hate every inch

Things that fucked me up in The Foxhole Court series (warning: spoilers):

  • Every single time Andrew did something just because Neil asked
  • “He pressed Andrew’s palm to the ugly scarring across Neil’s abdomen” 
  • Dan’s entire existence as the biggest boss in the galaxy
  • “You are a pipe dream.”
  • “I am not a pipe dream.  I’m not going anywhere.”
  • Renee saving Jean
  • Renee doing literally anything
  • Wymack hating that Neil flinches away from him and doing everything he can to prove he’s the good male role model Neil deserves???
  • “You hate me, remember?” “Every inch of you,” Andrew said.  “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” ANDREW LMAO
  • SHOWER BLOW JOB/CODDLING/ANDREW FINALLY LETTING GO ENOUGH TO LET NEIL SEE HIM FEEL PLEASURE (partly because he can’t bear to leave Neil’s side to take care of it alone FUCK)
  • “Yes or no?”
  • VIGOROUS CONSENT and Andreil knowing each other well enough to tell when the other isn’t in a good enough place to consent even when they think they are??
  • Neil calling Andrew a “drama queen” behind his back
  • Nicky getting the happiness he deserves in Erik
  • “Who’s humanizing who in that relationship, anyway?” NICKY OMFG
  • Andrew needing to map every single scar/wound on Neil’s body and Neil letting him
  • Andrew saying “I told you not to look at me like that” after Neil stares at him with fucking giant anime heart eyes when the sunlight hits his hair
  • Matt and his spikey hair (/everything)
  • Casual 3 hour bus chats where Andreil loses track of time smh
  • How fucking short Andreil is???  5 foot **nothing*** is right
  • Neil saying he wants a vacation and Andrew almost cutting Kevin’s dick off when he tries to get in the way of it
  • Honestly that whole woodland retreat with team bonding took me the fuck out
  • “The only one I’m interested in is you.”  Demi!Neil is watering every crop in my field??
  • “Thank you.  You were amazing.”  (aka me @ Nora Sakavic)
{PART 26} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook attempts to do the impossible; keep Yoongi under control for as long as he can in his own Manor. But, after an unsuspecting escalation - everything ends in tears…and blood.

“How sobering it is, to love something that evil can corrupt”

  • || Warning: This chapter contains violence and some scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

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neil doesn’t get it

“You were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs.” “I’m not a hallucination,” Neil said, nonplussed. “You are a pipe dream,” Andrew said.

Either Andrew had confiscated Nicky’s copy or he’d gone out and gotten Neil one of his own. Neither option made much sense to Neil.

“Tell your pet psycho to knock it off before he cripples someone.” “I don’t think he’ll listen to me,” Neil said. “You and I both know he will. Now get going.”

"Just promise me this isn’t going to be a problem.” “What?” Neil asked. “I can’t tell if you’re being obtuse to fuck with me or if you’re really that dumb,” Wymack said. When Neil just stared blankly at him, Wymack rubbed his temples as if warding off a headache. “I would pity you, but Andrew’s right. I don’t get paid enough to get involved in this. Figure it out yourself—on your
own time.”

Neil sat sideways in his chair, facing Andrew, and said, ”Why does Roland think you're tying me down?

Neil wasn’t sure he should keep pushing, but if he didn’t get the truth now he knew he never would. ”I didn’t think I was a personal problem. You hate me, remember?

And finally.

“You hate me, remember?” "Every inch of you,” Andrew said. “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” The world tilted a little bit sideways. Neil dug his shoes harder into the floor so he wouldn’t fall over. “You like me.” “I hate you,” Andrew corrected him, but Neil barely heard him. For a dizzying moment, he understood.

Andrew: “I hate you. Every inch of you.”

Andrew: *promises he’ll protect Neil*
Andrew: *literally agrees on anything Neil asks him to do*
Andrew: *gives Neil car, room and heart keys*
Andrew: *lets Neil drive his car*
Andrew: *buys Neil clothes*
Andrew: *kisses Neil*
Andrew: *lets Neil touch him*
Andrew: *asks Neil to stay*
Andrew: *blows Neil*
Andrew: *wraps plastic bags on Neil’s injuries so he won’t hurt them in the shower*
Andrew: *showers with Neil*
Andrew: *chokes Kevin for Neil*
Andrew: *fights a fed just to see Neil*
Andrew: *threatens Abby because she wanted to touch Neil*
Andrew: *helps Neil through his panic attack*
Andrew: *stops taking crackers dust because Neil said so*
Andrew: *chooses Neil over his brother*
Andrew: *answers Neil’s questions about his past*
Andrew: *breaks Riko’s arm for Neil*
Andrew: *lets Neil pull him in*

Andrew: “There is no ‘This’. This is nothing.”

