hate crutches

Teen Wolf Preference: How They Kiss You For The First Time...

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Stiles did this thing…this thing where he’d cup the back of you neck and it was the most amazing thing in the world. You’d been awkward and fumbling…Stiles on the other hand had been surprisingly confident in the way he kissed you from where he placed his hands to how his lips moved against your own…and it was amazing. 


Lydia was this slow and confident kisser, while you were half unaware of what was happening completely dazed by this amazing woman kissing you…it left you breathless and unbelievably happy. Because you’d been pining after her for a goddamn long time now and it was just nice to finally have that reciprocated and to feel her lips against your own.


It was quick and you were probably the most confident person in that kiss. He’d been carrying you about all day after you hurt your ankle and hated using crutches…there was just something about being in his arms that led to lips touching and a release of tension  that had been building up for the past month. 


You’d been fighting again. You’d been at each others throats from the moment you met. It had reached a point in the disagreement that you started to walk away…until he pulled you back and suddenly lips were on yours and you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck…maybe you didn’t dislike each other as you thought…

Well-deserved peace


It had been exactly a week since Dingo’s last NetSavior mission, and the boy had been released from the hospital the day before, after he’d promised to change his bandage twice a day and to use the pair of crutches he’d been given. Tomahawkman personally made sure that these rules were followed by a very unwilling Dingo, who wasn’t even cheered up by the prospect of their little trip.

The moment he’d been released, Dingo had messaged Pen and Enzan, and agreed to meet up with them at IPC the following morning. From there, they’d be able to get the Copyroids that had been specially prepared for their use. 

As usual, Dingo was late, both because he’d woken up after his alarm, and because his pace was considerably slowed down by his condition. “I really, really hate crutches …” He whined, and took a break to stare at his palms. The skin was raw and his fingers felt numb, but he had no other choice - his leg was still too painful to support his weight.

“Hang in there, Dingo ! IPC’s just ahead !” Tomahawkman cheerfully encouraged his operator. He’d made a point to stay motivated, too eager at the prospect of their trip to let his spirits be dampened by Dingo’s complaints.