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You've already stated that Weed hates his parents for naming him Weed, but what would compel parents to name their child after a nutrient sucking plant/ invasive species?

His real name is Neem, a useful plant.  However, when found out it’s considered a beneficial weed, people just started calling him that, and only that.

He doesn’t bother trying to correct anyone anymore.

current mood: sometimes I come across a story - book, fic, tumblr post, whatever - that is just so good, so close to what I want to achieve, that it takes me all the strength of my psyche not to fucking give up on the stop, throw my computer through the window, quit fandoms, quit writing and take, I dunno, a soul-sucking job in retail instead. (kudos to everyone working in retail, you are much stronger than I’ll ever be) 

… But I have to get ready for lunch with my dad in half an hour and thus cannot even spend some times in bed wallowing in self-pity. Woe is me. 

Life’s too short..
So take a moment. Look around you and cherish what you have! You probably have more than you think. Don’t complain too much..if you don’t have something…some people don’t have anything! If there’s someone you care about, let them know that. Write letters(real ones) to your friends, tell them how much they mean to you. Spend time with your family, yeah we all say at one point in our lives: “I hate my parents..or siblings..they’re so annoying.” But take a moment and think, what if they’re not there tomorrow. Would you be able to live..to breathe without them?! If there’s someone who supported you when you were struggling, say thank you to them. Maybe you felt alone at some point and there was someone who lifted your spirit. So say thank you!! Cause the truth is..so much can happen in a single day..in a moment. Spread some love and truly cherish the life around you!

Has anyone ever noticed how much Maven from RQ is like Sebastian from TMI?

- have this super creepy possessiveness for a girl that is in love with their “brother”
- power hungry
- lied about their identity/personality
- pretends to be on the main character’s side for the majority of 1 book
- 17 years old and trying to ruin the world
- hate one parent and favor the other
- kissed the main character without them knowing who they really were
- tries to get the main girl to come back to them
- tries to kill their sibling multiple times

I mean seriously. If these two got together they would be such an evil power couple

You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.
You are not your parent’s possessions.

I hate this. Things like this scare the shit out of me.
Yes a parent should be protective. No they should not STALK their child.
Yes a parent can get upset at a child. No they should not flip out or let their anger make them out of control, or take out their anger on their child.
Yes a parent can lecture and maybe the kid feels like their parent is driving them crazy - but after the last two statements forgive me if I don’t exactly trust these definitions.
A parent should never be their child’s worst nightmare. A pain sometimes, ok, but not a nightmare.
And the idea of a parent “stalking” and “hunting down” their child is horrifying. If you were a good parent, maybe your child would have communicated whereabouts upfront with you already.
And the last statement is the worst. “I will subject you to terror and treat you like my property…. Because I love you!” No one would ever put up with this from a partner, a friend, even a grandparent…. Why is it suddenly okay from a parent?

Fuck toxic parenting.

i bet harry potter kept that tiny hungarian horntail from the first triwizard tournament on his bedside table forever

years later lily luna is like “daddy, what is that dragon toy?”

“well, child, it’s a brutal reminder of the time i was forced into the wizard hunger games because dumbledore can’t tell when there’s a death eater working at hogwarts”

how neurotypicals think triggers work

  • i had a traumatic experience but i’m 100% fine and never think about it
  • unless i see a neurotypical-approved trigger
  • then i will remember it all of a sudden and have a horrible panic attack

how triggers actually work

  • i had a traumatic experience and the long-time effects of trauma influence my life every day
  • seriously, no one forgets about a traumatic experience
  • (unless they repress those memories completely)
  • a trigger is something that makes those memories resurface
  • triggers can be anything; words, phrases, smells, symbols, colours, things that seem ridiculous to you but to me have a connection to my traumatic experience that i am not obligated to explain just because you think i’m “tossing the word trigger around like it’s nothing”
  • reactions to triggers can range from slight discomfort to severe panic attacks; none of these reactions are less valid because they’re not ‘bad enough’
  • my general mental health influences how i respond to a trigger. the same trigger might not bother me on a good day but make me suffer from paranoia and anxiety on a bad day. it is still always a trigger.
  • veterans are not the only ones suffering from ptsd. “war” is not the only real trigger. 
  • mocking triggers (no matter how silly they seem to you) means mocking and disrespecting everyone who had a traumatic experience and asks people to tag triggers because they don’t want the memories to resurface more than they already do anyway
  • you’re not my therapist. you have no say in what triggers me and how i am supposed to deal with that. 
  • so if i ask people to tag penguins, but don’t feel comfortable telling everyone that the reason for this is that they are my abuser’s favourite animals which they often talked about (when they weren’t hitting me, locking me up and letting me starve, and telling me i deserve it), you have absolutely no right to make fun of that
  • bye

Dear parents of autistic children,

No, your child doesn’t do weird things “for no reason”. They do it for a reason, you just don’t know it yet. You have different brains, different perspectives, so sometimes things that are obvious to them are a mystery to you. But you don’t have to ignore it and blame it on them. You can make an effort, reach out to them and figure out the reason.

Do they scream in public when it looks like everything is okay? Well, there’s probably a reason for that. Maybe the situation is overwhelming to their senses, it’s too loud, to bright, to crowded, and they need some space and time to recover. Maybe they can’t stim because other people keep telling them it looks weird, so they end up exhausted much faster. Maybe you are breaking their routine by being outside at this time. Or maybe you are going through the supermarket “the wrong way”, not how you usually do it. Maybe they forgot their comfort object at home, and just realized that. Maybe they are in pain and can’t communicate that. Maybe they are very hungry and don’t realize that yet because it’s hard for them to recognize their needs and emotions. Maybe it’s a combination of those, or something different altogether.

Either way, they probably don’t do it “for no reason”. You just don’t see the reason. Make an effort to communicate. If they are verbal, ask them. If they can’t speak with their mouth at the moment or ever, use alternative methods of communication. If they can’t explain it, consult other autistic people, including autistic adults who probably have a bunch of ideas as to why your child does that weird thing. Don’t dismiss it, don’t complain about it, don’t blame your child for doing it. Try to see the world from their perspective. Respect their needs and feelings. Learn more about autism from other autistic people.

And life will be much better and easier for both you and your child.

The “REAL [parent]” trope

You know that trope where an adopted person finds out who their biological parent is, and the writer keeps using the term “REAL [parent]”? Yeah, it’s super gross, and I wish it would stop. 

It devalues adopted parents, step parents, legal guardians, and parental figures, and puts all the emphasis on biology, which is a terrible message to give to non-biological parents, AND to their kids. It’s also a terrible message to give people who’s biological parents are terrible parents. It also often perpetuates the narrative that parents somehow own their children, when it’s used in scenarios where a parent gave up or lost custody of their child, and now wants custody back on no other basis than a biological “right” to the child.

The importance and value a parent has in a person (or character’s) life should be determined by the effect they have on their child, not genetics. A biological parent is not more “REAL” than any other type of parent, ESPECIALLY if they’ve been absent for much/most of the child/person’s life, and it’s genuinely awful to perpetuate the harmful narrative that they are. 


I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough.

170116 - Jihan moment at ISAC 2017 

  • Jeonghan slept during Woozi, Jun, and Vernon archery competition with Jisoo by his side and then woke him up.
  • Jisoo walked to Jeonghan and pulled him up from sitting back on the wall and dragged him to the felid. Jisoo wanted Jeonghan to join with the group.

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