hate hate mongers

Concept: Education worldwide teaches the acceptance of all ethical relationship types- both monogamous and non, queer and hetero- people are happy and free to identify as they wish and are supported in their journey to becoming comfortable in their own skin. 

Let’s not let free speech be a disguise for hate, islamaphobia, and fear mongering. I in no way condone violence, and truly see the attack on Charlie Hebdo to be an act of terrorism. But, please let’s stop ignoring the racist portrayal of Muslims from many Charlie Hebdo cartoons. I believe in freedom of speech, and will defend to my death the magazine’s right to print those cartoons, but that doesn’t mean I’m not horrified by their existence.

Just sayin’ @starf0lk is a vindictive and hateful person who openly shames people for their hobbies. She refused to have a decent conversation with me, and continues to be spiteful. 

Ok I need to get this out now because seeing all this nervous flailing is bringing me the hell down. IT IS NOT A DEFINITE THING THAT OUAT WILL BE CANCELLED AFTER SEASON 6. I love Jen as much as the next person but I don’t think that she knows for sure if OUAT is being canceled or not, this is just her prediction. This isn’t ABC or Adam and Eddy saying that it will be cancelled, it’s an actresses opinion and prediction and we shouldn’t take it as absolute fact. 

By all means yes watch the show live or record it and watch the commercials but let’s stop these fear mongering statements of “ZOMG OUAT IS DEFINITELY GETTING CANCELLED AFTER NEXT SEASON ALL BECAUSE ONE PERSON SAID SO D:” The ratings have been consistent and OUAT is one of ABC’s most popular dramas (possibly their most popular? Idk i’d have to check) but it’s consistently in the top five or top ten ratings slots for Sunday nights. The cast and crew seem to all love working together so no one is making threats to leave the show anytime soon. So let’s all take a deep calming breath and RELAX!