hatchet coming

concept: not everyone you meet is a lesson. not everyone hurts you just so you could learn to heal yourself. most of them come with hatchets and hammers and none of them come with gauze, none of them come with Band-Aids or a sewing kit. listen to me, not every pain you feel is part of a bigger plan to force you to learn. stop forgiving people for hurting you because you think they helped you grow. you helped yourself grow. you put all your limbs back in place, put your heart back inside your broken ribs and stitched your own chest up. it was all you. stop giving people who hurt you credit for things they do not deserve.

Garden L4yers

A L4yers of War Series

Y'all… I think this is my favorite chapter. I really hope you all enjoy it! See you on the other side of the line.

Previously: L4yers of Truth

Garden L4yers

Title inspired by: Garden by Emeli Sande (ft. Jay Electronic & Aline Zion)

A rage burns red behind her eyes, it sinks into her veins and pumps a bile of hatred straight into her heart. Her mind blanks as she raises her weapon gaining the warrior in her sight. She shoots several walkers, head-shots. They fall as a blinding envy soaks her with madness, the woman focuses on her true target. A ballerina on the balls of her feet, the samurai dances in and out of her scope, when she finally twirls into range the woman doesn’t hesitate and squeezes the trigger.

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bushlaboo  asked:

Yay! Finally someone I know for sure is taking prompts. Bad ass female story where the guys get caught or stuck somewhere and the ladies, specifically Lyla and Felicity, have to save the day. That would also be a great time for Oliver and Diggle to bury the hatchet. They finally come to terms and are fighting alongside each other to get back home and then BAM, home comes to them.

I really enjoyed this… Such a great prompt thank you! I just hope you guys enjoy it too!

Home Came To Us.

“What do you mean you lost them?” Felicity asked Laurel through the ear piece.

“We were surrounded Felicity, we’re lucky we made it out.” Thea said frantically.

“Laurels got a pretty badly busted arm.”

“Are you okay Thea?”

“I… Just have a few cuts.”

“Can you make it back?”

“Yeh we got the truck but I think we’ll need medical attention.”

“Get back asap, if worse comes to worse you guys go to the hospital.”

“But Felicity, Oliver and Dig.”

“I’ll handle this; they have trackers in their boots. Just get back here or to the hospital in one piece okay?”

“Okay.” Felicity turned to the computers typing furiously before she grabbed her phone.



“We have a situation, I need your help…”

Oliver stood there his back pressed up against the wall, they had completely miscalculated this. The building wasn’t as they expected with its hidden rooms and levels, and a lot more men than they had anticipated. This was one of Damien’s offices, they were going to take a look around but the security and weapons were unbelievable. Now he was trapped, cornered in this closet space. The door flying open had him in a defensive position, bow raised and arrow notched.

“Oliver it’s me.” Diggle said with a grunt.

“You okay?”

“Yeh man, superficial gun shot.” He walked over to him hid behind some of the cabinets. The room wasn’t that small, it had a large window where the moon light shone through and the walls were lined with shelves and cabinets full of cleaning and office supplies. They sat just below the window, both having their weapons ready to hand.

“Did the girls get out?” Oliver asked pulling the hood down.

“Yeh, Laurel looked pretty beat up, and Thea took some heavy blows.” Oliver winced then thinking about his friend and sister injured. “But last I heard before the comms went down was them getting out.”

“Good, at least they’re safe.” Diggle nodded, slowly removing his helmet.

“So what do you think are our chances of getting out alive?” Diggle asked.

“The weapons they have, the fact we have no possible backup…”

“So pretty slim.” Oliver nodded. “And sitting in this closet, this is a good plan?”

“Not really, but I need to take a look at my injuries. I need to look at yours too.”

“It’s just a through and through.” Diggle said trying to brush it off.

“John.” Oliver said and Dig gave him a pointed look. “Let me look please.” He still remained staring at him. “I know I’m not your favourite person but you’re sort of stuck with me.”

“I’ve always been stuck with you Oliver.” He slowly pulled his leather jacket off, wincing as he pulled his arm out. Oliver examined him in the moon light.

