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'Oh no.'

‘Oh no.’

Tucker hadn’t meant for this to happen. Honestly his tight ass would have paid any amount of money in the world to PREVENT this from happening.

But it had happened. He had looked over at his life long best friend sleeping against his shoulder and had been struck by the very INTIMATE urge to kiss him on his adorable little freckled nose.

This wasn’t a good thing, because said best friend’s GIRLFRIEND was sleeping against his OTHER shoulder, and every time her hair fell across her face he had to nearly bite his own fingers to stop himself from brushing her fringe aside out of her long lashed eyes.

The three of them had sat down for a movie at Sam’s place, it was one of those few calm nights where the ghosts were chilling in the Zone and NOT causing any trouble for once. Danny was absolutely delighted to spend the night with his friends doing something that DIDN’T involve ghosts.

The two lovebirds had sat beside one another on the lounge, holding hands and being, quite frankly, UNBEARABLY adorable. Tucker warned them that he’d sit on them if they didn’t stop being so mushy and things predictably escalated until they were all but a tangle of goofy limbs hanging precariously off the two seater lounge.

By the time Tucker awoke it was late morning and he was seated firmly between Sam and Danny, both having cuddled right up to him in the night, his left arm was warm under Sam’s weight, but his entire right side was borderline numb beneath Danny’s clinging arms. Boy was a leach, he had always been clingy when they shared beds as kids but back then he didn’t have a big ol’ chunk of freezing cold ectoplasm sitting pretty in his chest.

But cold be damned Tucker was squished up with BOTH his crushes practically sleeping on top of him, no force on Earth or in the Zone could possibly make him move right now. He was staying right here where he could stew in his delight and guilt for the rest of eternity.

Until Danny stirred and an arm pressed against his bladder. Heck. He needed to pee, like, really REALLY needed to pee.

Tucker stayed nestled up in the cuddle pile for as long as he could stand it before heaving a sigh so heavy even Thor couldn’t lift it. Somehow he managed to wrangle himself out without waking either of his friends and he waddled to the bathroom to relieve himself.

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as he stood in the cold tiled room. Why. No seriously, WHY. How in the fresh hell did he manage to fall head over heels not only for ONE of his best friends, but BOTH of them, and to top it off they were both DATING each other. He literally could not have picked a worse scenario.

He could wake up one morning with 'Bad Luck Tuck’ tattooed to his forehead and he still couldn’t possibly feel more unlucky than he did in this instant.

It took all of his willpower not to always end his and Sam’s constant meat vs vegan fights by smooching her on those enticingly smooth cheekbones, and Danny was even WORSE. Every time that asshole so much as SMILED Tucker’s heart would start thumping like it was trying to put him into cardiac arrest, it was just all those freckles and that little chip in his tooth and-

Oh God stooooop. He needed to stop, he needed to stop right the heck now before he became the first human being to pass out from overexposure to adorkableness. Honestly? Fuck his friends for being so cute. This was all their fault, they could at least have considered his feelings before growing up to be so adorably kissable.

He’d tried so hard to deny it to himself, he tried SO hard to fall back out of love with them but after waking up that morning nestled between those two precious asshats he realised that he had lost this battle, and he had lost it HARD.

But, at the very least, living with a superhero as your best friend taught you some pretty useful life skills. One of those skills being how to Lie Like a Motherfucker to Everyone You Care About. So without further ado Tucker washed his hands, took a moment to stare his lovestruck gaze away in the mirror, and went back out to throw a shoe at his best friend’s head for making his arm numb through the night.

He loved his friends, he loved them with everything he had and that was why he could never tell them how he felt.


'Oh no.’

Sam was honestly pissed, no scratch that, she was more than pissed. She was FURIOUS. Her rage burned with the intensity of her mother’s artificially whitened teeth, and she couldn’t even take it out on anyone, because the focus of her ire was her own stupid stupid brain.

She had always been equally close to both of her friends, in fact she had only very rarely hung out with one or the other alone, and every time she did it felt just… so uncomfortable. It took a long time to really sort out what that feeling was, but even when she did it made no sense.

It was GUILT, she felt GUILTY. Why did she feel guilty? Danny and Tucker sometimes hung out together without her, and that was fine, she was fine with it, they’d been friends since before she came along, but why couldn’t she do the same?

Every time one of them was over her house without the other it almost felt like she was cheating on someone, and that only got MORE disturbing after she and Danny started dating. Because suddenly? It very well COULD have been cheating.

But it wasn’t. And she kept telling herself it wasn’t. She had never kissed Tucker while she and Danny were dating. They had never even held hands.

But God damn, the realisation that had just struck her was enough to make her want to slap herself for ever becoming such a cliché piece of romance movie tripe.

She had just been sitting there, sipping on her smoothie when Tucker did that Thing. She hated that Thing. That Thing where he’d say something that he knew full well was the vocal equivalent of a tumblr shitpost but he ALSO knew she’d found it fucking hilarious and while she tried her damnedest not to let a smile loose he’d send her a big shit eating grin that made her stomach roll and her tongue feel dry. Yeah, THAT Thing.

She was crushing on Tucker, she was crushing on Tucker so hard. She was head over heels for her best friend, her BOYFRIEND’S best friend. Literally EVERYTHING about this situation was the reason she hated 90% of the movies she ever saw. Love triangles were the worst plague fiction had ever suffered and suddenly she realised it had spread it’s nasty little friendship killing tendrils into her life.

She was determined, however, not to fall into the awful trap that so many would think was inevitable, and she did so by keeping her mouth firmly shut about it. She had the willpower to go face to face against ghosts twice her size, and had been through more than one bout of emotional and mental manipulation by others of the ghostly kind. She was not about to lose this battle with herself and destroy not only her relationship, but also the much more valuable friendship she held with both boys.

Sam got up and gathered everyone’s Nasty Burger food scraps to throw into the bin, taking the brief moment to let her face twist in grief over what she’d have to do. With the rubbish gone and her resolve hardened, she slathered her face in smiles and ease, walking back to the table and acting with the skill and grace of someone who had been lying to protect her best-friend-turned-boyfriend for years. Her true feelings shoved somewhere deep between a pit of self-loathing and the core of her love for the boys she cared more about than anyone on this earth, including herself.


'Oh no.’

Danny was in trouble. Danny was in so so so so SO much trouble.

Honestly? At first he hadn’t even realised he was doing it, Tucker had been his friend for such a long time, it had only seemed natural to invite him out everywhere when he and Sam made plans. But Danny was starting to realise the tension it was causing.

Neither of them said anything but sometimes Danny could pick up on… something. Of course he knew what it was, since he’d started officially dating Sam, Tucker had become somewhat of a third wheel.

Danny had never considered his friend to be out of place or unwanted, but he wasn’t sure Sam felt the same way. Maybe she wanted it just to be the two of them, maybe she just wanted some alone time with her boyfriend. She wouldn’t say anything, Danny figured she didn’t want to seem clingy or harsh but, why else would things suddenly start feeling so… weird?

He tried to make the effort to go on at least a couple dates with Sam without inviting Tucker, but honestly he just couldn’t help but think something was missing, and it really didn’t seem to be helping with Sam’s tension. She tried to hide it, she really did, and it wasn’t as though she was bad at it, Danny just knew her too well. Her and Tucker, he was hiding something too.

And Danny was starting to think he knew what it was. They had NOTICED.

He thought he was doing such a good job keeping his feelings from being too obvious, he was used to acting differently around certain people by now (having an alter ego did that to a guy), but obviously his friends knew him too well.

It might have been the touching, yep, yep it definitely could have been the touching. Danny was an extremely touchy person and his gentle caresses and nuzzles weren’t particularly picky about which friend received them. He definitely remembered a time when he straight up snuggled his face right into Tucker’s neck during what was probably an EXTREMELY un-platonic hug.

Other events on the 'Danny is a two timing doofus’ calendar included:

'Holding hands with both Sam AND Tucker while walking down the street.’

'Very delicately running his fingers over Tucker’s leg one time when he’d thrown them on Danny’s lap and honestly there was absolutely nothing heterosexual about that moment.’

'Every time Tucker laughed so hard he snorted Danny thought his heart would straight up melt into a puddle of goo, and then SAM would start doing that super adorable giggle that she was really self conscious of and her trying not to laugh made her pull this fACE and Tucker would lose his mind and start snorting all over again and-’

Danny had to stop himself right there before his heart completely dissolved because for the love of the Ancients his friends were both way too hecking precious for their own good and he loved them, he loved them sooo much. He loved them both.

And they probably knew it.

And boy that meant he was in deep trouble.

Would Sam break up with him? Would this ruin their friendship? Nobody was SAYING anything but Danny knew that stewing over something like this was just going to lead to an explosion of awkward raging teen angst worthy of a place on an MCR album.

If they weren’t gonna bring it up then Danny would just have to… get it out of the way.

Oh boy, he did not want to do this, nuh uh, no sir, he did not want to be standing in his bedroom shifting uncomfortably before his two beautiful, patient, wonderful friends. He would have loved to be sitting BETWEEN them however he deemed such a position to be quite, how the professionals would say, INA-FUCKING-PROPRIATE considering the subject at hand.

No, standing in front of them was slightly better, only slightly because Danny felt like an absolute nervous piece of half human trash. Maybe he could just jump out the window and throw himself into a dumpster, that would speed things along. He would probably end up there by the end of this conversation anyway.

He decided to just do it, stop beating around the blood blossom bush and just get it DONE. Unfortunately Danny hadn’t practiced what he was going to say beforehand, so when he finally resolved to just blurt it all out he literally did… just that.


By the time his brain caught up to his words his dumpster diving plan was sounding significantly more appealing. There was probably some kind of banana skin pun he could have used there but he was far too stressed to figure it out.

Tucker didn’t respond, he appeared to be trying to bury his face into his hat. A kind of wheezing noise was coming out of him, Danny couldn’t tell if it was a good sound or a bad sound. Sam let out a long breath that whistled between her lip piercings.

“Holy shit me too.”

The Tucker sound continued, raising to a nearly imperceptible level. Danny was just beginning to think it might have been a Bad sound when Tucker pulled his face back into the world, his glasses were all fogged up but he stopped making the noise.

Sam and Danny both waited for him to say actual words but Tucker.exe seemed to have stopped working. Once he’d gained his breath he was back to wheezing into his hat. Sam hesitantly put a hand on his back.

“Are you actually okay or are you like, dying?”

Muffled words were said into the hat, none of which could be repeated around children. Danny was juuuust about to start attempting to will himself into spontaneous combustion when he recognised a very distinct sound emanating from the hat.

Snorting, Tucker was snorting like a god damn pig. Danny’s shaky legs gave out below him and he sat on the floor, shoving his face into the carpet as he laughed along with his best friend. He didn’t know what was happening right now, but he was Having Emotions and the floor just seemed like the right place for that.

Also he needed to look somewhere that wasn’t Sam. She was trying not to laugh and she was pulling That Face and Danny just couldn’t handle it right now and really the floor was great why didn’t he spend more time here.

Tucker felt as though he was finally ready to leave the comforting world of Hat Land and face the unbeLIEVABLE realisation that all of his dreams had just come true in a ten second span of time, he felt like he had just been blessed by the gods, his skin was clear, his crops were flourishing and world peace had been established. Today was a good day to start ugly sobbing in front of the two most important people in his life.

“I love both you guys too!!” Tucker half laughed, half cried, and then just straight up cried, “I’ve wa-wanted to smooch you both sooo bad for like, MONTHS!”

The moment his snorting turned to sobbing he was immediately accosted by a pair of equally snotty emotional wrecks. Danny, still on the floor, had plopped his head on Tucker’s lap and just started balling his eyes out, like he was really going for gold in 'Most Tears Shed on One Lap’. Sam, on the other hand, had commandeered Tucker’s upper half for a simple bone breaking, teary hug.

The next few hours were just chock full of used tissues, an inappropriate amount of snacks and some deep, heartfelt discussions about what the fuck their relationship was gonna be.

Honestly they were just happy to be so open and at ease with one another again, the sun poured into Danny’s bedroom window as the three of them dozed in the warm pool of light. Laying across one another, their imagined boundaries finally broken, they could finally talk shit about each other for making them feel so mushy.


“Oh NO.”

Paulina said out loud at the scene before her. Those three dorks were sitting together at their usual lunch table, all bunched up ridiculously close together and if she wasn’t mistaken she had just seen Danny turn around and KISS TUCKER ON THE MOUTH while Sam, his GIRLFRIEND, just watched?!

“Oh yes.” Star deadpanned, not seeming too fazed by the weirdness happening before her.

“I didn’t think those three could get any more confusing, but I have no idea what’s happening over there right now.” Paulina sat back in her chair, arms crossed.

“Really?” Star raised an eyebrow. “You seriously didn’t see this coming? Those three,” she pointed with a delicately painted pink nail, “have been perfect polygamy material for like, three years.”

“Perfect what material?” Paulina’s face was all scrunched up in confusion, her little nose wrinkled up and her lips pursed in just the cutest little pout-

Star’s stomach fluttered alarmingly.

'Oh no.’

To The Bone: Review

~ obviously this will contain some spoilers ~ 

So I just finished To The Bone… and I thought the overall ED portrayal was good, and Lily Collins is an amazing actress, so I can’t fault her at all. 

But I really disliked the movie overall, the Luke character was so cringeworthy I honestly couldn’t even stand him, pretty much every time he opened his mouth I couldn’t wait until he closed it. I mean I’m appreciative of the fact that they had a male with an ED like yes, good awareness and all, but some of the things he said.. and the relationship with Ellen/Eli was so unnecessary. 

I think the movie would’ve been a lot more of a success (to me, anyway) if that never happened. Have the movie focus on the eating disorders, not on boy meets girl, and boy professing his love after knowing her for barely a couple weeks and shoving all his problems on her like oh poor me and my knee, you can’t leave now! screw your needs, I need you, ignore the fact that I know barely anything about you.. but you’re my everything now. 

I fucking hate that. Make a movie about a mental illness, and focus on that. The movie should’ve just been Ellen/Eli coming to terms with her illness, and I know friends/relationships are an important part in recovery but somebody else cannot save you, fix you or cure you from a mental illness. They can support you, but I’m sick of movies/shows like these having boy meet girl, and suddenly everything being right in the world. I would’ve liked it so much more if they just became amazingly close best friends or some shit who supported each other throughout their EDs instead of the weirdly, unneeded, forced romantic relationship that occurred. 

(Also some of the shit that he said.. if you said half of that to me I’d probably punch you in the face.. like those weirdly sexual questions? dude chill out) 

Just my thoughts anyway, obviously I don’t speak for everyone, if you liked the movie then that’s cool. 

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So a local TV station plays The Curse every few days. How do you feel about that movie?

I hate everything about it.

It ruined any momentum I had coming out of Stand By Me, and turned me from a promising young actor into a flavor of the moment, as far as the industry was concerned. 

It was a terrible, painful, abusive experience for me. 

I didn’t want to do the movie, but I was 13, and the people who should have been looking out for me were looking out for themselves.

The release of the Lego Ninjago Movie trailer is coming soon, and will ceratinly generate quite a reaction. But to make sure a discourse doesn’t start, remember these tips when posting your thoughts on the trailer once it releases:

- Even if lots of people dislike it, don’t be afraid to praise it as much as you want if you like it.
- You are allowed to hate it but when expressing your hatred, try to do so in a calm manner.
- When criticizing it, don’t forgot to mention something you like about it too so that you can seem fair.
- Remember that if you love the trailer, that’s great! Don’t feel ashamed!
- If you dislike the trailer, that’s fine!
- Remember that if you hate everything the movie stands for, don’t worry too much about it. You can just not watch it, and focus on continuing to enjoy the Ninjago cartoon as if the movie never happened.
- If it helps, remember that the movie is a different canon / alternate universe and don’t take it too seriously. Heck, you can even pretend it’s whole new characters if that makes you feel better.
- Don’t shame people for their opinions, whether they love or hate the trailer.

(Note: The trailer isn’t out yet, this is just advice for when the trailer actually does release).

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I admire your blog a lot and since I am only now starting to read the books and just joined the fandom, can I ask why you don't like Emma Watson? I am just curious because growing up, the movies were all I had. It's fine if you don't want to answer, I was just curious. Thank you!

i am very sorry if you took offense to my salt, friend! i really never wanted to make anyone feel uncomfortable or upset or make you feel like something you enjoyed was wrong! 

i will explain a bit more about my issues with the movies. because, as i see it, a lot of the problems stem from the portrayal of hermione and emma ( again, as i understand ) played an influential part in shaving off some of the traits i love about her.

there have been a lot of great posts on the subject that i will happily link once i locate them but basically the problem boils down to this - in trying to make hermione a Strong Female the movies robbed her of every trait that made her an interesting character. taking away the negative traits, the weak moments of a person doesn’t manage to make them strong, it ends up dehumanizing them. it especially worked against a major point that i always loved about the dynamic between the trio which is that they NEED each other. they work well as a team because, together, they balance each other out. hermione was given harry’s ability to think quickly, ron’s - well basically his everything. it didn’t leave them with much to be interesting characters on their own. 

it’s this idea that she needed to be free of her emotional outbursts, her hyper-logical thinking, and her lack of social grace in order to be strong that i found really irritating. they turned her into supergirl and didn’t realize that all she ever needed to be was hermione granger to be cool as fuck. 

