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Behind The Scenes 3 (8/???)

Author’s note: In terms of my writing, I’m am almost done with BTS 3. Once i get all the editing out of the way, I will be posting my scenes more regularly! But for now, i will continue to post rather randomly. Sorry for any errors. Sorry for any cultural/environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Angst/ Drama (Jhope/ V)

Word count: 1785

City: Tokyo, Japan (Both days)

Summary: Y/n makes a promise to herself while V learns finally find out a bit of what’s going on inside Rap monster’s head.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


Your first day in Tokyo was not so great. The entire day felt as if you were made of tears and all you could do was cry at any chance that you were out of the boys’ sights. It wasn’t because you were tired from the schedule or the time change, but over the fact the monster “got rid” of Meihui. You had just gotten to know her and now she was gone. It hurt you to see how Jhope was different around her. He spent every second with her and was so cute with her, but almost every word out of his mouth was a lie. All he ever said were empty promises. “The rest of the tour is going to be long, but it’s going to be fun!” “You can spend two weeks with us in Seoul and I’ll make sure to video chat you any chance I get when you come back to Taipei.” “Don’t worry I’ll come back to Taipei and visit you.”

Meihui was just so innocent. She would blush whenever Jhope so much as looked at her. Whenever he showered her with compliments she would get so embarrassed that she would dig her face in his chest, only making him compliment her more.

You were stuck in an endless thought cycle the entire time you were alone in backstage. “Are his drugs really that important? If he so easily lied to Meihui, what makes things different with me? What if he has always been telling me things that I want to hear? Maybe I’m not his friend… Maybe I’m someone he is just helping Namjoon deal with. This could all be one big scheme!”


Like the night before, you spent your time alone backstage crying over Jhope and Meihui.Once the show was close to an end you took the time to calm down and used the guys’ makeup to redo your face. When the guys came in, you kept a straight face the whole time and barely spoke.

As you were all about to leave, Rap monster announced that he and V were off to a deal. They were going to leave with Minho in one van and the rest of you would leave with Hiro back to the hotel. You saw Rap monster and V take the little green pills Jhope showed you back in Beijing and then they were off.

Without Rap monster around, you all had the opportunity to sit how you wished and this time you sat in in the back, taking the window seat before Jungkook could. Both Jimin and Jungkook sensed something off with you, but were too tired to bring it up, so all they did was sit next to you.

Suga looked back at you as he climbed onto the van. He was a bit confused that you didn’t sit next to him.

As usual, Jhope was the only member pumped up and was the only one that actually said anything. “Y/n! What are you doing back there?!? Come here with us! We never see you!” He whined.

While you were alone backstage, you had made up your mind to protect yourself. In doing so, you promised to not let yourself get any closer to Jhope. When he called out to you, you didn’t say anything, you just ignored him.

“Awww is y/n tired?” He asked with aegyo. “C’mon y/n smile! Don’t be so mopey!”

You only stared back at him, still no words coming out of you. Your silence got the attention of the two maknaes sitting next to you and they exchanged looks, practically communicating telepathically.

Jhope still wasn’t getting the hint. He reached over to try and playfully poked you try and cheer you up.

You slapped his hands away immediately. He barely even touched you, but you glared at him to back off.

Suga turned around, curious about your unusual behavior. “What’s wrong?”

You glared at him too. You remembered that he was doing the exact same thing to Aiko as Jhope did to Meihui and it just hurt you even more. “Nothing.” You growled.

“Tell me what’s wrong y/n!” Jhope begged. “Maybe I can help you feel better!” The innocent optimism in his voice made you feel a bit guilty for giving him the silent treatment, but not enough to actually talk to him.

“Just leave her alone.” Suga advised. “She’s tired like the rest of us.”

Jhope pouted even more, but turned around and sat down.

Jimin nudged you. “What’s wrong?” he whispered.

‘I’ll tell you later.” You mumbled.


Back at the hotel, Jimin questioned you again.

“Eh, just forget about it. It’s nothing.” You told him.

“It seems like alot more than just nothing.”

