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Listen, I think everyone who has seen La La Land can agree that - while definitely a great movie - it does not deserve so many Oscar nominations.

The story isn’t really anything we haven’t seen before, and the roles aren’t at all demanding. So no, I don’t think neither Emma nor Ryan deserve the Oscar, and the film definitely does not deserve Best Picture.
That being said, perhaps they do deserve Best Cinematography and Best Original Score.

But if it wins Best Picture over Moonlight, Hidden Figures, Fences, Arrival, and Hacksaw Ridge, then that will be absolute bullshit.

pll characters as mario characters
  • aria: peach, just sits there and gets kidnapped, does actually nothing to help the plot of the story
  • emily: mario, main character nobody would play as in an rpg if they had the choice
  • hanna: daisy, looks like she'll do actually nothing, is secretly a badass
  • spencer: luigi, is TECHNICALLY not the main character, but is obviously the heart and soul of the damn series
  • alison: boo, is cute in a slightly terrifying way, always kind of smirking, is dead??? kind of???
  • mona: toad, UNAPPRECIATED AS FUCK (just kidding everyone loves toad)
  • toby: koopa troopa, sometimes helpful, sometimes annoying as fuck, always cute
  • caleb: birdo, sketchy AS FUCK
  • jason: bowser, unreasonably pissy always, highkey trying to steal the princess
  • ezra: waluigi, chaotic evil, but fangirls love him anyway

Anybody else watch the ET interview with Sasha and Marlene? Gotta admit, I was very disappointed. There we questions (that we theorize over and over about) that Marlene didn’t even know the answer to. The interviewer asked who killed Wilden, and asked if it was Ashley Marin. Marlene said yes! It was Ashley. Then was all confused and was like wait no….charlotte! 🤦🏻‍♀️ like are you freakin kidding me, we know the show better than she does. They had a flashback segment, when Mrs Hastings sees Ali with a bloody lip, and Marlene says it’s just from “the older group of kids that she was hanging out with.” That’s it. I remember people theorized on that for awhile. A huge let down, but somehow not surprising in the least. The entire first HOUR of the finale will be a freakin wedding. 🤢she also mentioned there will be at least two masks In the finale. She didn’t totally deny spencer having a twin, but she did shut down the aria has Multiple personalities. I guess what I take from this is, to keep my expectations way, way waaaay low for the finale.

Edit: it was also confirmed Mona WAS the one who put charlottes body outside the church. Then why not show it?!?!
Tcest is CANNON! Take THAT Haters!

No, really, Technically Tcest is cannon! Let me explain…
Many of you out there have probably gotten a lot of flames and trolling from haters out there who want to give you grief about liking Tcest…  And it’s easy to dispute with arguments that the odds of them being biologically related are, well, IMPOSSIBLE, and even if by some miracle that they were, being turtles they really wouldn’t care. But the last resort of many on the “anti-tcest” crusade is to whip out the old tired and true “It’s not cannon.”  (if this were a valid argument, 85% of fanfics and fanart for anything would cease to exist).

Well guess what? They couldn’t be more wrong!  Back in 1993, TMNT writer Bill Fitts was retiring from Mirage Studios to move back to his hometown, but before he left he wanted to make one last TMNT comic, as a final farewell.  Fitts wrote and drew the layouts, Dan Seneres did the pencils which Fitts inked, and finally Steve Lavigne did the lettering. The comic was Adult Rated (which is code for it was basically porn) and it was titled “The Birds and the Bees and the Turtles” (done in the Archie Comics style), only 50 copies were printed and it was gifted to members of Mirage Studios Staff.   And in it’s pages it clearly shows Donatello happily engaging in homosexual intercourse with one of his brothers (code for Donnie-boy really likes it in the butt).

Think about it, this comic was written, drawn, inked and printed by official, PAID Mirage Studios writers and artists in house (meaning the studio).  It was never printed mainstream to be sold to the public because it was considered taboo and they didn’t want to risk losing fans and business because of enraged parents wanting to shied their children’s innocence from from Teenage Mutant “sexual deviant” turtles, although if you have a few hundred bucks in your paypal account, every now and then a copy appears on e-bay.

