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Why do you refer to American Sniper as hate-mongering? Because the film is about fighting in a war-zone in the Middle East? Not sure why it bothers you so much

For sooooo many reasons my friend. But where to start?!

Well, as waltass recently said:

Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in US history

  • He killed over 200 people singlehandedly
  • In his book, Kyle clearly states that he thought the enemies were savages and despicably evil
  • he thought killing was “fun”
  • “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis.”
  • He stated he regrets that he didn’t kill more people
  • Kyle was a hate filled KILLER 
  • “ much of the US right wing appears to have seized upon Sniper with similarly shallow comprehension – treating it with the same unconsidered, rah-rah reverence that they would the national anthem or the flag itself. Only a few weeks into its release, the film has been flattened into a symbol to serve the interests of an ideology that, arguably, runs counter to the ethos of the film itself. ” eastwood let this happen. he painted the film in grey. IT WASNT GREY. ITS WRONG. CHRIS KYLE WAS WRONG. HE SHOULD HAVE PORTRAYED THAT CLEAR AS DAY. HE DECIDED NOT TO.
  • bottomline he killed women, children, and men and is being fucking defended


And I found this nasty excerpt from Chris Kyle’s book last night on twitter:

I know a lot of ppl are gonna come at me saying shit like “Well he was a SEAL and needed to be this way” and I’m gonna look you straight in the eye and tell you that’s irrelevant. I object not to the fact that such ppl exist to be depicted. I object to HOW this particular man was depicted at this particular time in history as a fucking hero. As though white ppl killing Brown ppl and calling them “savages” is ever okay, but especially now!?!? I mean, REALLY?!?!?!? WE SEE YOU!!!!

Yeah this is not a word to be applied to human beings, EVER! It’s literally DEhumanizing. But watching this movie, you would certainly get the impression that all of this dehumanizing, murderous, racist, and generally islamophobic shit was great. This is why I call this movie Hate Mongering. It is the very definition of hate propoganda:

The fact that the movie relies on depictions of murder and hate for sales without any critical thought about them is problematic and needs calling out. And I am not saying that the law should stop ppl from making shit like this. I am saying that ppl should be better on their own. THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER. And when they aren’t better than this, they will have to face the criticism and consequences of their actions. Maybe if they know this shit won’t fly, they will stop making it.

So, this is kinda the story. I’m pretty sure there are more reasons that I’m forgetting atm but I figure I’ve made my point. If anyone else wants to add to this, I’d be ecstatic. Cheers!

Listen up phake phucks

Kyla is really so fucking gorgeous and she holds so much talent.  She’s fucking 15 years old.  Y’all really get off on treating a child like this?? Because that’s what she is.  No matter if she’s an idol or not, she’s a damn child.  She went through a lot at a young age and she deserves praise and support at this time in her life.  Istg I hate you nasty hate mongering fucks.  Just say you hate beauty and leave.

Concept: Education worldwide teaches the acceptance of all ethical relationship types- both monogamous and non, queer and hetero- people are happy and free to identify as they wish and are supported in their journey to becoming comfortable in their own skin. 

tumblr in a nutshell:

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Let’s not let free speech be a disguise for hate, islamaphobia, and fear mongering. I in no way condone violence, and truly see the attack on Charlie Hebdo to be an act of terrorism. But, please let’s stop ignoring the racist portrayal of Muslims from many Charlie Hebdo cartoons. I believe in freedom of speech, and will defend to my death the magazine’s right to print those cartoons, but that doesn’t mean I’m not horrified by their existence.

Just sayin’ @starf0lk is a vindictive and hateful person who openly shames people for their hobbies. She refused to have a decent conversation with me, and continues to be spiteful. 

entrochic  asked:

gimme a scarlet witch pitch

i thought about this one in particular as i was heading out.

Wanda Maximoff has had a pretty fucked up life - which isn’t to say that other superheroes haven’t, but it seems whenever Wanda picks herself back up, something comes to kick the ground out from underneath her, and she has to rebuild all over again - often, seemingly, by herself. her personality often tends to have her introverted, even when stepping up to the plate and taking the lead on a team or a mission. she can often keep to herself, and, for good or ill, tries to work out things inside of herself on her own. a hero who dives inwards instead of outwards.

for Wanda, i would make a slower paced comic that is deeply focused on character and internal conflicts, with a few key themes: rebuilding the self and struggling against depression, what our families are and what they mean to us if anything, and what do you do as a middle aged superhero.

the basic premise is this: wanda acknowledges that she has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and a lot of things on her mind, some or even much of it toxic and draining, and, increasingly, doesn’t feel like she has any kind of rock or stable ground to rely on. and that if she doesn’t start rebuilding again, if she doesn’t start reaching out for someone to support her, the days where she feels like she can’t get out of bed, for lack of energy, or for a growing dislike of herself, are just going to get more common and more intense. and finding places in the Avengers, a group that is more and more on constant missions and having very little downtime, to let this stress out and unshield herself, is getting rarer.

so Wanda decides to build her own support group. a place where she can speak honestly about what’s troubling her, and working out all the fears or dislike swirling around in her stomach and mind, in an attempt to get stronger, to build back up, and, hopefully, not have the ground kicked out from underneath her again. a place for superheroes with problems that can’t be solved by punching, and where they can talk about it, talk about themselves.

the long-term arc is Wanda working through these doubts, anxieties, fears, hate, and even outright depression. bit by it, arc by arc, gathering that strength and support to be better again. like i said, this would be a slower paced, more character focused story. less push on plot and action, more on character development and dialog. fitting for Wanda, i think.

more details after the cut!

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