hate being so poor

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I'm gonna find Starcos new blog and fuck her up. Better watch out because she told me to go to hell. She's gonna kill herself sooner or later.. :)

Well, sadly anon, Starco-Life is out tumblr. Not because of you guys, but because of personal stuff in her life.

But don’t worry hateful anon (funfunfun is this you?) we still can find you anyway in case you spread hate on her again :D 

Also are you this coward you have to use anon to try threaten me? Are you weak and afraid to use your own blog and get flagged? 

Hate-anon, please you do have a lot more than that. I know how to deal with you and the squad is also helping her. I’ve lived with people like you for 10 years, and I can say I know how to handle now and how to reply on the same wy, but I don’t low myself to your level it would be waste of time and I don’t like the idea of acting like a piece of trash person so, moving on!

Darling I hope you change for better, sincerely, because for real it’s the only way you’ll become someone in your life

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Saeran’s hair

This might not be true but I saw it somewhere on instagram.

“Saeran’s white hair is due to a syndrome called marie antoinette syndrome which one’s hair rapidly turns white due to extreme amount of stress, shocking news, fits of rage and extreme fear and anxiety. The tip of his hair the is the original colour of his hair”

kind of hope this is just made up bc i hate thinking about poor Saeran being so stressed out his hair literally turned completely white oh my god the poor baby i wanna hug him so much i cry

Im crying okay bye

I’ve been told that if I say I hate Trump, my art and my business will lose support.

But, I don’t think I want the support of the same people who support the loss of rights for queer people, trans people, people of color, women, Muslims, disabled people, mentally ill people, immigrants, and the poor.

So, that being said: this artist hates Donald Trump.

I’m pretentious, I’m clingy, I’m anxious, I have radical mood swings, I have chronic depression, some days feel like razor blades and I can’t force myself out of bed, I’m terribly self depreciative and it’s ruining my life, I’m impatient, neurotic, compulsive, impulsive, sad, I am consistently angry about nothing, I’m still learning about myself, I have bdp, I black out sometimes and I wake up somewhere completely different, I grind my teeth, I have a huge forehead, when I look at other people I pick out everything wrong with them and have to mentally kick myself and remember that we shouldn’t criticize people we should compliment them, I’m nervous about everything, I can’t order my own food, I’m annoying, I’m high off life and apparently that’s wrong, I love road trips too much, I actually hate being inside but for some reason everyone decided it was cool to hate being outside so I went with it, I’m completely poor as in I don’t know if I’ll have food or electricity but I can’t accept help because I feel weak, I have never gotten anything less than an a in a class so when I get a b I actually cry and that’s so stupid because there are much worse things happening to me, I can’t talk about my problems for fear of sounding whiney, I go therapy and write songs so hateful they’d make my sister cry, I’m controlling , I can’t trust people because people don’t stay, I’m a completely different person around people I love and trust and I hate that. I don’t know what else you want from me.
—  //a.m//

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