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Falsettos Libretto Excerpts ( pt. 1 / ? )

( There’s a thirty-measure interlude during which anything can happen. )

Chapter35 probably

*seungbae talking*
*seungbae angry*
*seungbae talking nonsense*
* detective lee worried*
* papa kwak angry*
*seungbae in shook*
*seungbae being dramatic*
*bum crying*
*seungbae yelling*
*more seungbae*
*more seungbae*
*more seungbae*
*Bum is finally about to meet sangwoo*
*chapter ends*
Koogi: see you next season tehe 👅💕

Oops, I accidentally posted a diatribe on my friend’s status about why the NFL players kneeling during the anthem is actually a beautiful thing because it’s democracy in action and that’s the kind of liberty the flag stands for.

I mean, my hand slipped.

anonymous asked:

aleena ur the only one i trust to say this bc u already said it but i really especially hate people being mean to kihyun out of jokes like calling him a demon and all that maybe im just a sensitive kibebe but he really gets it the most within the fandom? like i get the whole oh wow he's so gorgeous n i gotta cope with it somehow but have u considered shutting the fuck up or not continously acting like that when is any of that shit ok in any circumstance. im so tired

ksdjfisefjisdf LISTEN… BIG AGREE…. i feel like im being a sensitive kibebe too complaining about this all the time but i just :-( it really makes me upset seeing people calling kihyun a demon, satan, the devil, a snake, etc… especially when it’s for no reason. and a while ago he was on vlive and ppl were commenting those things in the chat and i was like?? wtf… to hear that from monbebes… makes me :-( i mean ig i can understand if it’s like a situation where it makes sense (ie. when changkyun choked on that ?? powder stuff ??? sdjfsd on no mercy) but people literally say it at everything, even if he’s standing there.. even if he’s not even talking.. i never wanna see “oh he’s actually kind of cute when he’s not being a demon” ever again :/ AND GOD OKAY BIG MOOD…. i know he’s gorgeous and the hottest boy in the world but i don’t get why ppl think like?? its funny to call him names when he’s bein rude or whatever… is it more important to be funny on ur blog or to respect kihyun like??? this also happens a lot to minhyuk (all of the same names ppl call kihyun they also say about mh :/) and wonho (wonh*e, and apparently its a thing to call him a fuckboy??) idk… i just feel like we shouldn’t be saying those things bc we’re Strangers we don’t know them and we aren’t entitled to,, like im always bullying my friends but KJDFKS they’re my Friends… i know them… its different with mx u know?? they’re so kind, so respectful, so thankful to monbebes, they do everything for us, and the least we can do is at least be kind, respectful, and thankful to them as well. but maybe im just a overly sensitive kibebe :-(