Receiving hate.

Alright, so what’s happening to me is the same thing that was happening to that girl that committed suicide cause of the Markiplier fan base. People are hating on me saying that I use sketch filters and how my art went from this to that. So I actually started going to a school for art, and I draw on my tablet, not paper (anymore).Then on top of that if I was using a filter, well then don’t you think that I would be posting more ‘drawings’.

What happened to the Markiplier fan base I used to know and love. First making that girl committing suicide for giving her hate cause of her opinions on Mark and Jess, and now saying that people’s drawings are fake.
By the way, if you are trying to make me stop drawing or trying to make me feel bad, news flash it isn’t going to work. I went through depression and suicidal thoughts earlier this year cause of cyber bullying and family issues, but guess what. I got over it and I made a promise to myself that wouldn’t think of the bad things anymore and think of the good ones. I have kept that promise ever since and I don’t plan to break it any time soon!
Then on top of that, what makes you think that I use a sketch filter? Sure it might look like it, but that’s cause I put my TIME AND EFFORT into my drawings unlike most of the kids these days during school.
The only reason why I haven’t left this community yet is because it Mark and some internet friends I have made over the past year or so. Those people are the people that helped me get through depression earlier this year as I mentioned earlier in the text.
Anyways, you guys can keep on hating on me because I don’t give a fuck of what you have to say to me.