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Penny anon again: I don't stick around fandoms a lot in tumblr, so I'm unaware of what markiplier's effect actually is. I know he has a big following, but have never seen his fandom personally. If what you're saying is true then why are you not complemented by this? It may seem like the fandom's trying to be elitist, but to me it seems they just care about the well being of discussion and content, seeing how they're not complaining and are instead asking your opinion.

I’m happy that people care about the game! but please, try to understand… I’ve seen months of “please don’t let OneShot be popular” “please let it just stay hidden”-type comments on social media, and I can’t help but feel like people are trying to… sabotage us?

And… I’d hate to make this comparison, but I’ve seen a lot of “pro-artist” sentiment on this site that will turn around and stab the artist in the back the moment the artist is perceived as having any chance of success. Not to mention the (related phenomena?) where the hate on “big fandoms” seem to more magnified if the big fandom in question is one person (or a small team)’s passion project. 

Like I said, we do not mind a fandom of any size… big, small, we love you all the same. if you play our game and enjoy it, then thank you! That means we have done our job :) we just don’t want the newer players to be bullied out of playing it by members the older community who try to claim it as their own thing already… please do not be mean!

Now that you’ve answered our summons, Lotor
Things should start going our way
Ev'ryone here’s counting on you, Lotor
That’s what I’m trying to say
There’s no Galra quite as admired as you
You’ve something that we can’t deny
Ev'ryone’s awed and inspired by you
And it’s not very hard to see why

No… one’s… sly as Lotor
No one’s spry as Lotor
No one’s hair’s as incredibly thick as Lotor’s
For there’s no other we’d call our hero
Perfect, our king’s favorite son!
You can ask any Keith, Lance, or Shiro
And they’ll tell you whose bad side they’d hate to be on!

Galra Chorus:
No… one’s… swole like Lotor
Turns the heads like Lotor

No one’s got such a chance at romance like Lotor!

Prince Lotor:
As a space-a-man, yes, I’m intimidating!

Galra Chorus:
My what a guy, that Lotor!

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Hey, sorry to ask this, but how can I draw PoC characters to have more true-to-life traits while still staying within my own style? I'm a white girl, so obviously I excel at drawing Scandinavians (my own culture) more than any other ethnic background. Are there any constants, or near-constants, I should keep in mind when drawing a certain race? I'd hate my PoC characters to just look like a Scandinavian with a different color palette. But also, I don't want them to look like stereotypes.

Uuuh. Oh god see I can’t draw worth a damn but I think the best thing for you do to would be to like find other artist who are drawing stuff and take a look at how they do. 

For example I typed in drawings of Asian people and got this:

So I think just some research and maybe shooting us a message if you find something questionable would be the best way to go.

Followers any suggestions?

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This was requested weeks ago and I’ve been super lazy. SOOO here ya go @taytayize123-blog please don’t hate me :D

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She waltzed around the club like she owned the place. She talked with a snarky tone as though she was the smartest person in the world. Everything about her was just so infuriating, yet so tempting at the same time. 

He hated her. Or at least… that’s what he led others to believe. In truth, he wanted the woman badly. The only reason he still went to this club still was because she spent a lot of her time there. He lived for the moments when he could see the annoying temptress in her natural habitat. 

The Joker could never get Taylor’s full attention. She would be in front of him one moment and the next dashing out of the place- but not without saying something vulgar first. J only wanted for her to be next to his side. He knew that the woman was about as ruthless as they come. 

She was, in fact, well known in Gotham for doing whatever the hell she pleased. Most of the time it was wreaking havoc in the back allies of the town. Sure, Taylor wasn’t the number one most wanted criminal in the town (because the clown himself was) but she was a public nuisance.

The clown snapped from his daze to find her within his presence for the first time in a few days. His gaze traveled up and down her figure, savoring every inch of it. He could feel himself getting hotter and he longed to feel her underneath him. 

Taylor’s eyes locked with his and with an evil glint, she hid among the crowd. 

Tonight would be a lovely game of cat and mouse. 

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I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I want you to like me // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I trust you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // I’m upset with you // You’re nice // You’re mean // I’m envious of you // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better

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Do you think Crielle's feelings for Gwyn would have changed if he was just Unseelie or ruined her body (instead of both)? If he was just Unseelie, would she have given him to the Unseelie kingdom and tried having another child? If he had ruined her body, would she still love some aspects of him instead of constantly plotting his demise?

I know I’ve talked about what would’ve happened if he’d not injured her before and was Seelie (he would’ve been raised and loved). But as for him being Unseelie / not injuring her? I’m not sure, tbh. That changes everything. I think they’d still hate him, but in a more detached way, and I almost wonder if that would have made them smarter about killing him early on.

I mean this is a woman who has killed her parents and covered it up. If she could be more detached from the situation and less entangled in it, I think she could have easily found a way to kill Gwyn as a child. (I honestly think one of the reasons she didn’t, was partly because she thought death was too good for him, and wanted revenge for what he inflicted upon her).

Any Unseelie get in that bloodline wouldn’t live very long. Regardless of what Gwyn’s powers were, he would have been destined to die very young. Reputation matters so much to the An Fnwy bloodline.

As for if he had ruined her body but was Seelie - she could have never gotten past the damage to her heartsong. It was like a permanent crack in the foundation of who she was, and she could never heal from it, and she also refused to let it go (if she had say, chosen to let go of her heartsong and have it transform into something else, there’s actually a chance she could have accepted him - which is something Gwyn realises and starts to grieve in COFT - that she did this for Efnisien, but not for him).

This realisation is actually a huge part of Gwyn’s…growth. I mean Gwyn murdered a stranger, drove a child mad, and then then hated himself enough for it that he went to another stranger (Augus) to get his heartsong changed. So he has this moment in COFT where he realises that Crielle wouldn’t do that much for him; but did it for Efnisien. Let appearance go so she could shaft Gwyn one last time, basically, lol. I think it’s a moment where he comes to term with…this idea that he’d never have his mother’s love, and that there was nothing he could have done, because she could have chosen to love him, and turned away from it.

This is all sounding super grim, lol.

I suppose it’s a habit I have as a writer, is that if I’m given enough time to think things over, I really like locking a character into one path. I like the…tragic-ness of that and I like the strength that comes in overcoming the circumstances or events that arise from that (or cowardice). Like, was there any way that Crielle could have loved Gwyn? Not without changing her fundamentally as a person, or changing Gwyn. They were both sort of locked into this horrific dance with each other, and there’s nothing Crielle could have done to prevent it, and nothing Gwyn could have done to stop it. Certainly Crielle is culpable for all the abuse she inflicted on him afterwards, but yeah, I like thinking of the other paths and then blocking each one off via plot or characterisation.

My mind is a lot of ‘what if this? What if that? What if this?’ And if I want to get to a certain point like, ‘what if Gwyn and Augus actually fall in love?’ ‘what if Gwyn decides to save Augus?’ ‘how do I stop Gwyn from dying?’ ‘what if Augus decides to save Gwyn?’ etc. I have to look at…a lot of possibilities? I don’t see them all. I miss things. I have like, moments of ‘well, damn, there were all these other options and I didn’t see them.’ But I get a lot of satisfaction from quietly blocking off the options and leaving a character with a pathway, because that makes me feel like…their actions are logical, even if they’re emotional or irrational, idk how to explain that. That’s a weird thing to say.

The only way Gwyn would have been loved, is if he’d been Seelie, and not harmed her with his light. In other words: if he’d literally been a completely different person, unrecognisable to us in every way.

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☆ (Juicymatzah)

I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I want you to like me // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I trust you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // I’m upset with you // You’re nice // You’re mean // I’m envious of you // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better 


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Yo Jess, do you every feel insecure about your art? Because I always feel insecure about mine ;u;

ALL the time! I have a lot of major hangups about my work to the point where i can’t even look at certain MB pages anymore. I try not to nitpick specifics in my art these days even when i know there are problems with it because it’s really self-flagellating and keeps me from getting shit done, but also because I don’t want to encourage the same sort of comparison misery I see in a lot of artists with artistic hangups (”if they think THAT’S bad they’d probably hate my work” etc). Not gonna lie, it’s always a real kick in the pants when comments on pages point out crap i drew wrong or weird panelling or awkward expressions, but most of the time nobody’s telling me anything i don’t already know so it eases the blow a bit.