“Like I said, it’s nothing… I’m sleepy now so goodnight.” You said ending the conversation.

Jungkook was already laying in your bed. You could feel him staring at you as you made your way under the sheet that separated the two of you.

“Are you sure it’s nothing?” He whispered.

“Yup! Goodnight!”


It was now 2am and V, Rap monster and the rest of Rap monster’s sad excuse of henchmen were done with the drug deal.

V didn’t exactly know how to categorize how this deal went. It didn’t go well, but it didn’t go horribly. The deal didn’t last as long as expected and no guns or knives were pulled out, not even a single fist thrown. He and Rap monster’s other back up guys just stood around as Rap monster and an old Japanese dude in a fancy suit talked for a few hours. That’s what he like about the meeting with the old-school yakuza, all the deals seemed to have a business-like vibe to them. However, like every past old-school yakuza meeting, Rap monster didn’t get his way. Rap monster just wasn’t able to convince the head honcho to take any drugs. Like the previous year, the guy’s mentality was to keep drugs out of Japan. He was willing to join forces and distribute shit to other countries, but Rap monster turned him down. If Rap monster went that route, there was no profit for him. Now that the deal was over, he could see the death stare Rap monster was giving the old guy. If Rap monster had a better gang in Japan, maybe he would have actually started a fight, but he knew better that to do something so stupid.

Rap monster was definitely not happy about the deal though. He punched the van’s side mirror clean off. “Those old fucks need to update their way of thinking! They are sitting on a gold mine of possibilities!” Rap Monster grabbed his hand now feeling some pain. “Ah fuck!” he grunted.

“I’ll wrap it up back at the hotel.” Minho said from the passenger’s seat. “…hasn’t completely healed from the gun shot and he goes doing this…” He grumbled under his breath.

Rap monster continued to mumble to himself as he took a seat in the van. “The deal in Fukuoka better go well. This other guy is new generation yakuza, only a few years older than us too. Maybe he’ll see things the way I do.”

“Why don’t you bring Hiro to the next one?” V suggested. “Didn’t you say his uncle was a member and that his uncle was trying to get him in the gang?”

“His uncle was a member, but when they found out Hiro was only half they tried to kill him remember! They offed his whole family, stupid!”

“Well sorry!”

“Those old shit heads don’t know how to use what they got anymore. If I was that old fuck, I would have used Hiro to infiltrate any fucking Korean gang! But no, stupid shit head killed everyone. Stupid bitches couldn’t even kill the right motherfucker! They wasted their time killing everyone else except him!”

V was exhausted and Rap monster’s incessant whining was annoying him already. “Well then why did you even make him the manager? He didn’t even let you do shit in the beginning either!”

Rap monster turned around and glared at him. “I needed the heads up on what was out there and we got a ton of valuable shit out of him.” he growled shutting V up.

The three of them were quiet most of the way back. V was about to doze off when he heard Rap monster calling out to him. “Tae?”

“Yeah?” He rubbed his eyes to try and keep them open a bit longer.

“You’ve been keeping an eye on Jungkook and y/n right?”

“Yeah.” He huffed putting his hands to his temples. He was just so tired and didn’t want to talk anymore.

“How are they together?”

“Um, they are good I guess. *yawn* They come off as more legit now.”

“What about when they aren’t in public?”

“My gosh! He isn’t gonna stop with the questions!” He thought. “Um, they seem to have gotten closer, more friendly I guess.” He said. Finally he could feel himself waking up again.


“All those questions for an “ok”!” V thought. He snapped and couldn’t stop himself from opening his mouth. “You know what? I don’t get the fucking point of them making them date! For Jungkook, being in a relationship isn’t some fucking punishment! Sure, he can’t go fucking around, but he’s gonna do it again eventually! And all that cute shit isn’t even making y/n uncomfortable anymore. What’s probably gonna happen is they are just going to fuck again, possibly even start liking each other!”

“I know.”

“You know?!? So, what’s the whole fucking point then?!?” He couldn’t stop himself from raising his voice.


