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Are you always so fucking awesome? Also how hard do you work at that? Will you please continue to write porn?

Well I wouldn’t call myself awesome…

I am more like a giant nerd ball that has been rolled around in sass, with a dash of smartass and a pinch of naughty thrown in the mixture…if that makes any sense lol.

And I am ALWAYS here to write porn… ok… always. It is what I am most comfortable writing. I will not apologize for it because I am a 30 year old, grown ass woman who can do whatever she wants to on HER blog.

I have really hated seeing some AMAZING writers get shamed by these anons because they mainly write smut… HIT THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON. I love and appreciate each one of my followers and I would hate to see any of them go, but if you don’t like the smut, then it won’t hurt my feelings if you unfollow me. I know it’s not for everyone. I try to tag each of my fics appropriately so my followers can read what they are comfortable with.

Also, I clearly have my blog tagged as 18+ NSFW in my bio… plain as day. It’s not hard to be respectful.

Please forgive me for using your ask as a rant! I love you and thank you for thinking that I am awesome! I think that you are way more awesome than I could ever be my dear!

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Youre kind of enforcing my idea that there is such a thing as racism towards white people. Like? Some of the stuff you say on posts is racist. Not everything, but somethings cross lines. Like the "watch her get the job cause she's white" thing. Thats not bad because, ya know. White privilege and all. But the "white girls can't respond to my posts anymore" thing is racist. I'm sure I'm gonna get hate for this because we are on tumblr but whatever

hey i’ve kind of danced around this for awhile now bc i didnt directly want to start shit on this blog (for several different reasons) but if any of you havent figured out by now, i’m friends with macy aka dickgraysonn and i love her very much, she is a really funny and sweet person, and i’m getting really fucking sick and tired of seeing all this hate and harassment being directed toward her, a lot of it centered around straight up LIES, so if you have a problem with macy or my being friends with her, please just unfollow me, block me, whatever. i dont care, i just don’t want you here. 

Little rant

No, it’s not reverse racism.

It is racism. Period.

What Brittany Herring and her friends did to that guy in Chicago is disgusting and absolutely positively 100% racially motivated. If you don’t agree, please feel free to block me, unfollow me, whatever you have to do. This is a big divide. There are absolutely NO excuses for the actions of these people. The fact that I’ve read that it couldn’t be a hate crime because black people can not be racist towards white people makes my head swirl. 

Not to sound all dooms day on you, but there is a world outside of the internet. Outside of Tumblr. And in that world, people hate each other for the color of their skin, for the money they have, for their sex and no matter how much SJW-ing you do online, you’re not going to change that.

Exhibit A: Brittany Herring. If you don’t know about it yet, then I suggest you do a quick Google search.

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You do know you have stucky shippers following you? Why would you bash them unless you want everyone to unfollow you?

uhm. first of all this is my personal blog where i can post whatever the fuck i want????

second of all if you’re following me for longer than five minutes you can tell very clearly that i don’t ship that ship so i can guarantee no one is following me looking for that type of content

and third of all i bash the shippers that hate sharon, call her no homo and unnecessary, say steve and bucky are ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY gay for each other and erase ppl like sam, who call anyone that doesn’t ship it homophobic or straight or whatever but there are shippers that don’t do that???? who just ship them without the gross gay fetishizing and racism and misogyny???? i even follow some ppl who ship them????

if you ship them and don’t do all that dumb stuff i mentioned then i’m clearly not talking to/abt you and thus you have no need to take it personally??? but if what i write upsets you bc you DO do that then the unfollow button is free so you can go right along and click it to your heart’s content

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Hi! Omg! I love your blog! 😊💜You're so funny and cool and such a talented writer! Omg. Sorry for gushing. I just love you so much😘. Anyways, I was wondering if you could maybe ((and if you prefer not to, that's totes okay!)) 😊do headcanons for a parallel universe where you aren't an annoying, ungrateful, conceded ass little bitch who complains about her personal life as if anyone gives a fuck. That would be great! 🙂Thanks.

i’m not sure if you realize this, but this is my blog. mine. i can post whatever i damn well please, and if you don’t like that, unfollow me. i mean, i know you enjoy being problematic and bitchy towards everyone, but i think we’d all appreciate it if you, i don’t know…weren’t such a dickhead who obviously can’t find anything better to do than send hate to people who don’t deserve it

Ok, I hate when people hate on ships. I can’t stand it. My logic is, oh, you ship pinecest? I don’t agree with this ship but have fun anyways! You like pewey? I don’t particularly like this but you ship whatever you’d like! You ship billford? Sent me that shit ;)
The thing is, so many people on tumblr (that I’ve seen anyways) are very much against bullying and harming other people, with both words and actions. And that’s great. But, with the ships I just named and others, they bully people. I’ve seen posts calling people abusive, toxic, worthless, an awful human being, homophobic….the list just goes on and on. And from someone who has been bullied and tormented all her life, STOP. It’s not funny, or cute, and it certainly hasn’t helped anybody. If you don’t like the ship, blacklist it. Unfollow and block people. We all completely understand if you feel uncomfortable, and by all means do whatever it takes to protect your own wellbeing. The one thing that isn’t protecting your own wellbeing, however, is putting someone else down for liking two nonexistent characters together.