Sun And Moon Learnings

Things that I have leaned from Pokémon after watching Sun and Moon.

  • The most dangerous Pokémon in Alola is Grubbin, they can damage streets.
  • Rotom Dex, has the tendency of taking photos of any Pokémon he watches.
  • Tapu Koko is a kind of prankster.
  • EVERY Mimikyu HATE Pikachu with every inch of it’s soul, that’s why they disguse as Pikachu.
  • The less dangerous thing a Mimikyu can do if you look under it’s veil, is giving you a horrible nightmare.
  • Mimikyu talk like nosense.
  • Despite is a very dangerous Pokémon, Bewear wants to keep safe everyone he has ever known, that’s why he’s so strong.
  • Pikipek, Trumbeak and Toucannons, live in tribes.
  • Rowlet has the tendency of falling asleep.
  • Rowlet can sleepfly.
  • Popplio can trap Pokémon with the bubbles it creates from it’s nose.
  • Bewear also possees super speed, he can even run in water.
  • Alolan Rattata and Alolan Raticate are deeply afraid of Yungoos and Gumshoos.
  • Salandit loves stealing eggs.
  • Crabrawler is the kind of hunk.

Add something if you think you need to add something.

some saeran headcanons

general -

  • his favourite colour is a pale pink
  • his favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry
  • his favourite kind of weather is when it’s just about to rain
  • he’s left handed
  • his nervous habits include: 
    • fidgeting with his sleeve
    • picking his nails
    • scratching the back of his head/neck
    • biting his lip/inside of his cheek
  • his first crush after joining the RFA is Zen
  • when he moves his jaw from side to side he can make it click, and he finds the noise really satisfying
  • he prefers being barefoot
  • saying this, he always gets cold at night which means he has to wear socks or his feet get cold
  • he has trouble sleeping if there’s any kind of light in his room
  • he can’t put on weight no matter how hard he tries. he’s naturally really skinny
  • he has freckles but he doesn’t like them so he usually covers them with makeup
  • he always forgets to charge his phone at night
  • he’s awful at replying to texts partly because his phone is usually dead and partly because he just… doesn’t know what to say
  • animals love him. they’re always really friendly to him, even if they’re usually aggressive to other people, and he pretends to hate the attention whenever he meets a dog in the street/a stray cat comes over to him/etc but he actually loves it
  • he loves animated movies, and he watches them a lot because they’re simple and light and he feels like he missed out as a kid
  • going for walks helps with his anxiety, and his favourite time of day is sunset
  • he likes art and writing
  • it’s mostly just him pouring his emotions out onto paper, but a lot of it is actually really good
  • he’s amazing with colours, and he has two colouring styles: warm and soft or intense and emotional
  • his writing is simple. he always gets straight to the point with what he wants to say, and in a lot of ways that makes it stronger
  • rather than being a full on story, it’s usually nothing more than one or two verses of a poem, but it does its job

recovery -

  • the early stages of his recovery are rough to say the least
  • at first he’s filled with so much anger, but as soon as that starts fading he’s left with… not much else
  • he mostly just feels empty, and that makes way for depression
  • he goes through a phase of probably a good few months where he just doesn’t have motivation to do anything
  • he barely even gets out of bed, only moving to go to the bathroom, which isn’t often because he doesn’t eat or drink much
  • sometimes Saeyoung has to come and literally feed him because he’s just too depressed to move at all
  • he doesn’t shower or change his clothes very often either because he can’t find the motivation to try
  • his hair starts growing out because he barely has the energy to even brush it, let alone bleach it
  • but, gradually, with the persistence of his brother and the rest of the RFA, he starts getting a little better and realising that maybe he is worth something
  • it’s a long and messy process, and he has a lot of relapses
  • the night terrors probably stick with him for the rest of his life
  • as for the tattoo… how he feels varies
  • I think for the most part he’d ignore it. he’s used to it by now so it wouldn’t bother him all that much
  • but sometimes he’ll look at himself in the mirror and hate every inch of himself, especially the tattoo
  • during his breakdowns one of the things he almost always does is scratch at it as though he’s trying to tear it off his skin
  • I don’t think he’d get it removed, but I think it’s possible he’d get it covered over with something else
  • something peaceful, like flowers or clouds or nondescript swirls
  • probably something he’s designed himself because he wants this to be his 
  • I don’t think he’d ever move out of the bunker away from Saeyoung. he just never feels ready, and Saeyoung absolutely doesn’t mind (in fact, he encourages it)
  • if he ended up getting a job, it would be something simple like a florist because he likes nature a lot
  • he’d mostly work behind the scenes, because he still has trouble talking to people he doesn’t know
  • he’s trying his best to function properly and take care of himself, even if sometimes he feels like he’s not worth it
  • the RFA help him feel worth something, and for the first time in his life he starts feeling as though he truly belongs somewhere