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Lol love the name its so fitting for the supernatural family darling unlike cad-is-my-hero but again they're just fake

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Okay, buddy. At first I was like aw thanks! somebody’s being nice. But never mind. Just another douchebag. I don’t know if you’re the “friend” (aka @supernatural-family-lover​ ) @cas-is-my-hero was telling me about, but if you are, you’re the fake. 

I don’t understand why you think you’re so “real.” Because you go to conventions? Because you have merch?? 


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(Disclaimer: That GIF doesn’t mean that you’re like Sam Winchester at all. Or any Supernatural character for that matter. Maybe Dick Roman, but even that’s cutting it close.)

I have some merch, but my older sister paid for it. And I haven’t been to a convention. (Not yet anyway.)

Maybe you’re all bitter because you actually feel fake. I don’t know. 

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But, dammit. I don’t think Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, or anyone else on the Supernatural production team would think you’re the real fan. THEY WOULDN’T APPRECIATE ANONYMOUS HATE OR ANY HATE FOR THAT MATTER.

I’m honestly ashamed of parts of this fandom. Why is there so much hate?? I don’t understand??

Anyway, eff off and leave @cas-is-my-hero​ alone. 

In conclusion, the fake fans are you and people like you.

I hope you get your attitude fixed up. If that doesn’t work…

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And if that doesn’t work either…

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Anyways, I apologize if this is harsh, but thank you for giving me something to blow some steam off on. (And to use all these lovely GIFs. hehe)

Have a lovely day/night, if jerks can still have those.

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May I present to you: Jensen “I Hate Cats” Ackles and Misha “My True Form Is an *Actual* Cat” Collins

So I’m reposting this image on my art blog because it’s buried on a blog I no longer use, and this image deserves to see the light of the sun again.

This was from Chicon 2015.  There’s a pretty funny story that goes with it.

My friend and I came up with the idea to ask them to wear cat ears.

(Here I am, trying to push the blame off on her… let’s be real: this was MY idea.)

Anyway, we giggled at the thought of asking them to wear the cat ears and play with a ball of yarn because, I guess, we’re bad people? It was funny talking about it. It was funny planning it. 

But then, when you’re standing in line holding two headbands with cat ears clipped to them and clutching a tangled ball of yarn and slowly approaching two of the most beautiful men you’ve ever seen, it maybe doesn’t sound as funny anymore.  Because you’re going to have to look these men, who you are suddenly TERRIFIED of, right in their BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN EYES and ask them to do something VERY silly.

My friend and I planned our strategy while waiting in line. Everyone says that the photo ops go SO FUCKING FAST. Well, they’re not lying. We knew we wouldn’t have a ton of time to explain what we wanted them to do. My friend asked me if we were actually going to do this. It wasn’t too late for us to take our own ears off and stash the pairs we brought for Jensen and Misha and just ask for  hug instead. But no, I had bought those damn rainbow cat ears, and I had this image in my head, and I was all in at that point. We agreed that she would hold Jensen’s pair and go straight to him and explain, and I would hold Misha’s pair and the yarn, and do the same for him.

It was finally our turn. I made a beeline for Misha, holding out the ears in offering. His eyes zeroed in on the headband and he gave a bemused smile.

“CanyoupleaseputtheseonMishapleasethankyou!” I managed to squeak out. Misha smiled and took the headband and put it on, and the moment those ears touched his head he got this haughty little look on his face. His back arched just a little bit.  I swear, in that moment, that man became a fucking cat. He somehow just casually embodied the collective universal feline energy, and it was instantaneous.

I glanced over at my friend, and she’d clearly asked Jensen the same thing, because he took the headband, and with the BIGGEST, MOST EXAGGERATED long-suffering sigh and a massive eye roll, he put the ears on his head. He looked fucking adorable. And grumpy. He literally WAS a grumpy cat.

We moved in to pose, and I remembered the yarn. I held it out at them, babbling something like, “Canyouguys, justlike,  playwiththeyarntogetherTHANKYOUSO MUCHOHGODOHGODOHGOD”. Misha grabbed the yarn and held it out to Jensen, who gave another eye roll.  I stepped back, unable to do anything other than SQEE internally. And then…click. It was done.

They took their headbands off and handed them back to us. Misha fussed with his hair.  Jensen was actually smiling, but in a very sassy, y’all are weird and I don’t understand you and I think there is actually something wrong with you kind of way. My friend and I thanked them profusely, and we started walking away, dazed and euphoric.

We must have gotten about five feet away when we both heard Jensen call out, “I FUCKING HATE CATS!” We looked over our shoulders, and Jensen and Misha cracking up was the last thing we saw as we were ushered out of the room.


So yeah. That’s the story of how Misha is apparently an avatar of sacred feline grace, and Jensen just really fucking hates cats.

And now this image exists.

You’re welcome, internet.


Also, I’ve recently started using this as a meme background for my “Quotes Without Context” on my meme page.

The quote that inspired me to use this image?

“I’d rather be watching the news with my cat.”

If anyone is interested in were I got the ears, they were purchased from PricelessCompanions on Etsy. They are awesome.

there is no way that Mary doesn’t think dean and cas have a thing going on. Like, the first time he saw them interact was here in 12x01

and then this shit in 12x12

like cooome on. Especially since he later said “i love all of you”. bitch knows

p.s. his “flirting” with the waitress earlier was embarrassing and very “look at how straight i am. very hetero. much flirt”


i gif megstiel: we survive this i’m gonna order some pizza and we’re gonna move some furniture around.

Cockles, jibcon

I’m reading some many theories about cockles in these last days. There are people who are saying Misha was mad at Jensen during jibcon, others who are implying they had a fight. Personally I wish tell you my personal view. I think Jensen has had that particular behavior during this con because he wanted to cheer up Misha too. I don’t think Jensen was really that drunk during panels but he was happily tipsy. Jensen always cares so much about Misha but, in last weekend, I found him more polite and caring towards him. How if he knew something was wrong. After the famous dinner, he came up to Misha and they started hugging a little bit and we know how much Jensen doesn’t like the pysical contact. ( My friends were there so I’m sure at 100 % )
Jensen, during his solo panel or J2 panel, if I’m not wrong, he shaded the show. He said the actors didn’t receive the right credit or smth. Plus Jensen wanted this season to end with 22 episode. ( In his opinion, it was the perfect finale ). A girl, during cockles op, talked to him about finale and she said he looked sad when she mentioned it.
Probably he doesn’t like the last episode for some reasons. Plus, during cockles ops, Jensen tried to made him laugh or a physical contact.
I have the feelings Misha started feeling ugly or too old. Because, If I’m not wrong, he read some tweets where some people said he was too old for playing an angel. Then I don’t know if people noticed that, but Misha didn’t want photographer to take pics of him during panels. I’m sad about that because Misha is really a beautiful man. Inside and out.
In conclusion, anyway, believe Jensen loves Misha so much and he just wanted to help him.
Maybe I’m wrong and I’m delusional but these are my thoughts.

Okay everyone’s like “Why are you crying because of Cas? We all know Misha’s going to be in season 13” and I’m like “bitch, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I mean, I watched the character I loved the most getting killed in a way angels have never come back, and for all we know, Misha could appear in season 13 as a memory or a ghost or some shit the writers are going to pull up. So yeah, let me cry and scream and get upset because of Castiel’s death, okay????