I just wanted to tell all my followers that if you are not disgusted and outraged by the reasoning behind Shanna deleting her blog you can go ahead and unfollow me now. I have no interest in knowing you.

This is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable, and SAFE place for us to post about whatever we want. The hate and the threats are absolutely unacceptable. I’ve always considered the 1D fandom on tumblr to be like a family. The kind that welcomes you home, celebrates with you when things are good, cries with you when things are bad, and supports you no matter what. The kind that genuinely cares for each other.

I very much believe that the boys would be disgusted and greatly saddened by the actions of those who caused Shanna to delete. They’d be disgusted by those who send hate and threats and make this anything less than a safe and enjoyable space for their fans.

I’ve been very lucky that I have received nothing but love and support here. And today I’m sad for Shanna and anyone who has received hate here that they haven’t had the same experiance.

I also want to add…Shanna’s blog was what brought me here and was what convinced me to make a blog here. I will always be grateful to her and her blog for being one of the reasons I’ve found this place and without that I would have never found some of my best friends.

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As a person who has read your fanfics, I'm at a position where I'm not going to continue with that since your real opinion of Chris has come to light. He's just a pretty face and nice template for a fanfic or smut to you people to use and live vicariously through and now that he's taken, everyone's upset. Frankly I'm disgusted and I hope you come to your senses.

Hey anon! First of all thanks for reading my fanfics cause they’re not even that great compared to some of the other one’s I’ve read on here! 

So I’m going to go through your answer systemically cause waking up to this was pretty disorienting , NGL. 

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First of all, anyone can stop reading my fics at anytime. I would never know anyway so if you at any point want to stop reading my fics or hell, even start to dislike what I post and my blog, please feel free to just click the unfollow button. I wish you well with everything else!

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I wanted to play Switzerland in this fandom drama that has been going on, so yesterday I reblogged posts made by both sides so my followers would get to make the decisions themselves. But maybe that wasn’t clear enough so I’ll restate my position on all this shit. 

Basically, I know that my ass will never be with Chris Evans so please don’t chalk this up to some angry fan girl nonsense and I’m most certainly not upset that “he’s taken” cause ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I used to really like Jenny Slate up until I looked into her Twitter account and her jokes- I’m not going to sit here and waste my time trying to provide all the receipts but I believe @thelonesomequeen‘s blog has some screenshots about her sense of humor. She’s made jokes about suicide, fat people, abuse that Shirley Temple faced and used abelist language and even some slurs against the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s my PERSONAL view that even the protective net of comedy has its barriers and you can’t just say anything you want to- it doesn’t give you the right to be a complete tool. I don’t like that and I have the complete right not to. 

Now I don’t stan Jenny. But as someone who’s been finding it harder and harder to get inspiration for writing those fics, I get how difficult it is for people to keep writing or blogging obsessively about Chris and I can understand why Chris being with her colors people’s perception of him. I completely support people’s right to leave the fandom whenever they please because they want to. What I DO NOT support is them getting hate for it! Especially since many of them are fellow friends and writers who’ve worked very very hard to make their blogs as good as they are. Just unfollow or whatever and move on with your life of loving Chris Evans as I’m doing (not unfollowing peeps but you get the picture)

Now, as for me, I’ll keep reblogging and writing Chris Evan’s stuff because he’s more than Jenny Slate’s boyfriend and as you so eloquently put it “pretty face and nice template for a fanfic or smut to you people to use and live vicariously through” and I can cognitive dissonance enough to put petty fandom shit aside and keep blogging and writing! 

Long story short (if you even bothered reading this far): This shit hasn’t affected my love for writing or for Chris Evans, who is still a nuanced complex cinnamon roll. I’m still going strong and I hope you continue to stay for my stupid writing and my trashy ass blog. But I won’t stand by and see people hate on my friends in the fandom because of a fucking opinion. You do you boo, live and let live <3

This is the last time I’ll address this stupid drama so if you’re here for that and send anon hate to my blog then I’m just deleting it :/ 

Thanks for even bothering to care about my opinion, didn’t know it mattered that much

At some point, I had to say it.

I never know how to start and important post… but I guess if you are reading this it’s because you follow me, appreciate my blog, came here by accident, or you are just lurking ;)

I want to be clear about this post I made earlier cause it made some people panic:

New rule: if I see any of my mutuals being rude against Katie / reblogging or liking any post that is against her or that puts words on her mouth, they will be automatically unfollowed. I don’t care who you are.