There he went again with the stupid one word answers. V hated when Rap monster did that. Rap monster always did it as a way of belittling him to make himself feel even more superior. But as always, that tactic worked and V just couldn’t help but try to figure out what was going on in his head. “Love?!? No one here believe in stupid love! Especially not you or Jungkook!”

“Jungkook used to… until I took it away.” Rap monster said calmly.

“Exactly my fucking point! What the fuck does love have to do with anything?!? Are you trying to make up for the shit you did? Cuz like I said that-is-not-a-pun-ish-ment!” He emphasized. “I’ve been thinking about this whole scheme and I can’t get your angle on this. You know what? Maybe you didn’t think this through Namjoon.”

Rap monster let out a long sigh, as if frustrated by V’s “stupidity”. “I’m not making up for anything. I’m going to take his love away again.”


For Rare Ship Creations Challenge Round 8 Prompt: Truth or shots

Partner: @maliciouslycreative
Ship: Sastiel
Rating: Teen (for underage drinking)
AO3 Link: Here
Word count: 955
Content Warning: Underage Drinking
Summary: Sam and Cas have been college roommates for two months now but still don’t talk and Sam is determined to find out why.
Tags: At the bottom. If you’d like to be tagged in any of my fics, send me a message and I’ll add you

“Dean, he’s never talked to me in the two months we’ve lived here,” Sam sighed into the phone. “It’s weird, right?”

“A bit, but are you sure he doesn’t just find you annoying?” Dean teased, a smile clear in his voice. Sam sighed and Dean could see the bitch face even from 800 miles away making Dean laugh. Despite their fight before Sam left for Stanford, they had maintained their friendship and both were thankful for that. “I don’t know, Sammy. Have you tried talking to him?”

“Literally everyday, I ask him how his classes were and he just shrugs or grunts or ignores me.”

“Get him to play truth or dare or something,” Dean made a noise then like he had discovered something brilliant. “Truth or shots!”

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hasaplan  asked:


let me meta !!! || accepting

IVE ALREADY WRITTEN ON ANNABETH SO GUESS IT’S TIME TO GET SHIPPY IN THIS JOINT !!! Man where to begin without repeating myself hmmm….

Okay so. I guess to start never forget that the girl Percy fell head over heels for’s first words to him where “you drool in your sleep” because not gonna lie I think about this sometimes and go “Percy, you sure are a romantic” aekfh,szd. 

In all seriousness, though, while I have some issues with canon the two of them are honestly one of the purest and most wholesome canonical ships I have ever been granted in my life. Literally over the course of five books you can see how their relationship grows and thats ??? really important. Now, this is partially my own thing, but I headcanon Percy are pretty demisexual ( which I know you already know rip ) but running with canon literally here’s this kid with all these issues and Annabeth goes “okay. I can work with this” but ends up becoming someone incredibly important to him. Percy didn’t have people, just his mom and Grover, and he didn’t expect much. To actually witness how his views on her change over the course of five books, and to see even how her views on him change, is honestly something that makes me love these books all the more. It’s literally enemies to friends to best friend turned girlfriend.

I mean its clear over and over again how important they are to each other. Annabeth takes the knife for him ( which, @ my followers, if you know anything about canon and the curse this is incredibly important ), Percy willingly falls into Tartarus with her ( hooooo boy ), hell Annabeth spent months looking for him when Hera did the switch and the only thing Percy could remember after the memory wipe was Annabeth’s name. They’re basically ingrained in the others being. One of my favorite things is how the both of them have this very fluid way about each other and not to be cheesy but it’s that gravitational pull. Percy cannot imagine his life without her in it in some way. Hell, I have stated before and will do so again — no matter who Percy is dating in any of my verses Annabeth is still someone incredibly important to him and that will never change. 

I could go on for ages analyzing their canon interactions and how they grow both as separate people and together, but thats enough to write an essay and I think I got my point across here. No matter what, no matter where, no matter who — Annabeth is one of the most important people in his life. And personally, I like to think that their relationship is a lot more then people give them credit for.


Word Count 1,823

((This didn’t turn out QUITE like I wanted it to, but I still like it for the most part. I hope you all do as well!))

