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I hate love you - 9

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Warning: non graphic, light mentioning of shooting and blood, slight and not graphic but if you are uncomfortable do not read the second part.


“Tikki, can you hurry up? We don’t have a lot of time.”

“I’m trying my best, Plagg. She’ll wake up soon. Be quiet or someone will hear us.”

Marinette felt something hot and tiny touching her head, a lukewarm sensation spreading from her temples down her spine and into her limbs, burning at the earlobes of her ears and the ring finger of her left hand. Dull, persistent throbbing started to pound in her right shoulder causing her to frown and groan in pain.

“Shush,” – she felt immediately a light touch against her lips. “Please, quieter, Mari. We mustn’t wake your father up right now,” – she heard an unmistakably familiar voice. Struggling slightly the girl lifted her heavy eyelids and through the blur of darkness stared at two floating creatures before her.

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I'm taking a stand for what I want for once

To all my followers, you all should know by now that I am currently Votron trash and I write fan fiction and that my favorite voltron ship is shidge.

I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable if you don’t like that ship. I have no intentions in ever supporting pedophilia. But I will still ship it and will continue to do so until the actual Official Confirmation of their ages are out (you think I’m just going to believe what the creators said in a grubby short video? Creators of shows say a lot of things to keep fans on their toes. Just look at Hawkdaddy Thomas Astruc. He’s the biggest troller I know).

For now and later on, my Pidge is 16/17 and my Shiro is 19.

I had plenty of stories outlined that I plan on posting and it would be a waste for them to never see the light of day. However, I will not be posting them on Tumblr since there are blogs dedicated to hating ships (c'mon stop the hate)

So if you don’t like seeing this particulate ship, feel free to unfollow me. I will miss you but I won’t stop you from wanting to leave because of my ships and sorry for making you feel that way.

Just please don’t send hate messages to anyone or anything.

Spread love not hate.

And to all the shidge shippers out there, I will not be abandoning ship. I will be posting fanfiction and yes there will be shidge.

Don’t give up on this ship because I’m not giving up on it.