Tumblr and Representation

When it comes to tumblr and representation, it reminds me a lot of that story of the christian woman who asked if the bible was being sold at the book shop in the airport. She got angry when she found out they didn’t sell the bible, but when the guy who worked at the shop asked if she was going to buy the bible, she said she wasn’t. She was just making sure if they sold the bible or not. 

That’s what tumblr is. Tumblr is that white christian lady who gets angry when the book store doesn’t sell the bible, yet if the bible were offered, they wouldn’t take it. They beg for representation and when it’s being handed to them they completely ignore it in favor of something else.

One big example is with Marvel. Everyone on Tumblr was clamoring at Marvel for not giving proper representation in their movies. White guy after white guy has been casted back to back. The women of their universe were pushed to the background and relegated to love interest roles. And with all that clamoring and all that anger, all of you still went out of your way to give them your money, to give them your support, to over analyze every interaction and laud Marvel for their brilliance when really they’re just pushing the same formula down our throats and have been for the past 11 movies. Everyone is so fixated on the lack of representation in Marvel yet completely ignore the representation that is being showed elsewhere. And this is where DC comes in.

With the start of the DC Extended Universe, WB, DC, and Zack Snyder have gone out of their way to provide representation within their universe. We will finally get a female led superhero movie. Half of the Justice League is POC. They have a native Hawaiian playing Aquaman, they have Cyborg, they casted a jewish man as the Flash, an Israeli as Wonder Woman, and they will feature John Stewart as the Green Lantern. Wonder Woman is coming out in 2017, and she already made her appearance in Batman v Superman. The Suicide Squad also features Will Smith, Viola Davis, Jay Hernandez, Karen Fukuhara, and so on. DC doesn’t just provide representation in their movies, but in their TV shows too with POC and with LGBTQ as well. The fact that there is more representation in one DC TV show then there is with all of the MCU is astounding. 

And what’s even more astounding is the fact that Tumblr will go out of their way to completely ignore this representation. We have all of these great shows with great writing. They address issues that minorities deal with, POC and LGBTQ aren’t used as props. They’re not used as their token minority that so many studios feel the obligation to have. They are genuine characters that provide to the story. 

Now that DC has launched their extended universe with Batman v Superman, it was met with so much negativity. What everyone on here fails to understand is that the negativity isn’t coming from the fans and the casual movie goers, but from the critics who have been outright slandering this movie since they first announced it at Comic Con 3 years ago. These are the very same critics that praised Age of Ultron for its phenomenal story line when in reality, it was met with a lot of backlash from the fans. These are the same critics that praised Joss Whedon for relegating Black Widow into nothing more than a casual romance, just so the Hulk can experience his man pain. These are the same critics that praised Iron Man 3 for it’s fantastic story, when yet again, it was met with so much backlash from the general public. Now ask yourself, are these the critics you’re going to trust. These very same critics that have praised everything you hated about the movie?

Batman v Superman isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to be family friendly. What it is meant to be is an exploration on humanity. How far will a person go to protect the one’s they love? How much power is too much power? Is there a possibility that the person everyone can trust on can suddenly turn their back on them? This story deals with how people manage loss, destruction, helplessness. There’s nothing funny about that. There’s nothing funny about dealing with the repercussions of death and destruction. 

The DCEU is something that we need. We will finally be gaining representation that Marvel has denied us over and over again. Think about this the next time you decide to listen to the critics. Think about this the next time you see another photo set or text post on why Marvel is the best and DC sucks.Because agreeing to them is acquiescing to the idea that we don’t deserve representation. That we’ll be perfectly fine with seeing another 15 more movies where it’s the straight white male who’s the hero and the token black character and female character who will be pushed to the side. That’s what you’re agreeing to when you watch those movies. That’s what you’re agreeing to when you slander the ones who are willing to offer you representation. 

Don’t ask for representation only to reject it when it’s shown. If you want representation, then support the people who give representation.


