hate i hate you

Your eyes aren’t even blue but yet, they still remind me of the ocean.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #74
  • me, two weeks ago, seeing hate in the ship tag: I'm a bad person and I should be ashamed, everyone rightfully hates me
  • me, now: fuck off losers

Imagine the boys teasing Woozi for not being able to keep his hands to himself when he’s around you despite him being known as “the member who hates skinship”.

There aren’t enough kind and beautiful words in the English language that I could come up with to express how much I treasure and value each one of you.

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anonymous asked:

miyakuli, could you please stop being so triggered and ruining this person's art just because you think you're helping out? you're not. You're just trying to look good. You never stop to think what they meant, maybe it's their own official art they meant. Just because it's not official art, stop making it look like it's bad to reblog this. People can reblog anything they want to and you're in no position to tell them," omg, this isn't official! people are being tricked! Please shut up. stop it.

I was in contact with the artist just yesterday, they don’t allow any reposts on tumblr, especially without any credits like this. So I’m not sorry to not ignore a post with 2000 reblogs, uncredited, from an artist who clearly didn’t allow it.

I’m not the kind of person like “oh I recognize this, the artist told me it wasn’t ok, oh ok well poor them now it is reposted and I will do as if I saw nothing LOL”

@the-humerus-skeleton​ A gift to Vanilla

(˘̭⺫˘̭ ;) Originally… I wasn’t going to post this because 1 I wasn’t really that done with my gift (Cause my tablet crapped out on me) and 2 I feel like it looks like a certain someone else’s art. Well I hope it looks ok!

Sanei and Vanilla belong to Sanei

Sherlock belongs to @kazefiend