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i still don’t understand why, in almost every fanfiction, kuro is sleeping in cat form in his cat bed which, i know, we’ve seen in the anime. He doesn’t like sleeping in his cat form because his shoulders get stiff if he does so. He even says this in chapter 25. Furthermore you can see him in chapter 16 and in the extra of volume 1 (idk what’s it called in English I only have it in German) just waking up without his jacket and all that stuff.
Sorry if this upsets some easily upsetted (?) people, but this has been bothering me for a LONG time. I’m not saying you can’t write/draw/imagine Kuro sleeping in cat form, I’m just saying that it’s generally wrong.

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Hello. I was one of the anon hater. I was angry and wanted to make someone feel bad. I've never really read one of your fanfics. I'm sure they are great. I didn't now that you are depressive. I thought you are just joking. I'm truly so sorry to made you feeling like a shitty person. To be honste I've never watched fantastic beasts. I hate on everbody. Sorry

Woah, wait, hang on.

Were you one of the ones last night? Or were you another anon?

I’m…speechless. Really. Part of me wants to be the bigger person and accept your apology/forgive you but…

I don’t want to say “ah, it’s okay” because it’s really not okay. At all. “I thought you are just joking” - why would someone joke about having a mental illness? Furthermore, why would you send hate to someone who says they have a mental illness, whether they’re “joking” or not?

“I hate on everybody” - but why? I’m sorry, but I just…I can’t understand why you’d feel the need to hate on anyone at all, mentally ill or not. You said that you were angry and wanted to make someone feel bad - why? Why take it out on other people? Why not do something else to vent your frustration? Why does making someone feel bad make you feel better?

You’ve never read one of my fics? And you’ve never watched FBAWTFT? Then WHY come onto my blog and be an asshole?! What is wrong with you?!  

As I’ve said, part of me wants to say “it’s okay” and be nice about it, but I just can’t right now.

anti social bios

i just exist, i dont live
« everbody hates me »
i’m anti-you (:
hahaha it’s obvious that i don’t have a social life
people are going to judge me anyway
nobody asked me if i was okay
lonely but fabulous
i only have a virtual life

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I hope this isn't too private a question, if so, just ignore.You mentioned earlier that you, as well as your 14-year-old daughter read 1D fanfiction. Did you ever talk about your daughter about the possibility of H&L being gay/in a relationship? Or did she mention it herself? I'm interested in the different perceptions of the members of 1D among their younger fans because I get the impression that Larry fandom mostly consists of older fans (17 years and upwards) who clearly see the closeting.

Ah! YES, I have talked to her about this.

I just straight out told her one day that I thought Louis and Harry were dating. Okay, full disclosure, what I actually did was randomly say “Eleanor’s a beard” in the middle of supper because I knew she would be the only one who knew what I meant and I thought it would be funny.

I was really surprised because she actually got mad at me! Like, legitimately angry! When we talked about it later, she said that she was angry because so many Larry shippers sent hate to Eleanor and were rude to the boys, and that Larry shippers had ruined Harry and Louis’ friendship. I am not making this up. She totally bought the party line.

Of course I had several serious conversations with her about this reaction. I explained that while it was never acceptable to send hate to anyone, that simply thinking that Louis and Harry were gay/bi/pan and in a relationship was not an insult; and that thinking of it as an insult was homophobic behaviour. We talked about the support that Harry, especially, has shown for the LGBTQA+ community, etc. etc. (Parenting, basically). That worked to convince her that it wasn’t right to be angry about people shipping the boys together or believing that two of them were in a relationship.

I don’t think that her failure to see the issues we see is age related, she just doesn’t seem very interested in figuring out what’s actually going on behind the scenes. I asked her why she though Elounor was real even though there was so much evidence to the contrary, and she basically said, “Louis said their dating, and I believe him. If he tells me something different, I’ll believe that.” Since she’s not following the clues and identifying the inconsistencies like we do, she doesn’t see the cracks in the official narrative.

