I’m starving
but I keep giving you
the food from my mouth
as though I have wings
and you are a child

you know how to fly
from this nest I didn’t build
for you, but I am always
giving what I don’t have

and the chirp of your pleas
hits me like a strong wind,
I can stay upon my perch

but something like life
and the world and opening wings

would leave you broken on the ground

—  hatchling || O.L.

anonymous asked:

how common will the severe natural disasters be? will they be common enough for there to be a chance of a wildfire or flood happening while youre a hatchling? will they increase during the planned hard mode? will they depend on the seasons like flooding during the wet season and wildfires during the dry season?

Seasons are one of those, too soon to tell issues. There is much that hasn’t been discussed and as such we really don’t have a solid answer to all your questions. Be assured that, as we want to make our development  as transparent as we can, we will probably address all your questions once we have a defined plan for them.


Loggerhead turtle hatchlings, Heron Island, Queensland, Australia


Been a while, this is some sketches of Vidar and Kanisa. Been developing the North and the couple with @ridersoftheapocalypse. She’s awesome, check her out for her zelgan babies story. 

And @mintiture for her awesome writing of the beginning of Kanisa and Vidar. 

Na’seema is a hatchling of Ba’puu, and she chose Kanisa as her rider. Na’seema comes to the North to help Kanisa around with her new life in the North with the Direnors and her hubby Vidar. 

I’d imagine the parents of Vidar was quite surprised when their son came back to the North with a foreign wife and a baby son. Sooner or later, they’ll start to accept Kanisa and their first grandson, Kerugan.  


Magic snake and soaking babies both for @wheremyscalesslither since she loves my torts and says I am trying to kill my snake by letting him climb. Also @evrengreywrites here is another angle to show his climbing magic. The baby pancake tortoises, one is a little over a year old the other is about 2 months, not sure why they love to soak right before bed, but they crack me up when they do.

@turtlessuggest since I know you love to see my babies.

Baby leatherback turtle crawling across the beach in Florida, heading for the ocean 


 Octopus eggs hatching 🐙

The male octopus has a modified arm called the hectocotylus, which is about a meter long and holds rows of sperm. Depending on the species, he will either approach a receptive female and insert the arm into her oviduct or take off the arm and give it to her to store in her mantle for later. In the latter scenario, the female keeps the arm until she lays her eggs, at which time she takes the arm out and spreads the sperm over her eggs to fertilize them.

The female meticulously cares for her eggs until they hatch, forgoing food the entire time. She blows currents across the eggs to keep them clean and protects them from predators. The eggs might incubate anywhere from two to 10 months, depending on the species and the water temperature. Once they hatch, they’re on their own – one source cites an estimated 1 percent survival rate for the giant Pacific octopus from hatchling to 10 millimeters. Depending on the species, some octopuses begin life as miniscule specks floating on the ocean’s surface that drift down upon reaching a larger size, while some start out a bit bigger on the ocean’s bottom.


Good morning there little turtle