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PSA to anyone taking photos at conventions

Mostly directed at people taking photos of cosplayers, but still applies to all.

- If a cosplayer is posing for another photographer, ask both the cosplayer and photographer if you can take a photo before doing so. Sniping is rude to everyone involved.

- In general, do not take photos of anyone without asking them first. If you ask them, they will pose (or say no). They almost definitely do not want that photo of them on the phone/talking to friends/eating a sandwich to exist anywhere. In any other situation it would be considered rude to take photos of strangers without consent, why are conventions any different??

- If you absolutely must take candids, show the subject of the photo afterwards. Ask them if they’re cool with it. If they ask you to delete it, do so. 

- It really shouldn’t need to be said, but don’t stand on a balcony/under the stairs and take perv shots. Just. No. Stop.

- As a general rule, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable showing the subject of the picture the photo you just took, do not take the photo

Just be polite and respectful, people. It’s really not that hard, and cosplayers are there to enjoy the convention the same as you are. We aren’t there for your entertainment. 


Koko-Sweet’s Adventures at AX: Day 3

Day 3 was a total blast for yours truly. I went to two gatherings(in which I would post the photos separately), and I went as Korra from Book 4 of LOK. Everybody asked me for a photo and I met some old friends through out my journey. I found again Bill.

I even found a Loki cosplayer who was a total sweetie, but I don’t know his name. If anybody here knows the Loki cosplayer in the 6th and 7th pictures, holla at me. DustBunny was very sweet, and everytime I see her on all 4 day, I always call her Bunnyface. And the Manolo and Maria cosplayers in the last photo were really nice, and I helped them find the Book of Life gathering and it’s time schedule. Once again, if you’re the cosplayers in the photos, reply to me. Now, onto the gathering photos.