Being unsure about your artwork is a very common thing and in some ways I think it’s really important as a factor in artistic growth. If you think you shit diamonds and can’t go wrong artistically then you’ll never pursue growth and change and you’ll never try to get better, so you’ll never get better. I guess try and take your insecurity about what you create as a sign you’re trying to be the best you can be, and use that to treat creative pursuits as learning experiences maybe?

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i looked a post on facebook by Queen brazilian fans. it was pic of Freddie with mary. the comments were all those known "💞ooh the real love of his life"❤️ "💕best 💞💕couple 💕ever💕" "they are so in love"😍"he loved her with all💞 his heart❤️❤️" "she was so good to him😍" "this is what real love is like"💕😍 etc etc. I just recollected all the info you always post here and though for myself "if they knew..." is it too difficult to an ordinary fan to find out something different about her?

Ugh, don’t they read? They probably don’t (though some of them have read stuff and obviously think Jim and Phoebe and everyone else are lying about her because they’re part of a gay conspiracy plot). This message cracked me up with all the hearts, because that’s exactly what people are like! :-D I hate that people call them a couple in photos post ‘75, because even SHE refers to him as ‘friend’.

Firstly, they don’t know what their relationship was like behind closed doors because she won’t talk.
What if they rowed all the time? (She said herself he ‘liked a good row’)  
What if their enduring friendship was ‘unhealthy’ and built on her guilt-tripping him for what he did to her, as Phoebe claims?!
I hate all this ‘they are so in love’ shit, because they clearly were not. Not in ‘that’ way. Have they not listened to her interviews where she said he was avoiding her for ages and they lost closeness? 
That he was deceiving her right under her nose?
Not only that but she has also admitted on two separate occasions that she wasn’t that deeply in love with him for the first few years of their relationship!

I just read a comment on this page (it’s a really grovelling site)
“I’ve been waiting for a friendship/relationship just like theirs my whole life. I don’t think I’ll ever experience what they had!!”

Not to be negative and I love Freddie, he was so sweet, but…he cheated on her - why would you want that for yourself?! Why would you dream of a relationship based on deceit? I do think he loved her, but he did kind of use her a bit. She was paying all the bills and he was shagging other people. He (if David Minns is to be believed) brought his boyfriend into their flat to stay and had her cook eggs for him!! (David didn’t know she was his girlfriend either!) That’s not good behaviour! What was he thinking?!

Sometimes I think they were together out of convenience and his desire to placate his parents to show some ‘normality’. And of course she made herself indispensable to him, whilst moaning that she will never be able to escape! (she moaned that she could see his home from her bathroom window - come on woman, he gave you a job and a flat!)

A lot of his fans are raging homophobes that desperately want him to be with a woman :-/
People keep posting those photos of her from 24 years ago saying how beautiful she is as opposed to Jim, when she no longer looks like that. (she’s grey and overweight now, because she’s fucking 66!)

What if Love of My Life is just a random love song and not about her at all?!!?!

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The Queen needs to die. I'm serious.

Hey Nonnie, 

Hmm… the Queen is so much fun to write though. Can we really blame her for wanting to have sex with Kylo Ren? :D - I hate killing off characters just because. We’ll see what happens when Rey shows up. 

The Queen is the villain of ‘Honeymoon’, but this is a Reylo fic all the way.  

Thanks for the Ask!!! <3 <3 <3

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.

to all aros and aces feeling bad tonight,

you’re not a burden. you’re not a freak. you’re not horrible. you’re not gross. you’re not boring. you’re not incomplete. you’re not a nuisance. you’re not ugly. you’re not a monster. you’re not a weirdo. you’re not annoying. you’re not bad.

you deserve all the support and care in the world. please believe this.