I think that, for Emma and many fans like her, there are three things that are great about being in the fandom: (1) the music, (2) cute boys, and (3) being part of a group.

When I talk to her about it, I get the sense that I’m dealing with a group mentality. As you probably know, the core 1D fandom has a culture of follow-backs on Twitter and Instagram, so everyone is very interconnected. (Emma, for example, has thousands of Twitter followers and over a thousand Instagram followers). I think this explains how things get out of control so quickly on Twitter.

Because the fandom is so keyed in to social media, it’s really important for them to believe that the boys themselves run their Twitter and Instagram accounts, so that they can maintain the illusion of genuine interaction. That’s why things like the “bullshit” tweet are so generally effective within the mainstream fandom.

I have two examples that make me think a lot of Emma’s opinions are being shaped by what she hears from other fans.

  1. When Haylor happened, I know that Emma believed it was real because we talked about it. Just the other day, she agreed with me that it was definitely fake. I feel sure that this change was caused by interactions with other fans.
  2. She hates Modest, but she doesn’t know why. When I asked, she basically said, “Everbody hates them.”

It does seem like some of what this part of the fandom sees is trickling down into the mainstream fandom, although I don’t know how (maybe we need to do some astroturfing of our own.)

Long story short; I don’t think she sees the closeting, but I think it’s because she actively chooses not to see it. The fandom is interconnected, but appears relatively cohesive in generally accepting the official narrative. Most importantly, 1DHQ has succeeded in demonizing Larry shippers to the point that many/most mainstream fans actually think that Harry and Louis’ friendship has been hurt, and actually blame that on the shipping.


so yes…i did it…finally…heh


this is most definitely a filler chapter. sorry, it was necessary. but the next chapter is going to be exciting, i promise <3

Heads or Tails - OOC high school gruvia - Part 1Part 2      Part 2.5       Part 3   Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8

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“Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and-“

“Wow, dad. Literally, not even five minutes ago. We established no singing.” I said, outrightly pointing to the post-it note pasted on top of the radio dial.

“Come on Juvia, don’t you wanna jam with your old man?” He asked jokingly, hitting the horn to the beat of the song.

“Dad, that’s an excellent way to get shot.” I informed, watching the other drivers get mildly aggravated by my dad’s horn abuse.

“Aw, you’re not gettin’ it. You see, I’m just trying to get it on like all the young kids nowadays-“

“Jesus Christ, dad, I thought I could get at least another good year out of you before you turned into one of those dads.” I snarled, turning up the radio to tune out his tone-deaf antics.

“Well if you’re going to be rude about it, I guess I have no choice but to turn to Rush.” My dad threatened, cranking the radio up to an ungodly number and probably deafening several forest animals in the process.

Rush was my dad’s signature old man band, he pretty much bought all their merch, watched all their movies, rage listened to every CD, he’d even seen them in concerts a few times.

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I’d Like to See Aaron Bass Again

Okay, so maybe it was because his character was just so awesome. Maybe it’s because I love Judaic mythos and his sassy Golem. Maybe it’s just the Jew inside me hoping for this awesome, bacon-loving, Golem-controlling, Nazi-fighter to come back on screen. All I know is that I’d like Aaron Bass to be in another episode.

He was awesome! I don’t know anybody who hated the episode “Everbody Hates Hitler”. It was a spectacular episode and could bring back some of that sexual fluidity Dean’s going through right now. If Cas is around when Aaron comes back, then maybe he could get jealous. I feel like Cas could get jealous if someone references Dean’s “He was my gay thing”. Or at least extremely freakin’ curious about the whole spiel.

They could fight off more Nazis! That could be so awesome, especially if they get into a fight in the bunker! Think of all the cool things that could happen!

I think the Golem and Cas could become great friends too. I feel like they would get each other and the both of them could constantly nag Aaron for being the awesome reformed, nonpracticing Jew that he is. There could be so many jokes.