Warnings: Uh…cursing?

It was a power play, you knew that the moment your mother announced your betrothal. You were the oldest but a girl, so you could never be your father’s heir as long as Joffrey and Tommen and any children they had should live. Except…you were the only legitimate child of your mother and father’s union, and your mother knew that should the truth come out her precious Joff would be out of a throne. The betrothal never would have happened had your father lived long enough to marry you off, but he didn’t…he was killed by an act of treason even if it was a boar that did the actual slaying. Your younger brother took the throne…a bastard born of incest…and your mother married you off to a man far below your station just so she could put a message to you, to your Uncles who were waring for the throne, and to everyone else.

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Thank you @kyloshipsreylotoo for tagging me! Answering these with one word wasn’t the easiest, but it was fun overall.

One rule: you have to answer with one word then tag 5 people

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Zimbits Airport AU (Part 3)

Ao3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

Jack falls asleep some time later, and even though Bitty must have slept for a couple of hours at the gate, almost immediately he yawns like his life depends on it. With nothing to do but listen to music and do his reading for class, sleep suddenly seems like a great alternative to being productive, so Bitty pauses his music and stops trying to keep his eyes open.

It seems like only a moment later he can feel bright lights shining down on his closed eyelids and a flight attendant announcing that they’ve landed in Boston. As Bitty remembers where he is, it becomes rapidly aware that some things have changed since he fell asleep. For one thing, there’s a blanket spread over him, probably one of the ones that the airplane provides. For another, he’s not sitting upright. He’s curled up in his chair with his head on someone’s shoulder. Someone’s very broad shoulder. Jack’s shoulder.

“You awake, Bitty?” Jack says.

“Yeah.” Bitty sits up and tries as best he can without a mirror to get his hair into some semblance of not looking like he just woke up.  He can tell it’s not working very well. “At least, I think I am? Are we getting off the plane?”

“Not yet, we still have to taxi up to the gate, but soon.”

“Okay.” Bitty turned his phone off when he went to sleep, so hopefully it still has some battery left. He’s proven right when the screen turns on, but he only has twelve percent left. It’s probably better to keep airplane mode on until he can get to an outlet.

Since they’re in business class, and not in economy, Bitty manages to get off the plane much faster than usual. Neither he nor Jack starts up a conversation on the way to baggage claim, but they almost automatically walk in step the whole way. There’s an outlet right by the carousel at baggage claim, so Bitty plugs his phone in and turns airplane mode off.

There’s a barrage of messages and one missed phone call from Dex. As Bitty scrolls more carefully through his notifications, all of the messages seem to be from Dex as well, which is weird because Dex doesn’t double text.

It’ll be easiest if he just calls, so that’s what he does, but it’s not Dex who picks up.

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Returning Home

Dean hates leaving you behind on a hunt. Even though he knows you are safe back at the bunker, he still worries about you. What he hates even more is the argument before he leaves. You always tell him that you are completely capable of handling your own, along with helping them. He knew you were offended by his request, and he truly meant no harm behind it. Even then, you would argue until you were blue in the face and he still wouldn’t let up. Then you would practically stomp your foot and head off to your room, neglecting to say goodbye to them as they took off. 

  He knew you were pissed with him and to be fair, you had every right to be. Dean knew you were fully capable of holding your own. You were an amazing hunter; he and Sam both knew that. But Dean let his worries get the better of him. He hated seeing you hurt, he hated putting you in harms way, and most of all, he felt the need to protect you. This was his way of protecting you. Overprotecting in your opinion. 

  While he was gone, he would send you a bunch of texts, mostly letting you know that they were okay and what exactly they were dealing with. You would respond with one word answers, sometimes one letter. He hated it. He wished he wasn’t being so paranoid. Having you pissed at him was almost as bad as you getting hurt.

  When the hunt was over, he would practically rush back to the bunker. He thought of a million different apologies in his head as he stared at the open road. You were his best friend, he never wanted that to change. As cute as you were with your eyebrows knit together in anger; he loved to see you smile so much more.