The comic was a gag gift, yes, but it still was technically a comic- not drawn by fans but by the actual people responsible for the licensed characters.  The comics are the source material for all TMNT incarnations- so technically, that makes it cannon.

And if they can’t accept that, then they must admit that the logic behind their argument is flawed- you don’t get to say something is wrong because the “facts” say otherwise, then cherry-pick said “facts” because you don’t like all of them.

That being said, if someone does not like T-cest, then that is their choice and they do not have to read it or look at it’s art, that is their right, just as it is ours to enjoy T-cest.  (I personally HATE Raph/Mona Lisa with every fiber of my being but I don’t go around posting nasty comments on other people’s art if they happen to favor that pairing, I simply choose not to view that art and my life is much easier because of it.)

BTW all you LeoRai fans- Peter Laird (you know, co-creater of TMNT) says he is 100% AGAINST Turtle/Human relationships so stick THAT in your precious cannon and fire it off to where the sun don’t shine! >:-P
….Also, both Eastman and Laird really HATE Venus De Milo and have taken a solem vow that she will never EVER return again in any future incarnation of TMNT EVER, so yeah… No humans, and no female turtles, but they have never outright spoken against TCest. Since they OWN Tmnt, I think they have final say in what is cannon or not, so there!


Aria’s blackmailing Mona into helping on the ‘A’ team


First Mona gets the Lucas’ car fixed up, saying that burning it in the woods would have caught a lot of attention and Aria seems really annoyed that she did this. They then go back to Lucas’ apartment, where Aria acts really defensive:

Aria: Do you make it a habit of inserting yourself into other peoples’ homicides, or just ours?
Mona: Call it curiosity.
Aria: You know what that did to the cat, right?

Aria’s comment comes from the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’, which if I’m not mistaken was Aria’s way of telling Mona to back off or else.

Then later on at ‘The Radley’ Mona is conducting a meeting of some sort and starts giving the liars some very useful information and Aria freaks out and tries to stop the conversation on multiple occasions.

(Aria tries to stop the conversation before it even starts)
Aria: I know we need a cover, but maybe lunch was a bad idea. What if your Mom sees us?
Hanna: She’s in New York this weekend.
Spencer: Besides, even if she wasn’t, all we’re doing is eating bagels.
Aria: And talking about burner phones. How do we even know that the burner phone exists?

(Mona gives the girls some really useful information)
Mona: Because I’ve heard him on it. It’s the only time he drops that phoney American accent.

(Aria immediately tries to stop the conversation)
Aria: Does this record sound?
Hanna: No, just visuals.
Emily: What if we can’t find the phone?

Mona: We have to. I’ve never heard the other end of his calls. We don’t know who he’s working with.

(Spencer raises a good point)
Spencer: Guys, I’m sorry, I might be a little bit slow this morning, but yes we do. Is there anyone here who thinks that it’s not Mary Drake?

(Aria once again immediately tries to stop the conversation)
Aria: I’m sorry, but are we comfortable with those visuals. Us together on tape?
Mona: Look, after dealing with ‘A’ the only thing we know for sure is that we cannot be sure of anything.
Aria: I just think that we should…
Hanna: Aria, stop! Drink your mimosa.

It was so obvious that Aria was trying to stop Mona, or anyone else, from sharing valuable information with the group, which just so happened to help them to move forward in their investigation. Isn’t it suspicious how we don’t see Mona in person for a while after this event takes place? Aria had warned her to back off.


Mona disappears for the next five episodes, yet for some bizarre reason is passing information onto the liars through Aria, which makes no sense what so ever. Aria is probably the one person in the world that Mona hates more than Alison (and remember, Mona was planning to kill Alison ‘that night’) and yet, just like when the girls thought Alison was ‘A’, Mona’s passing information through Aria. Why not Hanna? They seemed to bond a lot during the previous episode and Mona trusts her a lot more than she trusts Aria. (e.g. Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife = MAYA KNEW). Or why not Spencer? Back when Mona was ‘A’, she tried to convince Spencer to join the team on several occasions. I just don’t see why Mona would ever consider passing information on through Aria, unless she was being blackmailed into it.


