hatching shinys

A: So the birds just gave this to ya?

P: Uh-huh.

A: And it’s… magic?

P: Seems so?

A: Are you sure it isn’t just chocolate? Maybe it’s just chocolate. Magic chocolate.

P: I don’t think so. It’s… kind of warm. And… it didn’t melt when I hugged it… So I don’t think it’s chocolate.

A: But then… what do we do? We’ve never raised an egg before. Do you know someone that can help?

P: Well…


Look at this jerk. This thing has nine alternate forms and all of them think they’re better than you. I’ve been breeding one of these for my theme team and every single one that isn’t shiny hatches giving me that smug look. Furfrou is the worst. Furfrou is the best.

(I got that job I applied for)


i decided just to hatch that one batch i picked up in the morning for the heck of it and on the 4th egg i got my shiny fennekin!! didn’t have the hidden ability but i’m a-okay with blaze. THE MORE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I CAN HIGH-FIVE MY BABY IN REFRESH AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Moonlight’s late Easter Suprise!

Inspired by this post!

Moonlight feels bad for not being here for Easter, so she has decided to go around giving people a suprise!

How do i enter this event?: You must be either a Pokemon or Daily blog to enter. Reblog this post and you will officially enter this event! Likes do not count as entries.

What does this event consist?: Moonlight will be going around peoples inboxes gifting people a pokemon egg that containes a baby pokemon compleatly randomized in a basquet!

What will the pokemon look like?: Mod is being generous and will let the person who recives the pokemon egg decide what it will look like when it hatches!

Are Shinys and Legendarys included?: Yes! However when the basquet is left, it will say if its either a Shiny or Legendary. And if you get a Legendary, you must make it look child like, it can grow up and become strong and how it should look, but it must look baby like when born.

Can i get 2 in the same blog?: No, however it is one per blog, so if you have another blog you want to enter as well, go ahead!

How long will this event go?: Mod will say in a post when she is stopping. So dont worry!

Thats all i have to say! May the suprise commence!