  He pulled in the bunkers garage and was out of the car within seconds. The bags long forgotten about as he rushed through the long halls of the bunker. The first place he looked was the library. The only thing he found was a book left open on the table and an empty plate with a couple of crumbs left on it. If you weren’t there then you would most likely be in your room. He often feared that he would walk into your room and find all of your stuff was missing and he would find a note on the bed stating that you left. This time, your room still had all of your stuff, but no you. 

  He let out a sigh as he headed to his room. He would talk to you in the morning and hope that he could mend your friendship over a fresh cup of coffee and some chocolate chip waffles. When he opened the door to his room and flicked the light on, there you were. You were fast asleep in his bed, wearing one of his flannel shirts. Dean wouldn’t admit it out loud, but his heart skipped a beat. It was a beautiful sight, not to mention it gave him the hope he so desperately needed. You were still here. 

  He quickly shed his clothes, his jeans and his flannel came off and he placed them in the laundry basket in the corner of his room. He turned the light off and made his way to the empty side of the bed. It wasn’t often that you slept in his bed; he would say. But it was absolutely amazing when you did. He loved sleeping next to you and tonight, that was what he was going to do. He crawled in next to you and wrapped his arms around you, feeling you stir instantly. 

  “Shh, it’s just me. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” he whispered, hugging you close to his body. 

  “Glad your home,” you muttered. “I missed you.”

  “I missed you too,” he told you. “I’m sorry I left you behind. I know you are completely capable of handling your own. You’re a badass and sometimes I forget that. I feel like I need to protect you and my fear of something happening to you always gets the better of me.”

  “I’m not going anywhere, Dean. Not without a fight,” you sighed contently, nuzzling back into his arms. “Go to sleep. We’ll talk about it in the morning.” You turned your body and wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face in his neck. 

  Dean was completely okay with that. He would spend forever just hold you in his arms. He was the most content that way. He was home.

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oliviaa4  asked:

But there so perfect for each other(clexa) there's so much understanding there and care and admiration I just can't understand people who don't see it (no disrespect )

1.) Lexa embodies the “if I want to be strong I have to throw away my emotions “Ice Queen” trope that is so overused it’s disgusting (not to mention completely false and a terrible character drive?)

2.) Lexa manipulates Clarke. Constantly. You don’t manipulate people you care about/admire.

3.) Lexa is almost exactly like Finn and even places blame on Clarke. Finn slaughtered 18 people for Clarke and she and the fandom condemned him. Lexa let everyone in Tondc be blown up for Clarke and she’s praised for it.

4.) Lexa made an alliance in blood with Clarke and the Sky People, used their resources and technology, only to later break that same alliance knowing and fully believing that Clarke would be murdered by the Mountain Men.

5.) Clarke is so traumatized by Tondc and MW (as a result of Lexa’s direct actions) that she has to leave her own people.

The only thing true about your statement might be the “understanding” portion of it; I’ll give you that. They understand each other as leaders and recognize that some decisions are difficult and they probably don’t blame each other.


For all the reasons listed above, I cannot and will not ship them. Ever. A relationship must be based on mutual trust and love and clearly, they do not have these needed qualifications. They don’t even have chemistry, in my opinion. I could go on and on about this, but it’s late and I’m tired and I have class tomorrow so I’ll just leave you with this link – it will explain everything and more in depth.

By all means, you can ship it and so can others; I won’t stop you.

But I just can’t excuse Lexa’s behavior (no disrespect).

Predicting Words

Anon Asked: I’ve been thinking about the way i interact with people lately and i am wondering if this might be an INTJ thing. Usually when there’s a slight pause at the end of the talkers sentence i’ll quietly suggest the last word they were looking for, but it feels like i was anticipating and preparing for it, if that makes sense. This happens all the time, not just occasionally. I was thinking it could be the way we listen/process information, or you know, i could be overthinking it all! Thanks

I do this a LOT. My husband hates it, especially if I launch from one word into answering something before he’s had a chance to finish asking. He pauses frequently, which makes me thing he’s done speaking, so I end up interrupting a lot without meaning to.