Instead of giving you an actual movie review, I’m just gonna list the things in this movie that I fucking hate!!!!!! Everything about this movie is just awful!!!!!! 🤢🤢🤢


-These “main characters” (Gene, Jailbreak, and HI-5) designs are some of the most simplistic character designs I’ve ever seen in movies!!! I don’t blame the animators because the material they were given was fucking atrocious!!!! The story is very nonsensical!!!!

-Actually, there is no story!!!!! Even if the movie wanted to portray the message of being yourself, at least make it interesting. Wreck it Ralph is about how you should never change who you are just because someone told you so, you being you is awesome!!!! Lego movie is about being “special” no matter what and is also about a relationship between a father and son. Inside out tells us that it’s okay to be sad. And MONSTERS INC. shows us what it’s like to see the unknown and how doing new things can help us!!!! Emoji movie is just nonsense and sensory overload!!!!!

-The fact that Popeye and Medusa had to be cancelled because of this is insulting my intelligence!!!!

-Sir Patrick Stewart was fucking great in Logan and Sony decided to give him a shit script in which he has to play the poop emoji!!!’

-Forced Feminist BS that doesn’t belong in a movie about fucking emojis!!!! Jailbreak explains her plan to hack the firewall, so Gene interrupts her by finishing what she was saying, and Jailbreak says, “Men take credit for the work that women do.” BITCH HE DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

-Jailbreak turns out to be a princess who wants to go to the cloud because she wants to be a free emoji and says she doesn’t need anyone. But she hangs out with the other two emojis and literally insults them almost every time they say something to her!!!!

-So many inconsistencies in this movie!!! Like the fact that this whole journey inside the phone should’ve taken a week, but the pacing felt so rushed that the whole journey felt like it took a day to complete!!! And the human character, Alex, walks out of school to try to talk to his crush. So it looked like that the day was over, but two scenes later he’s back in the same classroom wearing the exact same clothes!!!! So wait, has it been a day already, or is it the same day!!!?!?!?? The filmmakers couldn’t even create a natural flow of time!!!!

-Alex’s character adds nothing to this movie and the whole theme is idiotic and dumb!!!! “Hey, you should send her a cool emoji!!! She’ll like you!!!” So you can’t actually talk to her and have a common interest with her?!!

-This movie should’ve been about why kids and teens use their phones. Why it’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Maybe the main human character could have been someone who has anxiety or has autism, give him a personality and some relatability, and that’s why he’s on his phone, texting words he wish he can say. BUT NOPE!!!!!

-This movie is a harsh reminder why my culture sucks!!!! So many trends, people being mean to each other, being unoriginal, always listening to horrible music, etc!!!

If they want that, fine.

This movie offended me!!!!

Sony should die!!!


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Can u do vampire frank headcannons? Fluffy and smutty?

1. Frank hates that he loves vampire movies. He pretends he hates them and then complains about everything wrong in the movie and the writing and says he hates it. you roll your eyes and laugh and then see him reading about or watching the movie again later. He loves vampire movies, plot holes and incorrect vampire lore and all.

2. Frank is scared to let go around you, he’s so scared of hurting you. He doesn’t want to turn you, to doom you into the hell he’s stuck in. So you rarely see his fangs, he kisses your neck and then quickly moves away like he’s scared or ashamed. He wants to bite you, you can see it in his eyes when you’re fucking, that need and hunger. He doesn’t get too close, he doesn’t ever just let go. You wish he would sometimes, fuck the consequences.

3. Frank is a little shit so he goes out in midday without any cover, wearing short sleeves and a big ol’ grin. He has fun, making fun of mortals, kissing you in the park, telling you stories from days long since past. But he always complains when you get back home that his skin hurts and his eyes can’t see right, his head feels tight and heavy and he can’t focus or sleep or do anything. He just paces and scratches at his blistering skin and drinks water until he feels sick.