This is specially for amusementforme and melodifulsmoaks. You are both lovely and you didn’t do anything wrong :) It is completely okay to disagree with someone’s words. God knows I do all the time.

Here’s the thing, I love Laurel Lance and I love Katie Cassidy. Actually, my love for Laurel keeps growing, as I’ve liked her more on the past seasons than in season 1, for example. I’ve always been clear about that. But I understand that there is some people who don’t like them. I am fine with that. I follow tons of people who don’t like Laurel. Actually, I follow A LOT of people, and this brings me to the point:

Over the past couple of months, I’ve unfollowed some people. People I had talked to, people I genuiely liked… all because they engaged in activities, where they publicly shamed Stephen’s marriage and family. That’s a no-no from me. As much as I love stemily, I love them as FRIENDS. And it makes me sad that Stephen has to see all those disgusting tweets against his own family.

But that doesn’t end here, I’ve seen a fair amount of bullying directed to, not only Laurel or laurel&oliver, but Katie. Freaking. Cassidy. She is a real person guys. KATIE HAS FEELINGS. SHE IS NOT LAUREL, SHE IS NOT A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. AND YOU ARE BULLIES.

Here’s an example of something someone posted on tumblr earlier, and what triggered this post:

KC: Well BC dont need no man. BC is the only real deal because she aint here to serve as any man’s love interest and watch me as I shade Felicity because she’s now the love interest and thus her character is less relevant.


Anyway… that post made me specially mad.

Here’s the things that WON’T make me unfollow you:

  • Disagreeing with something Katie says. 
  • Disagreeing with laurel&oliver shippers.
  • Disliking Katie.
  • Disliking Laurel&Oliver (it’s sad that I have to say this. Have you seen my blog? I  NEVER said I liked those 2 together lmao)
  • Liking Laurel&Oliver (whatever floats your boat).
  • Or any other ship that I don’t ship tbh. I don’t care about that. If I like you I won’t care what your shipping tendencies are.
  • Being happy Stemily trash in your own trashcan.
  • Disliking Laurel.

Things that will definitely make me UNFOLLOW you:

  • Analizing every little thing Katie says and then twisting her words.
  • Putting words on Katie’s mouth.
  • Tweeting Katie any hate.
  • Demeaning Katie & Emily’s friendship and saying Katie is just looking for attention.
  • Implying that other cast members hate Katie.
  • Harassing laurel & oliver shippers.
  • Harassing any of my fellow olicity shippers.
  • Harassing people who like Laurel/Katie.
  • Tweeting Stephen about how he should get with Emily (YOU ARE DISGUSTING). Or tweeting Emily about how she should get with Stephen.
  • Tweeting/posting hate about Cass or Mavi, or being rude about their marriage.

If you didn’t do anything of the above, don’t worry about that :)

So I’ve seen some shit on my dash lately that really rubs me the wrong way.

Can we all stop ship shaming and attacking people about their ships???

Don’t send people messages about how much you hate their ship. How dumb you think it is. How wrong you think it is.

Don’t shame people. Just don’t. If you don’t agree with it just ignore it or unfollow. I’ve seen a couple of Mara Jade’s getting shit on, don’t do that. She has her own series where she is Luke’s babe okay? Leave her alone.

I’ve seen a fair amount of Skysolo shaming, don’t do that. Don’t accuse shippers of erasing Luke’s wives or whatever in the different series, we’re not doing that. We just ship the thing just like you ship your thing.

Stop shaming Kylux. Stop shaming Reylo. And don’t you dare wave the incest flag at me, there’s a 50/50 shot and if it turns out to be incest, people will probably AU their ships so it isn’t. Will there be a few who don’t? Sure. But you still shouldn’t shame them because it’s really noneya.

Please be kinder people. I have found this fandom to be one of the kindest out there but I do see a lot of this and it bothers the hell out of me. We all ship different things. We will never all agree so we should just live and let live and be kind.

-steps off the soapbox-

You guys have a wonderful day.

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change your icon to Ashley or I will unfollow you.

Seriously? I’m fucking done. You are the 24th fucking person to bug the absolute shit out of me about Ashleymariee. I answered some questions, I’ve deleted the rest because shitheads like you WILL NOT LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! I never sent hate to her. Be fucking glad I didn’t. FUCK YOU AND ASHLEY! Now I have a reason to not like Ashley. You fucktards keep harassing me to be part of the AshleyMariee bandwagon. Unfollow me. Do it, just so you know, I personally don’t care about Ashley or whatever the fuck she is doing. Fuck off. The next person that fucking tells me to join this bandwagon for Mashley or whatever, I will send hate to Ashley. Fuck off