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Despite the constant auditory stimuli, the Gathering is, in some ways, aggressively mellow. This is a bit of a revelation, given that an ICP-sponsored documentary, A Family Underground, portrays the event as a cavalcade of backyard wrestling brawls and partial nudity. These do exist, as does an open narcotics market, called the Bridge, where revelers peddle everything from pot to ecstasy to coke (the park is private property, so no cops are allowed). And things get more ominous at night, when the combination of drugs, face paint, and rented wheels turns the Gathering of the Juggalos into something resembling a Cormac McCarthy-designed game of Mario Kart.

How two Outcast Rappers built an Insane Clown Empire

Extremely good article about the Juggalos, ICP, and the gathering.