4. Frank shows you amazing things, old pictures of people dead for centuries. He tells you about adventures and love stories and ancient foes. those he protected and those he killed. He tells you funny things he did with people you could only dream of meeting, dangerous journeys he went on just for the fun of it. He told you about losing people and loving people and losing them again. He tells you about the hurt and the pain and longing and how he can’t think about losing you because it’ll hurt more then he can imagine. He won’t tell you how he was turned, his eyes always get cold (something that never happens, frank has such warm eyes despite his death), and he shuts you out. You can’t even begin to imagine what happened to him

5. Frank doesn’t let being a vampire get in his way, he just wants to live

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❀ What has made you completely lose your chill?

aaaaaaaagh, i really wanted to put something that particularly enrages me in here but I don’t want to be a downer.  Besides the thing that makes me rage hasn’t been used within my earshot in the last half a year so I’m going to assume it’s dead and that sane people saw it as the hateful tripe it was.  I don’t want to give it space on my blog by mentioning it.

So i’m going to play it safe and say THE EMOJI MOVIE

…..I just….i just can’t. 

Every time i think about this movie it hurts me.  Everything about it from the concept up makes me hate the modern movie experience.  Even if this movie turns out to be ok, it will NEVER be Wreck it Ralph or the Lego Movie, or even Sausage Party.  It won’t even be funny bad like Food Fight.  It’s a movie about EMOJIS.  I have not seen ONE person defending this film as a good idea.

And the hits just keep coming.

Like ‘oh god we’re honestly getting a movie about frinkle wapering EMOJIS’

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‘Oh god they hired serious classically trained Shakespearean actor Sir Patrick Stewart to play a talking Poop in the Emoji Movie’

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just dropping by to say BABY DRIVER WAS FREAKING CRAZY 

and i want to watch it again right nOW

Star Wars Rouge One

First, a couple things:

1. I do not Star War, by and large. The charms of the original films are lost on me–I think the last time I sat down to watch them of my own volition was when I was 10ish. TFA was okay I guess, but honestly I’m not sure I can tell you what happened from moment to moment. I never finished episode 2 and never tried episode 3. These just aren’t generally my kind of movies, which is fine. So I’m going to be critical of some of the other movies in a way that if you’re a big Star Wars fan, might annoy you, but, I was literally asked for my thoughts and I’m giving them. 

2. This doesn’t mean I think Rouge One is a perfect movie. It isn’t, it’s just a Star Wars movie I actually truly enjoyed and might even go see it again. So I am ALSO going to point out a handful of things I didn’t love about it. 

3. I also think this is an IMPORTANT movie right now. 

4. I’m tired so this’ll be garbled.

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@booperdooper1324​ tagged me for the 30 questions challenge which I’m super excited to do because hey, boredom sucks. So let’s get started!

Name: Mae

Nickname: ………Mae………

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′5″

Time: 1:15am

Birthday: November 2nd

Favourite Band: Gorillaz

Favourite Solo Artist: NateWantsToBattle

Song Stuck In My Head: “I Hate everything About You”

Last Movie I Watched: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Last Show I Watched: Shark Tank

Last Thing I Googled: Jacksepticeye dance gif (I needed to make a friend smile)

Side Blogs: @smilealwaysquotes@natureartandphotography

Do I get asks: Not frequently but yes and I love recieving them! Send me asks whenever you feel like it!!! Even if you just send a random word or phrase with no context. I don’t care, they’re so nice to recieve.

Reason Behind Username: I think It’s kind of self explanatory…

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Favourite Colours: Dark colours like burgundy and midnight blue.

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-10 depending on the day

Lucky Number: 12, 21, 1, 2

Instruments: Oboe, Piano, Clarinet, and a bit of trumpet

What Am I Wearing: Markiplier PJ pants, a matching warfstache-pink sports top, and a black beanie

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 2

Dream Job: Writer/Engineer

Dream Trip: Europe. Specifically, England, Ireland, Germany, and Scotland (family roots, yanno?)

Favourite Food: SUSHI

Favourite Song Right Now: “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People

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you know what I really hate about the Emoji Movie other than...well, everything about it that hasn’t been said yet?

The “twist” that Jailbreak was a princess emoji that gave up her status. 

Why? Aside from the obvious bootleg Vanellope concept, I actually liked the trope a lot because it showed (although genetically it’s like a 50/50 chance) that spunky, socially-awkward girls like me could be royalty or something and we didn’t see it yet. Hell, even before Vanellope hit the big screen I enjoyed Mia triumphantly taking the throne of Genovia as its rightful ruler reading The Princess Diaries. 

Now that the twist has been nailed into the coffin of cinema by this movie as well as the surprise villain niche taken over by Disney and milked, I think the only way you could keep it fresh is if the villain uses the heroine’s lineage as leverage to get what they want and mocking her over the secret.