Anyone else do this?

How He Reacts to the Breakup Part 2


“No Calum,” I say to him through the phone.

“Why not?” He asks back.

“Why do you think?”

“Okay, first of all, don’t you dare sass me. And second of all, you guys need to talk at some point.”

“I can sass you all I want. Don’t tell me what to do. And don’t you think if I wanted to talk to him I would?”

“Okay, I see your point, but you guys still need to talk. You’ve been together for almost 6 years. You’re really going to let that go over some stupid fight?” I can tell Calum is starting to get a little frustrated.

“Calum, would you like it if someone threw your insecurity in your face and then told you it would be better than staying with you?” All I can hear right now is complete silence, well not complete silence. I can hear a female voice in the background. “Thought so.”

“Hey, Calum? Who are you talking to?” The same female voice says. A very familiar female voice, who was once a second mother to me.

“Uh, (Y/N)?” He says it as a question.

“How is she?” Liz asks.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself? (Y/N) I’m putting you on speaker.” ‘Please don’t’ I think to myself.

“Hi (Y/N),” Liz says, and I can literally hear the smile in her voice.

“Hey, Liz, how are you?” I ask politely.

“I should be asking you that.”

“Oh, uh… I’m…” I stumble over my words. I can hear two other male voices whispering to each other, not very quietly and I know it’s Michael and Ash. They have never been good at keeping their voices low. I hear a door creak open and then everyone goes silent. Then all I hear is Luke.

“What? WHAT? I can’t stand you guys looking at me like that. I’m not a doll. I’m not some piece of China. I’m a human being. I can feel like this, I’m entitled to it. You want to know why we broke up? I’ll tell you. We got into a huge fight over God knows what. Something about females and clubs,” he laugh humourlessly. God I missed his voice. He then continues, “a deadly combination those two. And before you start, no I did not cheat. She was afraid. Afraid that one of those times I was clubbing, I’d forget I was in a relationship and do whatever the hell I feel like. I told her she was stupid, that I love her too much to do that. Then the argument got heated and I threw that insecurity in her face saying that maybe, just maybe I would go out and do that. I said that it would be better than staying with her. I can never forget the look on her face when I said that. Or the choked sobs that fell from her oh so perfect lips. It’s like a broken record playing on repeat in my mind over and over again. That is when she told me she can’t stay with me. That is when she grabbed what she could and walked out of this goddamn apartment. I had a ring you know? I was going to purpose to her on our 6th year anniversary.” He’s crying and I can hear it. I can also feel that I’m crying and that I am one hundred percent speechless. I never knew he had a ring or that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Luke sniffles and says, “Calum. Hand me the phone.” My whole body stiffens. I didn’t want to talk to him, but before I can hang up, I can hear shuffling and then a door close. I figure it was Calum who left the room and I let out a sigh.

“(Y/N).” Defiantly not Calum. “(Y/N), please listen to me.” Time to pull the big girl panties up.

“Why?” I can hear him suck in a sharp breath. This is painful for both of us.

“Because I need to talk you, that’s why.” He says.

“First of all, don’t you ever speak to me as I am a child! And second of all, didn’t you say everything you needed to say to me that night?” He makes me fucking livid.

“I didn’t mean any of that and you know it. You didn’t mean any of the things you said either.”

“Some of it was true, like, I dunno, you’re an inconsiderate asshole?” I ask him. He starts to chuckle and I can’t help, but smile. I miss that sound.

“I am an inconsiderate asshole. I will admit that. I was also admit, that I am an inconsiderate asshole who loves you. I never meant to say any of those things to you that night. I would never go out to a club and forget I was in a relationship with you. How can I, when you’re all I think about?” He sucks in a sharp breath as if remembering something, “I’m also assuming you heard my confession?”

“You mean the one where you said that you had a ring and was going to propose to me on our 6th year anniversary?” I ask.

“That would be the one,” he confirms.

“I may have heard it, may have not,” I giggle.

“God,” he sighs, “I’ve missed your laugh so much. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too. It’s so different with being with you for 6 years to not being with you. It was a real change. Especially when I’ve grown so accustomed to our routine.” I confess.