Aria contacts Mona to ask if Hanna’s with her, which once again is proof that Aria and Mona are conversing with each other off screen.


Mona: Next time call before you abduct someone and go on the run. It just makes my life a little easier.

Why would Mona say this? It’s almost as if she’s annoyed with Hanna. But why would she be, unless Aria, aka ‘A.D.’, punished her for not keeping close enough tabs on Hanna.

Mona: You seriously haven’t spoken to anyone?…There’s footage on here that proves that Noel was working with Charlotte. He was part of the Dollhouse.

What I want to know is how Mona found out about the flash drive. The only people who knew about it’s whereabouts before it was stolen was Spencer, Emily and Aria. Spencer didn’t tell Mona about it and I highly doubt Emily did, which leaves Aria. Aria could easily have stolen it as she was next door at the time, or could have forced Mona to steal it. Either way, I just think Mona ‘finding’ the flash drive in Noel’s show was a bit suspicious and I feel as though she may have planted it there.

Mona then convinces Hanna to go home, instead of waiting for the blood test results. Hanna then goes back to Spencer’s, LEAVING MONA TO WATCH HIM, and lies to the police to get them off her back. Mona either releases Noel straight away, or per Aria’s request after the group plan to go and talk to Noel at the motel. (Mona was the only one who knew exactly where he was). Aria then anonymously makes up a plan with Jenna, who contacts Noel when he wakes up and he agrees.

Aria gets the flash drive back, which either has no Dollhouse footage of her on it or incriminating evidence against her, but then things go downhill fast and Noel gets decapitated etc. During this time, Mona sees Sydney at the Radley pretending to be Jenna and realises what Aria’s done and how Jenna is in danger too, not just the liars.

I can’t be sure who shot Spencer. I doubt it was Mona, but it could have been Mary by accident. Or maybe even Wren showed up to help out his cousin Aria. Mona quickly drags Jenna out (we see her talking to Jenna earlier on in the episode, offering her a get out of jail free card. Could it have been a weird sort of foreshadowing?). Jenna freaks out, thinking it’s ‘A.D.’, but it’s actually Mona coming to her rescue, hence the black hoodie, which ‘A.D.’ doesn’t wear, along with a previously used mask. 

I strongly believe that Aria is blackmailing Mona to help out, because there’s still something shady going on between the two of them, just like there always has been. Only time will tell.

So a small theory that’s been going through my head lately (not sure if it’s been said before or not). I get the feeling that AD has been around since the beginning. I believe that both Charlotte and Mona were simply pawns and being black mailed, Mona more specifically which would actually make a lot of sense in all the multitude of plot holes. 

“That Night” Mona claims to have helped Alison fake her death, but we’re made to believe that Alison did so to escape A and that A had no idea, yet we later find out Mona is A so that doesn’t entirely make sense. Either a) Mona found out from Ali about her being stalked/harassed and went to seek out said person to help as she hated Ali or b) Mona was enlisted by AD on their own accord. I believe Mona believed the plan was just to scare Ali, not actually kill/harm her in any physical way and when Mona found out she tried to back out. I think Mona was scared and forced into hitting Alison (who later turned out to be Bethany) or Mona hit Bethany because she believed Alison was faking everything and was actually A so she tried to scare Alison by hitting her with the shovel. I do not believe she ever meant to kill anyone. Later as she was driving she ran into Ali on the side of the road and decided to help her escape when she realized Ali was in serious danger and out of guilt. She let AD believe that Ali was dead but, she knew differently. She knew an innocent girl was actually murdered and she knew that Ali was the intended target and that Ali nearly died herself and as a result didn’t want a part in the game. We’ve seen that pretty much every A team member has been black mailed into being on the A team. Mona killed someone. AD had that over her and forced her into becoming A - into taking the fall. It’s also why Mona’s motives for being A were a little off and underwhelming and why, at times, it felt like A was two different people (helping/hurting). Mona would try to help the girls but in return it put her in more danger. AD found out and forced Mona into Radley by taking the fall for being A. 

