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Some asshole: Why is Robert in every marvel movie? I hate him.


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Chris again:

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Stan Lee:

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Sebastian again:

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Anthony AND Sebastian (again):

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Mark, Scarlett, Chris, Chris AND Jeremy:

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“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”

hey listen it’s super great that /a lot/ of you like ray/saeran and care for him or whatever, but the fact is that i literally track one mysme tag (Jihyun Kim) /specifically/ so i dont have to see it, and yet all y'all do is fill that tag with V hate and Ray fanart. like real talk, could you just stop


pay the uswnt what they deserve

Join GOOB today!

So you all know that post I made about making a discord group? Y'know, the one for people who want to do stuff as late bloomers. Like drawing, singing, playing/composing music, etc. Well, it’s a bit of a rough start so far because I’m still trying to figure out how I want to organize the channels, but otherwise, the server is set up.

It’s called the “gathering of old beginners” aka GOOB. In this discord group, folks can pick up new skills or get back into something they used to do without worrying about their skill level being ‘too low for their age.’

So far we have…

Drawing/digital art/etc
Writing prose and poetry
Instrumental music and composition
Voice acting
Sewing, embroidery, knitting, etc.

It’s never too late! Learn alongside other goobers by sending me an instant message or an ask and receive an invite link!

It’s a zero judgement zone where we all exist to encourage each other, so please be careful about who you share the invite links with!

THIS IS A GROUP OF ADULTS. I am sorry younger people but this is an 18+ group! I am definitely considering one for teens who feel like they should have learned things at an earlier age but for now this is purely an adult group. 

you know what

Im down to do another tompocalypse on November 10th just so the tom tag isnt filled with annoying s/w//f//t fans just going on and on about tom like they know him because their fav wrote a terrible song about him

so if people are willing, im down for nov.10th to fill the tom tag with ACTUAL tom stuff.


WHATEVER, i dont care, as long as people going through that tag dont have to see another post talking about how this song is soooooo about him.

put your favorite pics of tom, your favorite fanfic stories, your favorite gifsets/videos FAVORITE MOVIE OF HIS I DONT CARE


whether you hate my guts or you like me i dont care. you can all participate in this tompocalypse as long as you dont start fighting other tom fans on how they participate and just mind your business in your own tompalooza.

Try to make it fun but most importantly be inclusive. if im willing to let people who have bad mouthed me and spread lies then you can allow some random blogger to laugh at a joke about toms hair or thin lips. Put on your adult pants and fucking act like one


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this is the second banner i made for this and it’s not good but we’ll go with it!

can you all believe this short, half-asian woman made it to 2k? I sure can’t. I am so incredibly grateful for everyone i’ve interacted with for the almost 7 months i’ve had this blog?! I’ve met some of the most incredible people on here who i consider family, my mutuals are the sweetest people ever, and i definitely wanted to make a follow forever for hitting 2k! thank you guys so much. I appreciate everyone who sends me asks, whether it’s for advice, or to just leave a really nice comment about me or my blog, it makes my day seriously, thank you for being so kind. 🌸💕

blacklist as ashs2kff if u dont wanna see rbs, mentions under the cut!

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i just have to tell you that i can't stop thinking about ron and cormac now cause of you THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • man 
  • ron and cormac
  • like i dont even think it would be hate sex i think it would be really awkward bro sex
  • broning
  • they would brone
  • like would cormac even take his snapback off????? probably not
  • would ron care????? no because he understands that the aesthetic is important and also that hat hair kind of sucks and ALSO that you don’t just stop being a chudley cannons stan because youre getting laid like
  • leave that snapback on cormac
  • the bro job will continue

the fandom is full of homophobic (micro)aggressions and racist fetishizations on top of all the anonymous “kill yourself” / jake stans getting attacked by anons but y’all are truly sleeping on the former 24/7 ! so can y’all at least try to be a little less transparent about not giving a shit about marginalized groups or just put in your description “i hate listening to anything minorities say” to save us the trouble of finding out unexpectedly you don’t give a shit about us lol

