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Thoughts on the new Kagerou Daze chapter (and recent chapters in general)

     I usually don’t do these types of things with any new thing that came out regarding my biggest interests (since all the things I would say are covered by everyone else) but this chapter of the Kagepro manga that came out today… I feel like I need to put my thoughts out there.

     I’ll say right now I’ve only read the summary that was provided by this person, so there’s bound to be some missing context. Now, I was not expecting this kind of development at all. I mean, how did Ayano, who we all knew was a kind and caring big sister who wanted to save her family, turn into a person who wants to kill someone she (still) considered as a little sister? 

     Granted, she did see both of her parents die and get subjected to Azami’s terrible life dozens and dozens of times but I still don’t see how the jump from ‘It’s all Saeru’s fault’ to ‘It’s all Mary’s fault’ happened. Like, did she just come to that conclusion from all the knowledge she gathered or did the realization of her parents’ death combined with the mindfuck she had endured make her think irrational things? Not to mention, this whole 180 degree turn really came out of left field.

     At least I want to say that it came out of left field because I don’t know what to think. On the one hand, I feel like Jin’s pulling this personality shift out of his ass because drama and on the other, it seems like we should’ve expected this from the recent chapters. I don’t want to believe the former but if the latter’s true, then where the hell were the hints for this? Like, as far as I know, there was no subtle foreshadowing leading up to this, making this whole thing seem out of nowhere.

     What really throws me for a loop is the feeling that this is something Kano would do. Hell, something Kano disguised as Ayano would do. Anyone remember that thing in novel 5, was it, where Kano disguised as Ayano called out Shintaro for what he did to her after she ‘died’? At least it was understandable why he did it, since he had just seen his beloved big sister die, was clearly mourning, and was jealous of how close Shintaro was to Ayano. Here, it’s the real Ayano and it’s half understandable, half nonsensical. That’s just how I see it.

     Speaking of Kano, that may explain the glare he gave to Ayano when they met again a couple chapters back. It sucks that it wasn’t what I was thinking. Since it was revealed that Ayano had died in the landslide that claimed her mother in the other media but somehow came back alive, I thought Kano was giving her that glare because he had spent years thinking she was dead yet he just sees her walking around with random strangers rather than letting her siblings know she was alive all along. He’d feel betrayed and pissed off because ‘What the hell, we thought you were dead yet here you are, just walking with these strangers instead of being with your family’. At least it’d make more sense than this.

     I swear, with each new update this manga gets, it makes me want more of the eventual reset this route will get. It raises questions more than it gives answers and even the answers are for the questions that sprung up during the recent chapters. Ayano not having any friends in this route doesn’t make sense since 1.) Why did Shintaro stay locked up in his room for two years if she had supposedly died before they even met? (Do not give me any bullshit that it was because of Takane and Haruka’s deaths because while yes, they were part of the reason, the whole reason they were even part of it was because Ayano had gotten close to Takane and by extension, Haruka and Shintaro got dragged in and became the Yuukei Quartet) 2.) How did Takane even get the courage to confess to Haruka without Ayano giving her that push? 3.) Why did Ene go to Shintaro if Ayano didn’t tell Takane that Shintaro needed someone like her following him around?

     The other things that don’t make sense are: If both Ayaka and Kenjirou died in the landslide, where did Hibiya and Hiyori stay when they were in the city? Did Ayano give them permission to stay at her home? How the hell did she even keep the house if both of her parents were dead? How did Ene and Konoha come to be? If Kenjirou died before Haruka and Takane did, how are Ene and Konoha even existing? These are questions that need to be answered at some point in the manga if they’re planning to keep going on this route.

     Overall, did this chapter taint my view of Ayano? No, she’s still the kind and caring big sister she was before this chapter came out. It did, however, give me another angle to view her at, even if it is a more negative angle. Am I interested in seeing more of this side of Ayano? Yes, because it does make her more human than I’ve seen her throughout my time in the Kagepro fandom and I believe the more flaws I see in a character, the better the character is to me so yes, give me more bitch Ayano. Just don’t fuck her up too badly…

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Prompt time! Basically I just want you to write a sequel to "Nervous Circuits."

fun fact: this was the first kink meme prompt i ever filled and the first fic where i did not fade-to-black about anything sexual. such memories, many nostalgia.


Nardole/the TARDIS/12th Dr. ~1.7k words. probably don’t read at work, content warning for Genitals and Drug Use

The ship seems curious about Nardole, almost shy. He drops his purse on a control bank, looking around. Half-expecting to find a hand to shake.

“It’s bigger,” the Doctor is prompting.

The lights on the console shift from blue to pink to gold. An image is presented to Nardole: a man in a suit and a woman in also a suit, but with a skirt instead of trousers; they’re shaking hands. The image shifts: the woman is not a woman but instead an ill-defined peripheral-vision presence, something achingly beautiful about it. The man is now him. They are shaking hands.

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things im tired of:

  • the evil stepmom trope
  • the im not like other girls because i don’t like skirts, makeup or fro-yo trope
  • any trope that makes girls who like fashion and make-up seem stuck up, stupid, slutty and mean
  • the popular girl wants to socially destroy anyone who tries to get in between her and popularity trope
  • the i hang out with guys because it’s less drama than girls trope
  • the we’re best friends but im the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with because i was jealous of you’re relationship trope
  • literally any trope that has girls hate each other for NO REASON other than to portray all girls as jealous, petty and catty instead of portraying girls having each others backs and protecting each other

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i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now

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Why do people like the dark elves so much, when they're racist, xenophonic slavers and generally assholes?

That’s precisely WHY people are so endeared to them. Morrowind is rather unique because the game’s mechanics aren’t just unexplained to you, but the world itself is. 

You’re dumped into a strange alien environment, your first view of a town is a swampy town with a giant ass bug parked outside it. Why is there a bug? Fuck you outlander, everyone knows what the bug is for, you stupid ignorant n’wah. What’s an n’wah? Well fuck you again, everyone knows what an n’wah is, you s’wit. See, everyone else but you knows what these things are, they’re not gonna tell you, it’s up to you to figure it out. Just like it’s up to you to gain the trust and respect of the local dunmer.

Morrowind and the dunmer are not things that are welcoming. They are hostile, their ways seem commonplace to them but are alien to you. And that’s ultimately what makes it so rewarding and immerses players, because Morrowind is utterly devoted to its idea that all this weird shit is exactly the way the world works. There’s no time when someone stops, looks at the camera, and goes “Hey look at this weird bug, it’s weird right?”. No, the bug isn’t weird, the bug is the thing people use to get to work.

And because Morrowind forces players to sit down and start obeying its rules, and because those players force themselves to become part of that culture of mad wizardlords and theocratic xenophobes, they ultimately feel more like they belong there, and actually get to know and understand that made up culture. It’s sort of like effort justification. The reason we like dunmer is because we’ve spent all that time getting to understand those weirdos. Sure they’re bug-riding slavers, but they’re our bug riding slavers, and we didn’t trek halfway across the continent in jellyfish-leather boots dodging weird scribs and whatever-the-hells to have someone tell us otherwise.


Yuri on Ice Week

Day 3: A Tale of the Sleeping Prince

Отабек Алтын | Otabek Altin - Most Relatable Character.

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]

Everyone: Yuri on Ice saved 2016
Me: *thinks about all the other amazing anime from the fall season*