hate and love wgm

wgm with jungkook


  • this beautiful boy is waiting for you with the cutest smile plastered on his face.
  • he has a hand made gift prepared for you, a letter with a hand drawing and a cute lunch he prepared with the help of his bts hyungs.
  • rapmon and v are actually with him rn, trying to calm him down.
  • when you get there, it was rapmon that initiated the conversation and made you guess which of the three was your husband.
  • he was scolded by namjoon and v for making it too obvious.
  • you both leave namjoon and taehyung alone and in the distance, they’re just making faces at jungkook who is clearly dying in the inside.
  • they’re dancing to war of hormones and it’s just a mess.
  • “i promise you that i am the normal one in my group”
  • “they’re all crazy but me”
  • he’s really shy with you at first because he’s a cutie.
  • missions are what bring you two a lot closer with each other because it required a lot of working with each other i.e. skinship.
  • likes couple wear and would always ask for you guys to match when going outside.
  • he’s really good at carnival games like his hand-eye coordination is on point.
  • he’s able to win you a huge stuffed bear and thought you felt burdened because you had to lug it around so he piggy-backed the bear :3
  • always draws and writes on post-it notes and leaves it around the house for you to read.
  • he puts stickies on your shoes that says “let’s go on adventures together!” and it’s jus t st op that please.
  • when he introduces you to the rest of bts, it’s complete chaos because their maknae is married before them it’s pretty much bts teasing and pushing around jungkook and you laughing and being pampered by everyone.
  • “here’s some water!”
  • “have you tried this?”
  • “should i give you a massage?”
  • jungkook almost yelled at v for asking you that and just took you away from the rest of bts to sit next to him TT-TT PLEASE.
  • you hear him singing around the house a lot.
  • lots of dance raves while cleaning.
  • tries to cook for you but fails the first try. so when he goes home, he practices it a lot and then cooks after you guys meet up again.
  • he tries teaching you dope and it was bad. just bad. you vowed to never try to dance another bts song ever again. 
  • he cried laughing.
  • he takes you to namsan tower and you guys do the locks thing and he wrote “i hope our marriage blooms and for us to be continuously happy and healthy. fighting!”
  • oooooo selfies!!!! plenty of those!
  • he makes sure you drink a lot of water and would always remind you to do it.
  • he falls asleep easily. like once you were in the car, and he just plopped his head on your shoulders and it was zzzzzzzzzzzzz from then on.
  • when you leave the show, he’s super sad.
  • like he’s sulky for the whole day but tries his best to make the best of it.
  • he performs for you, singing and dancing to boy in luv and is pretty badass at it :-(((((((
  • he runs to hug you after he’s done and says that he doesn’t want to leave the show.
  • during the last interview, he shows his sadness and is quiet, trying to recollect everything he wants to say.
  • tells you through the camera that you were a blessing to be with and if anyone can learn something from you, it would be your ability to make others laugh and genuinely happy about what they have.
  • he hopes that no one will ever take you for granted because you’re literally a gem that should be cared for every day.

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“Pose like Minnie Mouse”  -  We Got Married 230