like it’s great you’re supporting those who have been unfairly targeted by a bunch of cowards afraid to face the consequences and they should be supported but can you maybe stop calling every word out of the mouth of lgbt fandom members “discourse” for asking to be treated like actual human beings when there’s members in the fandom who think “one time two gays on deviantart said they were gonna take me to a gay club” is a good reason to not give a shit about the brutal murders of gay people during pulse none of you have held accountable for their remarks

but stay #woke with your stupid “go fight the real fight” posts as if the internet is a void where your homophobia and racism don’t translate into real life and keep using tragedies as scapegoats to shut up minorities

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Why dont you tag bottomgraves in fics its annoying to be reading and then its not normal

Oops sorry if my fics seem to be missing anything. Like, to me, graves wanting to have a good time and let his boyfriend give him the good dick does not to me, qualify as a trigger. If someone A REAL PERSON not a cowardly anon, asks me to tag it like, and has a real reason, outside the ‘its a squick’ nonsense which i dont even care to get into, then maybe i’d think about it.

Mostly, nah. I want like, variety, and here i am, writing it for myself, and mostly not posting it because of whiny entitled shits like you. Go fuck yourself.

‘its not normal’

like ok im sorry is credo supposed to be fucked 24/7 for you to be happy?? Woops??? He’s not b/c a. Thats fucking boring and b. Thats not reality. Get the fuck off my blog thANKS!

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"ugly doctor/patient ship" holy shit you haters are disgusting, i wonder why i still use tumblr these days, anything thats not a homo relationship its trouble for tumblr people. i was totally disgusted seeing the amount of questions sent to mercy VA about pharmercy, like lmao sending shipping questions to VA is so pathetic, just fyi people would leave you alone if you could gtfo of gen/cy tag and shit with your hate xthx

im not in the gency tag u fucking moron you wanna talk about pathetic? someone hiding behind the anon feature to send anon hate to someone about pharmercy (TO WHICH I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT LMAO) bc they don’t like seeing valid criticism of their stale bread straight ship when all they gotta do is ignore it or just go to /tagged/gency, will yall grow up and stop whining and sending me anons to fuel ur pathetic ship war so gency will “ALWAYS BE SUPERIOR uwu”, ur so annoying

Zak: miss me?

Francis: Not a bit

 Have your friends and enemy support you and your ex-agent bf tho. 

Seriously I have this weird love-hate for this otp like I ship and I dont and i do it again :<

Um, excuse? When was this sudden “dont post ships on certain tags” a rule? Idc who made it up but. BOI unless you’re the leader of tumblr, im not listening to you. Unless you’re one of the youtubers i ship, I’m not listening to you bc in the end you’re just some random person on the internet so calm tf down your majesty. If you don’t ship, thats your problem not mine. If it bothers you so much then click on that button that says block dum dum. You’re not the boss of me I’ll post wherever i want, thank you. And plus for example if the post is about MINI LADD I’m gonna put it on MINI LADD bc that’s who he is, that’s who’s in the ship, and i have every right to put it there. So if you don’t like that, i could honestly care less what you think. Like i said the block button is there. Also tumblr is literally for shippers…this is are safe place. We already can’t post on youtube, twitter or anywhere else. Stop trying to make tumblr strict too. FUCK OFF. Oh you hate seeing stuff in the main tags? OH POOR YOU. GO CRY TO YOUR MOM ABOUT IT WHY DONT YA. Thank you and goodbye. Edit you can send me as many asks and reblog and etc as you want but my opinion isn’t changing. I’ll admit i was pretty harsh but im just being honest. Not my fault you can’t handle it..and don’t try to make me look like I’m saying I’m the leader or that everyone HAS to follow me, i clearly am aware people were gonna disagree, but this is my opinion on it. You annoying fucks always get to share your thoughts about it, so i just shared mine. You guys are acting like i said the worst thing ever xDD. So sad.