“It can go back that way though. I mean.. If you want?” He asks me, and I can hear the desperation in his voice.

“Luke, I love you, and you know that…-”

“Please don’t say what I think you’re going to say. I know I broke your trust and that’s going to be very difficult to get back, but I don’t care as long as I’m with you. We’ve been together 6 years, and I want to be with you for many more. Please (Y/N). Please baby. This fight was a one time thing. We’ve both learned from our mistakes, so that they won’t happen again. And I swear, that I will never, ever, bring up an insecurity of yours ever again. And if I do, I give you permission to yell at me for it. Just please, don’t give up on us. Don’t give up on me,” he whispers the last sentence. “Plus, we can have amazing makeup sex,” he says laughing.

“Lucas!” I laugh with him.

“What baby?”

“I agree to marry you.”

“You’re not supposed to say yes now. You have to say yes when I ask you. You can’t do this! You’re not even supposed to know. You ruined it,” he says whining.

“Shut up you dork,” I say laughing.

“On one condition,” he says.


“Come home.”

“On my way.”


“Why does he have to be such an asshole? I mean, does he have so little trust in me to think that I would do that?” I say angrily to Shawn, my best friend from public and high school.

“I mean, if that was to happen to me, I probably would’ve asked questions first and then freak out. Not accuse you,” he responds. I’m about to respond to Shawn, when I hear a knock on my door.

“Who the hell could that be?” I ask to Shawn, but he just shrugs his shoulders. I walk to the door and open it. Just as I get a glimpse of who’s behind, I start to slam it shut, but a hand stops me from doing so.

“(Y/N),” Calum says.

“What?” I say rudely.

“Can we talk?” He asked politely.

“Why? So you can just accuse me of other things? No thank you,” I say and start to close the door again.

“Can you just stop for one minute and let me talk? I made a mistake! I’m human! Humans make mistakes! Hell, you make mistakes! Yes, I accused you of cheating, and I know that was wrong! But what was also wrong was not giving me a heads up saying that there would be pictures of you with some guy and that it was just your best friend. This could’ve have never happened if you could’ve told me.” I go to open my mouth to say something, but he interrupts me. “No, you don’t get to say anything. You know what I don’t understand about this whole thing? Is that you know I’m afraid you’re going to leave me for another guy. You know every time I hop on a plane, I’m afraid you’re going to find someone who will be there for you all the time, you can always answer your calls, and can always fall asleep next you you. You know that. And that’s what made me so pissed. You could’ve given me a heads up.”

“So now you’re turning this all around on me?” I say sharply.

“You know what? You’re fucking impossible. Enjoy your fucking life. Oh, and Shawn right?”

“Uh, yeah?” Shawn asks confused.

“I’d run while you can, before you can’t get out,” Calum says and looks at me with a glare and turns away.


“Michael?” I hear her voice behind me. I slowly turn around to see (Y/N) looking at me with a smile.

“(Y/N,” I say with a glare.

“How are you?” She asks me.


“Aw, why the one worded answers?” She smiles sweetly. God, I hate her. I go to respond when I feel hands wrap around my waist.

“Hi, Mikey.” I turn around and see my girlfriend Stephanie. I can see (Y/N) look at her questionably and so I kiss her.

“Hi, baby.”

“Whose this Michael?” (Y/N) asks.

“(Y/N), this is my girlfriend Stephanie. Steph, this is (Y/N).” I introduce them.

“Oh, you mean cheating ex-girlfriend (Y/N)?” Steph asks.

“That would be her,” I confirm smirking. (Y/N) is looking rather uncomfortable, and I’m loving every minute of it.

“Umm, well… I have to go, but make we can catch up some time Mikey?” (Y/N) asks making Steph frown.

“Most likely not,” I respond and Steph and I walk away.


I’ve lost Steph at this stupid party, we decided to come to. My eyes are scanning the room trying to find her when arms wrap around my waist and thinking it’s Steph, I turn around. Definitely not Steph. (Y/N) smiles up to me. “Hey Mikey.”