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want Aaron to be in another episode?

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Sooo I'm a bit confused, what has this Trump guy done, so everbody hate him (I'm sorry but I don't know this whole Donald Trump Guy Story, could you make a Link pretty please :-))

Donald Trump is running for president in America. He’s known for being in charge of the show “The Apprentice” which was popular probably ten years ago.

He’s openly racist and sexist. (Literally wants to build a wall on the border of America and Mexico to stop Mexicans from coming in because theyre “rapists and criminals”. He makes sexual remarks about women without prompting or discretion [talked about how if Hillary Clinton cant satisfy her husband, how can she satisy America?] He’s homophobic as well–talks about being gay as if it’s a trend and he’s a “traditionalist” on the matter. (x)

He’s an extreme narcissist and he’s proud of the fact that he’s an asshole to everyone.

Basically he’s an awful human being who should definitely not run a country.

men: statistically men are stronger than women

women: statistically women are more intelligent than men

men: wHAT IS THIS FEMINAZI SHIT!?!?!! you know that’s why EVERBODY hates you feminists!!!1!!!11 that’s SO man hating!!!!1!!

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Stay away from idealfry and this person's circle of Tumblr followers (hiccupbuddies, bakerssmurf, battyus, conniestl, joshjenhutcherson, wsichick). Especially idealfry. These people think horrible things about Josh and Claudia like Claudia faked an injury for attention, her mother is trolling and threatening them, Josh and Jen's PR people are following and reading their blogs, etc. They're delusional, deeply narcissistic and rude. Like they're important enough for PR people to care about.

Ok anon i wasn’t going to answer this simply bc of respect to those blogs you so kindly smashed right above.But i feel like i have to bc something tells me that i’m not the first and the last blog you have send this massage.

Let me tell you something.

I wanna thank you for your concern. Really, this isn’t saying in sarcastic tone, i am. I find it nice that one way or another you had on your attention to ‘warn’ me. But here is a thing. 

As you can see i’m a joshifer shipper. So are the blogs above. Does it mean that we automatically hate claudia? NO. But does this mean we have to love her bc she’s with Josh? NO,NO NO. It’s every person’s right to like her or not. I don’t go around saying everbody to hate her, bc it’s equally disrespectfull as going around and saying that you’re a bad fan for disliking her. I don’t have to like her ! And personally- i don’t, and i don’t care if i’m gonna get hate for that bc that;s MY opinion and MY right to say it.

As to the other part of your 'ask’ how do you know for sure they don’t? Are you so familiar to the hollywood/marketing/PR/celebrity world? You have no idea how complex this world is! And believe me-reading social media is one of the most probable things celebrity teams are in order to do for their clients.I’m not saying they do, but if you have no reason thay don’t you can’t be really sure now,can you ? There is also so much more to say about this but i simply gonna leave it how it is and for you to decide if you really know the topic you’re bringing here.

I’m not saying i agree with everyone here or with everything they’re saying. I have my opinion on this situation but the truth is we all here can just speculate, we don’t know everything for sure. But if there are some reasons to believe sth don’t throw them away just bc they’re not convinient for your point of view. 

I’d really appreciate if you reblog this so other people could see it.

Black Girls/Woman I Rock Wit

Angela Davis

Assata Shakur

Afeni Shakur

Kathleen Cleaver

Michelle Obama

Serena Williams

Lauryn Hill

Jill Scott

Quevenzhané Wallis

Tichina Arnold

Queen Latifah

Paige Hurd (from Everbody Hates Chris AND Beuty Shop lol)

Da Bratt

Jada Pinkett

Layla Ali

Tracee Ellis Ross

Diana Ross

Holly Robinson Peete

Yara Shahidi

Marasai Martin

Jenifer Lewis

Angel Conwell

Tatyana Ali

Samantha Logan

Mo’ne Davis

Cant forget…Maya Angelou

and…Shirley Chrisholm

As well as…my mother.