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Scruffy Anon / Lunch Break: S's chin is not scruffy but a little stubble in the morning does a lady good / chin tickle. That wake you up! Have a great week all. Oh! I was thinking the same thing about Netflix. But, I do like the idea of letting things marinate for a while. Okay! Back to work. Cheers! Rats! It's freaking Tuesday!

*AHEM* Weeeeellllll 😏😏😏

Marinating is the perfect way to put it. Especially considering I’ll oftentimes feel differently about a certain scene / line / moment or even an entire ep after I’ve let it sit for a while. I actually binged season 1 when I first started watching Outlander because I came into it late. I became obsessed (obviously xD), but definitely had to go back and watch again to truly get (or love. or hate) some of the details.

Ughhh, don’t remind me, Scruffy! I’m only holding on to my sanity this week knowing that it’s a short work week, because these past two weeks have been the longest month ever xD Cheers to you, too! Hope the rest of your week goes well 🍻💜


They say all press is good press. And everybody loves a well groomed man.

Headcanon that later that year, Eraserhead makes it onto the list of “Eligible Hero Bachelors.” (Un)fortunately, no one recognizes him in his natural habitat so the attention doesn’t interfere with his livelihood.


good job jassper

Peter: [deep breath] Wade and I are engaged.

Tony: [looks at Wade] You should have asked me first

Wade: You aren’t really my type though..

IT’S OVER! I can’t believe how much money you guys raised! Just amazing, now all the hard work starts for me but you can kick back and know those books are gonna HAPPEN BABY OH YEAH! We didn’t hit the stretch but my goodness it came close! We’ll see about a rerun of volume 1 in the future but for now this is just- man, this is amazing. You are all amazing. Also this is the print that I’ll be signing for the 50 buck rewarders (that’s just a digital mock up signature but you get the real deal! so look forward to that folks!) but I figured it was appropriate to post it now :’D THANK YOU SO. SO. MUCH.