At that point AD needed someone new, so the game was moved onto Charlotte (it’s also possible Charlotte was another A the whole time but more than likely she came into play after Mona). Either Charlotte screwed up in trying to help the girls as well and AD got pissed and made Charlotte take the fall - winding up in that horrific finale we got - or Charlotte was forced into taking the fall because the girls were getting too close to catching the real AD. 

This also brings me into Mona ending up in the doll house. After Mona’s A time was up she decided to try to figure out who AD was once and for all, hint trying to get back into AD’s good gracious and implement the whole fake death to figure out who AD was but AD found out and boom, Mona was the first doll. She was also a guinea pig if you will. 

I’m pretty positive that once Charlotte was locked up and “reformed” she probably either figured out who AD was or was wanting to tell the girls (or Alison) the truth about everything, AD was not happy about that and killed her. 

Mona however probably was under the impression that Charlotte was in fact AD and that when she reformed and everything quit for those 5 years, that it was finally over. She was safe. That’s why when Hanna brought her into the loop with the whole game board Mona wanted to high tail it out of there as quickly as possible. But Hanna convinced her that she was smart enough to figure it out, she could FINALLY beat AD once and for all. Mona is so determined to beat AD and prove to the girls that she’s always been on their side. She’s constantly sticking her neck out for them, she wants to be accepted, but no matter what she’s been through with them and no matter what she’s done for them - she’s still an outcast because she was “A”. But Mona knows that’s not true.

Why hasn’t she told the girls the truth? Would they really believe her? When she was talking to Hanna about how she’s bled for them and done everything she can to prove herself and they still can’t accept her - it was a cry for help/desperation. She wants to tell them. But if they can’t even trust her now, after all she’s done for them, why would they believe a word she says? There’s no point. So Mona has created a new lair, stolen the shovels so their tracks are covered and is working day in and day out to end this game the way it started - with her vs AD. 

I sadly believe the full circle is going to be just that. Mona vs AD, she’ll figure it out and will probably die protecting the girls and the girls will finally know the truth. That Mona was always on their side. 

EDIT: It also makes sense considering Janel said Mona would get a happy ending in ~her own way. Only way I can see that being the case would be she’d get the girls to finally trust her and accept her but, at the expense of her own death. So it’s not quite a happy ending but, it is in it’s own way.

PLL 7x19 Review

Hello welcome back to what could be my last review, I don’t know if I will do one after next week, it all depends on if I watch live or not. OR if you guys really want me to do one last one while I cry my eyes out I can. Enough about that here are my thoughts and theories on 7x19, as always they aren’t in any order and may be confusing, but you guys have managed to watch 7 years of confusing so it should be easy to decode me.

 *Just realized this post is over 1500 words long so its under the cut.

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Season 6, Episode 11

The first time we see Spencer in this episode is in the intro, before the opening credits, and she is reading a letter from Alison about returning to Rosewood.  In this scene, Spencer appears conflicted, and perhaps frustrated.  Also of note, her watch resides on her left wrist, as it does for most right-handed people (one’s watch is generally worn on the non-dominant wrist so that it doesn’t interfere with daily tasks, such as writing).

Spencer is also the first Liar we follow back to Rosewood.  We see her framed in the foreground of the church which, by the end of the episode, will become Charlotte’s place of death.  From an artistic standpoint, this bookends the episode nicely, should Spencer be Charlotte’s killer.