“Leave me alone,” I say and unravel myself from her.

“But, I miss you.” (Y/N) says, wrapping her arms around my neck. She then starts slowly grinding her hips into mine. I’ve had a couple of drinks, so I’m not thinking clearly. (Y/N) starts to kiss up my neck to my ear, where she then whispers, “how about we go upstairs huh?” Logic suddenly goes out the window as I nod my head yes. (Y/N) takes my hand and leads me to a bedroom where she closes the door and pushes me onto the bed. She climbs on top of me and starts to circle her hips making me groan. “Ugh, Michael,” she moans as she tugs on my hair. The sound is so hot, that I instantly grow hard. (Y/N) attaches her lips to mine and starts kissing me roughly. My hands have moved to her hips, guiding her, and applying more pressure making me groan. The door creaks open and I hear a gasp. I’ve never looked up so fast in my life.

“You know Michael, you know how it feels to be cheated on. I just didn’t think you’d be the one to cheat,” Steph says to me, with tears running down her face as she runs out of the room.

“Steph, wait please,” I yell after her. As I go to try and find her (Y/N) grabs my arm.

“Mike, baby, let’s finish what we started.”

“No, fuck off. I never wanted to become you, but apparently now I have! Steph was good to me, but because of you I fucking lost her,” I say fuming and leave the room. There’s no way I can ever get Steph to forgive me, so there’s no point, in even trying to find her. Instead, I head to the kitchen to get something to drink. You never win anything in life when cheating.


“Have you even spoke with Ashton since you told him?” Darrien, my best friend asks me.

“No, I fucked him up pretty bad. I mean have you seen the tabloids? He’s fucking everything with a pulse.” I say walking by yet another store with a magazine with Ashton and some whore on the cover.

“The sex must be good though right?” Darrien asks.

“Fuck, it was so good. His long fingers holding your hips down as he fucks you, ugh, soo good,” I moan to her.

“Then maybe you should’ve told him the truth and not lie to him?”

“What, you mean, where I actually am in love with him and I only needed to win the bet so I could get the money to pay for rent?” I say, still ashamed of what I did.

“Yeah, maybe he’ll understand?” She says.

“I highly-” I’m cut off as I’m knocked to the ground.

“Fuck,” a grumbly voice says, “I’m sorry.” My eyes go wide as I recognize the voice. Ashton.

“That’s okay,” I say still on the ground as I refuse to get up.

“Are you going to get up? Or stay on the ground all day?” He asks rudely. I really must of damaged him.

“I, I’m getting up,” I say quietly. When I’m fully on my feet, I make eye contact with Ashton for the first time since I left. As he recognizes who I am, he sucks in a sharp breath.

“(Y/N),” Ashton says and I’ve never heard him sound so disgusted.

“Hi, Ash,” I say and tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Don’t, don’t call me that. You lost the right to do that when you told me I was a bet.”

“Can I be honest with you?” I ask him.

“I don’t know, can you? I mean you weren’t exactly honest with me in the first place,” he says and I can hear how he’s struggling to keep is facade up.

“I needed the money. That’s why I did it. I was getting kicked out of my apartment and my friends decided to bet me that if I could get you to fall in love with me within 8 months, they would each give me $300. Halfway through, I realized I was starting to fall in love with you. You don’t know how many times I wanted to back out and tell you, but then I wouldn’t have had anywhere to live. Please Ash, I never meant to hurt you,” I say crying. I can see the shock on Ashton’s face, but he doesn’t say anything. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I hurt you so bad, and turned you into this monster,” I say referring to all the sex.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He said pulling me into his arms.

“I was afraid of the outcome. I was afraid if I told you, you would still hate me. Then I wouldn’t have anywhere to live and I would’ve lost you.” I confess.

“Well, that alternative is better than completely breaking me,” he says.

“I’m sorry, I know that now,” I say back. “I do love you though.”

“I just, I need time,” he says and sighs.

“I know, you’re going to need a lot of time to forgive me, but please, don’t push me away.”

“I’ll try not to.”