hate me whatever haha

“Oh. I say!”  ~~

I really should have saved this for New Year’s, but I should paint Jeeves and Bertie more anyway, right? 

a-sea-of-fandoms  asked:

Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel my sweet angel of the Lord, Simon Neil the Scottish prince and Jason Momoa my Hawaiian God?! I know they're not all "characters" but whatevs. Haha :)


OK. Dont hate me. 

1) Dean Winchester. (that ones easy its the rest I’m gonna struggle with….)

2) Sam Winchester (even though he’s been not-in-my-good-books lately)

3) Simon Neil. My Scottish Prince. I love him dearly.

3) Castiel. Sweet angel of the lord. Precious cinnamon roll. I wanna wrap him in a blanket

3) Jason Momoa. That Hawaiian GOD. I love him. I want him to wrap me in a blanket.

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Well that was traumatic….

Send me 5 characters and I’ll rank them… or anything, I’m bored AF.


My Redbubble shirts arrived yesterday ~
It took a while for them but today my girlfriend gave them to me in school.
One is a gift from my girlfriend for my birthday and I bought the other one myself.