The next five scenes, Spencer is wearing the same outfit.  In these scenes, her watch is on her right wrist, implying that this Spencer may, in fact, be left-handed.  She also acts a little unusually throughout.  Generally, when anyone speaks in these scenes, Spencer waits for others’ reactions before exhibiting one herself, as though she is waiting for a cue for how she, herself, should react.  Exceptions to this include when the girls meet with Ali, and Spencer states, “We aren’t on the playground anymore.  We haven’t been for a long time….” (giving Ali an extremely dark look), and earlier in the episode, when Spencer sarcastically tells her Mom during their reunion, “The family that campaigns together stays together.”  At times, there appears to be a devious undercurrent to seemingly benign comments.

The first of the dialogue scenes in the episode shows Spencer meeting back up with the rest of the girls.  When the girls discuss their current careers and relationships, Aria asks Spencer, “Who is Spencer seeing?”  Seemingly going along with the joking 3rd person, Spencer replies, “Spencer is too busy to see anybody.”  While this alone is not worthy of extra consideration, if we examine this scene through the lens of this-is-a-twin-speaking, it is a way of surreptitiously introducing this fact to the viewers for later analysis.  And is it any coincidence that Spencer takes the lead amongst the girls at the end of this scene, deciding what to do next?  True, Spencer has always been a pillar that the other girls can rely on, because she has a remarkable intelligence, but again, including it with everything else, it seems more significant than usual.

The next scene in which we see Spencer, she is meeting back up with her mother and going over the campaign. Watch still on the right hand, this should still be the imposter.  Of note here (aside from the aforementioned sarcasm about families campaigning together and staying together) is her worried pause when her mother says, “It’s your fault I’m doing this,” as well as an odd use of the first person when she gets defensive about her occupation.  When her mother tells her, “Sweetheart, you work for a lobbyist,” Spencer immediately denies this by saying, “No, we are not lobbyists, we work with grassroots political organizations to advance progressive legislation.”  1st person plural.  Perhaps she is referring to her company and fellow coworkers, or perhaps she is referring to her twin (the real Spencer).  If this last item is in fact the case, it would imply that Spencer knows her twin exists and has possibly been working with her.  Concerning, and there are points to contradict this elsewhere, but it is certainly a possibility.

The third Spencer scene shows her meeting back up with Toby.  Watch still on the right hand, and still wearing the same outfit, this would appear to still be faux-Spencer.  She is a little awkward at first, appearing to ask herself, “How do I do this?  How do we interact?”  Explainable simply by saying, “Well yeah, he’s her ex, of course she’s uncertain.”  But couldn’t she also be asking herself how the real Spencer would interact with Toby in this situation?  There are subtle, instinctual understandings between two individuals who have been as close and intimate as Spencer and Toby, which would be difficult to replicate by someone who hasn’t been a part of that relationship.  Notice that Spencer seems totally into Toby in this scene.  She cares about him, and appears to have a bit of a crush on him. Her attitude is kind of shy, with a touch of flirty, and she does a lot of uncharacteristic smiling.  Not hard to believe that a twin who has seen the real Spencer have so many things she missed out on, might covet her sister’s boyfriend at some point, too.  How easy to say, “this could be me.”  This would help to explain the most significant hole in the twin theory in this scene: when Spencer says, “Because I know you.”  Sure sounds like something an ex would say, not like something someone pretending to be an ex would say.  Unless she’d been watching Toby all this time, harboring her own feelings for him, and coming to know him from a distance.

Up next is the meeting with Alison.  This scene shows a rather harsh side to Spencer.  While everyone else is quietly upset, trying to be sympathetic to Ali, but rolling their eyes in frustration and still hating that this is a conversation even being had, Spencer is openly angry.  Her first line in the scene is, “So Charlotte is all better now.  What does this have to do with us?”  As the others interact with Ali, she carefully gauges their reactions.  And every time she opens her mouth, she is confrontational, seemingly attempting to ferret out the truth (“Victim Statements?” and “Who else is speaking?” and “Why isn’t Jason here?”).  While the other girls are on the defensive, angrily stating why they shouldn’t be made to do this, Spencer is on the offensive, attacking Ali instead of protecting her own feelings.  Of course, the nastiest comment she delivers is, “Pretty please?  With sugar on top?…That’s what you say on the playground to exact a favor.  We’re not on the playground anymore, Alison.  We haven’t been for a long time.”  Here, Ali looks hurt and vulnerable, while Spencer looks cruel and unforgiving.  An odd reversal of roles for these old friends, isn’t it?

