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@shadowandbones babes they weren’t booing Chris, they were booing Mon-El, they were showing them that we’re not okay with an abusive slave owner being idolized and romanticized. you talk about separating the actor from the character, and that’s what we were doing, I’m not going to hate on Chris Wood as a person (though I’ll critique his acting if I think it’s flawed) but I sure as hell am going to hate on his character. im an abuse survivor, that’s why I hate mon-el, it pains me to see that behavior romanticized and excused, I despise the fact children are watching it and thinking this is okay, that this is good, that this is the goal. by supporting mon-el, you are encouraging this.. If it triggers you, then you can blacklist the word abuse, and if your PTSD is that fragile that the word abuse triggers you, then you truly need medical help. we have given you a million reasons why karamel is abusive and given all your responses counterarguments. If you don’t like abuse, stop promoting it.


You think that is the only aspect I’m upset about? This whole season antis have been hating on Chris, yes Chris not just Mon El, because of the character he plays on a TV show. They have literally made him stop using social media where he uses to be so vocal on. He’s worked hard on this character and idiots boo’d him. That’s what I’m upset with, they were given an opportunity to watch the episode in advance and they do that? Honestly. 

@supercorp shippers

Let’s get a couple things straight. There is no need for any of you to hate on Chris wood. I have seen plenty of comments regarding your opinion (supercorp shippers) about mon-el and I saw the video where people were booing at mon-el on the season 2 finale of super girl.

I didn’t realize that there were so many hateful people in the supercorp fandom, it’s completely fine to be happy, excited, proud, etc. of your ship.

What I don’t get is how hateful a lot of you are, you do realize that Chris wood is a real person and not a fictional character?? I don’t care if you ship karamel or supercorp BUT THERE IS NO NEED TO HATE CHRIS WOOD!!

Chris is a genuinely sweet person, he has his priorities straight and is an all around good person. So I don’t understand why there are so many people hating him.

I get that you love Kara and Lena, BUT THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, the same way Mon-el is, you don’t need to transfer your hate towards Chris wood.

Nothing can justify anything you say, just because Kara and Lena are a lesbian ship doesn’t mean you get some sort of pass when you’re being hateful.

I DONT EVEN WATCH THE SHOW AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY HATEFUL PEOPLE IN ONE FANDOM. And the only reason I’m saying anything is because I’m so tired of seeing all the hate comments directed towards Chris because I stan Chris wood. I’m just tired of seeing all the hate.


That’s all I have to say.

I keep seeing Karamels saying that Supercorps hate Chris Wood and are disgusting towards him, but I’ve only seen a few people say anything at all about Chris Wood. I’ve seen far more posts about Supercorps hating on Chris Wood than Supercorps actually hating on Chris Wood.

chris wood hate!!???

why do i keep seeing people who say that chris wood is getting so much hate from the rest of the fandom??? and saying that his Instagram is full of hate and mean comments!!???

i went to his instagram and i saw nothing but love in the comments people are saying that they love him and that he is the best person ever and all of that sweet stuff

the people in the fandom hate mon-el but they don’t hate the actor 

and the ones who actually hate on the actor and send him hate to me they are nothing but idiot 10 year old’s 

so people pleas stop the drama and just have fun and enjoy the show ship who ever you wanna ship and ignore the 10 year old’s ok :)  

ps. high five for the sanvers fandom for being the most peaceful one xD 

I can’t believe people are hating on Chris Wood, an ACTOR, because of a FICTIONAL CHARACTER he plays on a FUCKING TV SHOW.

I get it if you don’t like his character or hate the ship I TRULY DO bc I hate some ships and characters too but being hateful towards the actor and the fans who apprecciate his character is the most childish and idiotic thing I’ve ever seen.

You are hurting real people with your comments and there’s no excuse for this. I don’t care if you feel entitled to “educate” people on things you think it’s wrong or if you think you’re fighting for social justice, if you send hate and threats to people over fictional characters you are on the wrong side of this debate.

This fandom has become so toxic and is because of YOU who keeps sending hate and even creates an ENTIRE BLOG JUST TO HATE A CHARACTER


I can promise that you’ll feel better when you get yourself free of the hate you throw at others and start to concentrate on the things that you enjoy and makes you happy.

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Just wondering why u hate chris wood? Like I hate mon el with the passion of a thousand suns but chris wood is just the actor

ok first of all calling chris wood an actor is a bit generous of you tbh cause he only has one (1) facial expression

secondly he bigs up k*ramel and said mon hell’s character arc is a “hero’s journey” or some bullshit. also his forehead is pretty much the size of russia and takes up at least 56% of the screen whenever demon-el is in an episode sooooo

A little reminder that Rahul Kohli is a sweetheart, he’s against sexism, he supports and advocates for lgbt/poc representation and most importantly he blessed us with 4 photos of Katie (in KatieMcgrath-scale that’s like 400 photos ‘cause we rarely see new pics of her). So.. don’t send him hateful/annoying tweets like: “I like you but I hate your character”, “She’s gay dude stop it” etc.

Besides I’m pretty sure this would totally be Katie’s response: