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Wow! You are really on a roll this week! I love it! Everytime I open your blog I find a new interesting meta! About people fixing on Kaneki doesn't Kaneki fix on people as well idealizing them to symbolize something in his mind? Like he did it with Rize Yamori Hide and probably Touka as well.

Yep, yep!

The simple answer is that Kaneki puts everybody into the “I want to protect them” box no matter how important to him they are. It’s something that keeps any one person from becoming too close to him, in case he ever were to lose them. It’s something that’s brought up to us in 120 penetration, and confirmed in 140, severed voice.

Canon even directly confirms that Kaneki has a bit of a psychological complex of conjuring up other people in his head. I don’t mean to armchair diagnose, so I don’t want to say exactly what it is, but if we follow his narration he basically conjures up other people to relate as symbols of part of himself. Rize was the person who represented his ghoul self to him, and Hide the person who represented his human self. Rize pushed him towards death, and Hide told him to live, but as Kaneki says at the end of the day this was all just his own voice he just used others as symbols for this. 

There’s a lot of meta on this subject as to what exactly this defense mechanism of his entails: 

Here’s my take on it from awhile ago. [x]

That is the concept of the Shadow, or the Shadow self.

In Jungian psychology, the shadow is the unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself.

@hysyartmaskstudio Found it closer to a narrative of Dissocation, or an Ego Defense mechanism

What I think we saw happening was that Kaneki couldn’t actually fulfill his own wish to go to sleep and dream a happy dream - not until Arima said what he said. Because “Kaneki,” or whatever version of Kaneki you want to call him - the Kaneki who decided to go to the Anteiku raid knowing or even hoping he would die, still had a purpose.

In Kaneki’s own shaky understanding of self, each new identity he forges, either conscious or unconscious, is forged with a specific function. And this one was to fight and protect people. And he couldn’t release that identity until Arima told him that everyone was dead.

When Arima told him there was no one to protect, there was no longer a purpose for that version of Kaneki.

I actually think that it’s possible that Kaneki is sort of stuck in a version of the mindscape sequence we see in 140 until this scene with Arima. That he doesn’t fully dissolve the way we see at the end of that chapter until this scene.

It definitely is a thing that occurs though. 


so I almost completely fucked up and ruined an entire friendship. almost. I hate middle school with a fiery passion and I hate gossip girls too. sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with those people, and then I realize I was never friends with them to begin with and they’re just a bunch of cunts who are obnoxious and incompetent. this is a main reason why I usually stick to hanging out with guys cause there’s no drama and bullshit and everything’s just chill and sharing memes. so I kept one friendship and am revoking two because they don’t deserve it in the first place. bunch of fake ass friends they are

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After much thought, and much beating up of myself, I am moving Fin into a state of semi-hiatus.  This is for my own physical and mental health.  I will still be around, and doing some replies, but most of my activity will probably be on endy-mixn.  For more information, look under the cut.  I don’t want to bore you all with the details if you do not want to read it.

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Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

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