In the next scene, as the Liars stand and watch Veronica Hastings’s campaign speech, Spencer encourages the other girls to say that they aren’t afraid of Charlotte anymore. Really?  After she just battled Ali on every single point she made?  What I see here is a person who doesn’t like Ali, and who wants Charlotte out in the open for some reason.  Perhaps so she can get to her?  Kill her?  As Spencer darts up to the platform for her mother to introduce her to the crowd, she is stopped by Mona.  She delivers and uncertain, “Hi Mona…” and appears distinctly uncomfortable throughout the entire conversation.  Mona references a time she waved at her at an event, and Spencer apologizes (As a side note not directly related to the main thread, could Mona be trying to catch Spencer in a lie?  Perhaps she suspects there are two of them, and this event never took place, or Spencer really did see Mona and wave back?).  Then Mona states that they’ve ended up in the same business, and Spencer looks vaguely mocking and says, “Um, not really.”  Is the business being discussed politics, or the “A” Game? Maybe Spencer’s twin is insulted by the idea that Mona would consider the game she played with the liars to be on the same level as her own game, or maybe it is a private joke with herself implying the same thing.  At the end of the conversation, why is Spencer so shocked when Mona asks her, “Do you still have nightmares?”  Her lack of response is odd.  Maybe she still hates Mona, or maybe she doesn’t know how the real Spencer would respond.  Every silence or lack of response is incriminating in this theory.

We’ve finally reached a new outfit (and potentially new day) the next time we see Spencer.  We’ve entered Charlotte’s hearing, where the girls speak to the judge about their feelings concerning Charlotte.  Spencer is now adorned in a demure pink coat, with a watch on the right wrist, implying that this is still not the real Spencer.  Spencer is up first, and she sets a precedent among the girls as having the guts to lie to the judge and say she is no longer afraid of Charlotte.  Her statement opens the door for the others to follow suit. As the other girls come up to give their statements, note that Spencer is sitting on the far right of the frame, allowing us to see her during nearly every frame of each statement.  At times, we can see no one else because we are so zoomed in on the person sitting at the table, but even then, we see Spencer in the background, looking over the speaker’s shoulder.  Again, artistry matters for a show that gives more clues than answers, so this is potentially representative of her role in their lives: always watching.  When Mona steps up for her turn, Hanna comments on her testimony being “the last nail in the coffin,” and Spencer nods along and rolls her eyes, not a single note of worry on her face.  As Mona speaks, she seems truly terrified.  She crumples up her paper and says she “thought she could do this.”  I suspect “A” has gotten to her already.  One possibility is that she defied “A,” who wanted her to make sure Charlotte stayed locked up, by speaking her actual truth: that she forgives Charlotte.  However I think it more likely, based on context clues, that she was warned away from telling the judge that she was still afraid of Charlotte, but she came planning to defiantly be honest anyway.  When it came down to the wire, she lost her nerve and buckled to “A’s” pressure, saying that she wasn’t afraid of Charlotte anymore. As she tells the judge this, she looks utterly unconvincing, appearing terrified even as she says it.  Specifically, she says, “Let her go home.  That’s all any of us wants.  To have a home.”  Why is this on her mind?  Is this what is being threatened?  Mona’s home, or family?  Then, of course, she begins crying and flees the room.  When Mona is emotional, it’s because she’s either acting, or not in control. My bet is on the latter in this scene. The final shot of the scene is of Spencer looking down with—dare I say—a scheming look on her face, as though she’s building up her nerve to do something.  It’s a very brief shot, but it lingers in one’s mind.

