the dance moves, causing the Titas around him to laugh and cheer him on. To your mortification, when he began to dab, the older women began to copy him too.

“Unfortunately,” you grunt, sipping your glass of wine.

You weren’t kidding when you said that Anthony didn’t need to try hard for your family to like him. After the nosy stares and the constant introductions of Anthony to your family members (and the awkward moment where one of your male cousins tried to hit on him), the minute they saw his plate stacked high with Filipino food, he was welcomed with open arms.

You mentally giggle, remembering how the hushed whispers in Tagalog of how the “American” boy would react to the catered Filipino food were silenced when he took a heaping scoop of each dish. A Tito from the table clapped his back and proceeded to tell him what each dish contained and then shared anecdotes of his life in the Philippines. Your Father, who was seated at the table with your Mother, gave Anthony a beer in hopes of helping him stay awake through it all - Tito Boy was notorious for his long, drawn out stories.

You lost track of how long you were watching him dance, but when he stood beside one of the uncles to sing karaoke, you lose it. You leave your table and head to the front of the room, phone in hand. You record him butchering the Tagalog song and set a reminder to post it on social media later tonight. His fans would go nuts. After the song ended, he completely took over, singing and dancing to his groupies (the Titas he danced with) and encouraging other people to join him on the stage.

You shake your head, but couldn’t help but smile at the fool that you were dating. Your heart felt full, knowing that your family accepted and loved him.

Hours later, Anthony plops down to the empty seat beside you, wiping away the sweat on his forehead.

“Yo, your family knows sure how to party, Y/N.” he laughs.

You push his hands away and use a napkin to pat the sweat from his skin. “You had way too much fun tonight, Ant.”

He shakes Tito Boy’s hand and then kisses his wife on the cheek as they bid you two farewell. “Of course, it was a party! What was I going to do, sit around and watch people? Like you?” he teases.

“Remind me why I’m dating you again?” you pout, crossing your arms across your chest.

“Aww, don’t be like that, baby,” he coos, reaching over to pull you onto his lap, “you know I’m teasing.”

You continue to frown, pretending to be annoyed. When he brushes his fingers along your sides, tickling you, you crack, laughing and wiggling to get away from his exploring fingers.

When you finally catch your breath, you sigh and look down at Anthony, your chest tightening when you see the adoring look on his face.  “Love you,” you mumble, leaning down to press a soft kiss on his lips.

“Love you too, baby,” he whispers, arms tightening around your waist.

“Everyone loved you tonight,” you say after more of the family members approached you to say goodbye, smiling when they were shocked and impressed with Anthony’s “Magandang gabi po.”

“Good. Hopefully, they’ll all be there for our wedding anniversary party too.”

You pause, heart skipping a beat, and give him a long look. “How can we do that when we’re not married?”

“Not married yet,” he corrects, his hazel eyes twinkling in mischief.

You pepper quick kisses on his freckles. “You sound so sure of yourself, Anthony.”

“You said it yourself – I’m a pretty likable guy – I think I’ll find a way to convince you to marry me.”

You laugh and give him another sweet kiss, giggling when you feel him smile against your lips.

You didn’t need convincing – your heart was already his.

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exr + "oh my god i wasn't supposed to send you that message FUCK"

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Twenty dings. His phone had gone off twenty times, and that was twenty times too many. Enjolras grumbled, trying to ignore the incessant noise as he turned over in bed, attempting to put the ceaseless ringing from his head. He could turn the sound off, but that ran the risk of his alarm not going off. That couldn’t happen- it’d cause nothing but trouble; he’d be late to his internship, and then late for lunch with Feuilly, et cetera. Nothing but trouble. One the twentieth text, Enjolras sat up in bed with a heavy sigh. Honestly.

His eyes squinted at the bright light of his phone, the time blinking up at him. He had to be up in four hours. Enjolras unlocked it with a vigorous frown, pulling up his messages.


Grantaire: Ponine help hes driving me insane

Grantaire: he is so nanoying eponine

Grantaire: his annoying ass curls are going to KILL me

Grantaire: but i love it when he sometimes wears those glasse s? you know?

Grantaire: i think i cried a lil when he wore that sweate r vfest the other day

Grantaire: hes so annoying tho hes alwaus so DISTRACTED

Grantaire: his curls ponine

Grantaire: i want to tug

Grantaire: hes always studyin tho thats annoying too

Grantaire: ponine his eyes are so blue

Grantaire: he hates me

Grantaire: i love him so much epponine and he wont give me the time of day or the time of night

Grantaire: he wont even look at me but i wouldnt look at me either

Grantaire: hear ye hear ye: i am a piece o’ shit

Grantaire: i just want him so bad ponine but he is so too good for me

Grantaire: wait

Grantaire: oh my god

Grantaire: OH MY GOD

Grantaire: oh my gOD I wasn’t supposed to send yo u those messages fuck

Grantaire: Goodnight Apoolo

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I saw some high school kid wearing this today and from far away I was like “oh LGBT, 👍🏻 ” then I saw the pictures and tbh it was hard not to start something right then and there. However, this is coming from the high school where the guys seriously wear “meninist” shirts so idk what I was expecting

Is Ryan Ross anti LGBT+?

Let’s delve into the debate and find out if the accusations have any depth.

There was a screenshot of texts posted by Sh**e where he asked Ryan what he would do if a girl had a bigger dick than him. My personal interpretation of the texts was that Ryan was referring to the dick as ‘it’ and not the girl. But yeah, kinda shady. (assuming we trust Sh**e on this one) (Also I do not understand why he doesn’t break ties with someone as problematic as Sh**e)

However, he has tweeted this: (RFRA was a bill that was seen as a threat to the LGBT+ community)

Yes, Time To Dance is about Invisible Monsters, but I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if it is transphobic. Firstly, though, Time to Dance was one of their first songs so Ryan was pretty young when he wrote it and secondly, I guess the social perspective 10-15 years ago was somewhat different than it is now.

This is just a musing of mine, but I think Ryan might’ve been hinting at himself through that particular line.. as a boy with very little to no inhibitions about adopting a traditionally feminine appearance (his hair, his makeup, his clothing, his mannerisms) This is entirely a product of my warped brain, but to me, a teenage Ry trying to figure himself out seems more likely than him penning down a song to hurt others, especially when he was going through disturbing times himself.

Also, I assume everyone knows about ‘reinvent love’, one of the highlights of the Pretty Odd Era, being a quote by the gay poet Arthur Rimbaud?

I’ve read the Paul Cates theory on tumblr too, and here’s something I found today:

George Ryan Ross III. I admit he is not perfect, he has done questionable stuff. But weren’t most of us pretty unaware about such issues before we joined tumblr? I believe he’s on the road to improvement. Let’s give him a chance and see. :)

Me listening to Alright

 “Wouldn’t you know, we been hurt been down before”

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“When our pride was low, lookin’ at the world like where do we go?”

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“And we hate po-po. Wanna kill us dead in the street fo sho”

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“I’m at the preacher’s door.” 

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“My knees gettin’ Weak and my gun might blow”

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tbh Baz with eyeliner is the only thing i need in my life

baz with soft smudgy, dark dark dark eyeliner

baz with killer winged eyeliner, so on point you could stab someone with it

baz with glittery eyeliner that brings out so many colors in his eyes

baz with eyeliner