The next scene takes place just after the hearing.  We find Emily and left-handed Spencer sitting at a table at the newly refurbished Radley Hotel.  Spencer glances around the room warily, but this wouldn’t necessarily mean anything—both Spencer and her twin have likely spent time in Radley Sanitarium (we know Spencer has, and one of the running theories about Spencer’s twin is that she spent a great deal of time in Radley, envying her sister who lived on the outside), but is suggestive nonetheless. The same goes for when Spencer is reluctant to turn her phone off.  It is, in fact, a characteristically Spencer kind of reaction to have, but it could also mean more—that she has people she needs to stay in contact with for a secret plan, or that she has her phone set to automatically send out “A” messages to Mona, or any number of other things.

Later, still at the Radley, Spencer (a little tipsy) comments on how she’s missed the other girls’ faces, and that they “have such lovely faces.”  Endearing if it’s Spencer, but sickening if it’s Spencer’s twin/resident doll-maker.  And when the girls talk about how they need to get together more often “but not here,” Spencer opens her mouth as if she might object, before being cut off by Hanna talking about making a list of places to go and visiting each one together.  She then goes on to suggest places before bitterly stating, “and Ali and Charlotte can sit in that big, ugly house and they can bake cookies.”  Hatred of Charlotte?  Not uncommon amongst the Liars.  And anger at Ali for what she’s just encouraged them to do.  But such overwhelming bitterness towards Alison seems odd.  And then, Spencer is again over-the-top lovey-dovey with her friends, which is, again, endearing if it’s the real Spencer, but creepy as all get out if it’s Spencer’s evil twin, who’s spent years playing with them like marionettes.

The next morning, after the girls have gone back to Hanna’s room, right-watched Spencer is waking up hungover.  So.  Let’s say that both Spencers are in on this together. One Spencer could be sleeping in Hanna’s room, while the other was out committing the murder of Charlotte Drake.  After all, she “didn’t think they’d actually let her out.”

And who called Caleb to come take care of Hanna?  Spencer.  All a part of the larger game?  Right-watched Spencer meets him as he comes downstairs after speaking with Hanna. She’s familiar and comfortable with him, suggesting she’s spent some real time with him.

Flash to the funeral, where we see a very dead Charlotte lying in a very open, very prominently displayed casket as if to say, “WE’RE NOT LYING THIS TIME, SHE’S REALLY DEAD.” Not that we’re not still only 95% certain Charlotte is dead when they show us the corpse at an open casket funeral. This is PLL.  Mona’s eyes were freaking open in the trunk of the car, and she’s alive (UNLESS MONA’S THE TWIN!  Nah, probably not).  Speaking of Mona, we get a shot of her looking insanely guilty and worked up, sitting in the back pew.  You have to ask yourself, would she be feeling so guilty if she’d really told the truth, and she really wasn’t afraid of Charlotte?  It’s worse when it’s a lie, because you feel like you’ve manipulated the situation into being.  And Mona is far more worked up than the Liars.  Contact-with-“A” worked up.

At the very end of the episode, after the funeral has ended, the girls are approached by Lorenzo, who tells them to stay in town, because Charlotte’s death has been ruled a homicide. Who looks shifty and nervous upon hearing this news?  Spencer.  And who’s the one who, when one of the girls says, “I want to go home,” responds with, “We are home?”  Spencer. Anything to keep everyone together in the dollhouse.

You may be asking yourself, if that’s Spencer’s evil twin standing there, who is in the limo looking out at the Liars?  There are a couple of options: if Spencer is really in on all of this with her twin (or possibly being forced to cooperate), the real Spencer could be in the limo.  Another option is that it is Mary Drake in the limo, secretly attending her daughter’s funeral.  And of course, based on the most recent episode, the last (and least likely) option is that it was Pastor Ted, coming to say goodbye to his daughter, but extremely recognizable in his old parish.  

That’s it for my theories on this episode.  I might do a close examination of another pivotal episode at some other point, or I might do something on a scene-by-scene basis, but most of the theories I’ve seen out there (some of them truly inventive, and in my opinion, likely accurate [Avery Drake or Bethany Young both have good chances of being Spencer’s twin]) don’t go into greatly specific detail.  This seemed like a good episode to examine.  Hope you got some ideas from reading!