“You’re right, but let me bandage it up.” Oliver pulled clothes from the shelves ripping them into smaller pieces tying them around Dig’s arm. “I know you don’t trust me John, and I honestly can’t blame you I ruined that trust… I… I put the most precious things in your life in danger, and I didn’t think about that and I am truly sorry.”

“I know they were never in any real danger Oliver but you crossed a line that I never thought you would.” Oliver nodded sadly. He hated this, he saw John as his brother and he alone had ruined it.

“I know.” He whispered, as he went to clean the cuts on his own arms. “I told you that no matter what happened you’d always be my brother.” Diggle nodded. “That still holds true, I know you’ll never forgive me and rightly so, and I definitely know I will never earn your trust back but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.” Diggle shook his head with a small laugh.

“You know what, as much as I don’t want to forgive you I already have.” Oliver’s mouth fell open. “Lyla, she forgave you pretty much instantly. She told me that she understood that she’d done much worse things with her friends in the past in the name of ARGUS. That clearly no one was in any real danger not with you there.”

“Smart woman.” Oliver said softly.

“Indeed she is. Just like Felicity, she forgave you in an instant too because she loves you… And because she never stopped believing in you.”

“I know. I can never thank her enough for it or you Dig, you were, you are my rock.” Diggle smiled shaking his head. “I am truly sorry.”

“I’m not saying things are completely back to normal, but we can try.”

“Thank you.” Oliver said standing up. He held his hand out to Dig, he glanced at his face then back to his hand before he took it. Oliver helped him to his feet.“Now I’d like to make it up to you if we could make it out of here alive.” Oliver pulled his hood back up grabbing his bow, as Diggle slipped his jacket back on, and pulled his helmet on.

“We can do this.” He said checking his gun.

“Let’s get home. On 3?” Oliver asked and Dig nodded.

“3…2…” Before one even slipped through his lips the window behind them shattered as the door to the closet flew open. An array of bullets flew across the room as Oliver let off an exploding arrow to stun the gunmen. They glanced beside them to see a figure crouched net to them who came through the window.

“Felicity?” Diggle asked a little stunned.

“Yep… Someone had to come through the window and seeing as Lyla’s flying the plane, and Laurels in hospital, just a broken arm but okay, and Theas with her as a back story, car accident but they’ll be okay… Yep me pushed out a plane… From a big height…” Oliver blinked at her and suddenly he was kissing her. His heart hammering at the fact the woman he loved had come to save them. The sound of gun fire all around them had him pulling back and she whimpered for a second her hand tightening on his leather jacket.

“Looks like home came to us.” Diggle smiled as another wave of gunfire shot out through the room.

“Lyla has got ARGUS agents keeping most of the guards busy. You guys need to put these on.” She handed them harnesses and they both hesitated.

“Do we need to ask?”

“Lets just say thank god you aren’t scared of heights.” She shouted over the gun fire. Diggle set off a few rounds as Oliver pulled on his harness and then Oliver let another exploding arrow go, stunning the guards once more. Quickly Felicity unclipped two of the cables attached to her and handed them to the guys.

“So what’s the plan?” Diggle asked.

“We jump out the window pray no one shoots us down whilst we’re being cranked up.” She rushed out, hesitantly stepping up into the window. With a shaky breath she jumped out and instantly Oliver and Diggle followed.

The scene beneath them was chaotic, an array of guns and weapons, fires burning and then came Felicitys voice calling out.

“Hold on! Lyla said she’s pulling us up now and flying off.” Slowly the ropes started to ascend and the plane flew softly off. Felicity swung into Oliver who caught her easily wrapping his arms around her.

“Thanks for saving us.” He whispered.

“We’ll always save our men.” She joked burying her face into his chest. “Now you can save me from these damn heights.” She mumbled and Oliver laughed unable to stop his love for the woman in his arms shining through regardless of the situation.

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New Challenges part 30

I felt like postponing this, because I just don’t want to say goodbye yet, but this is it… the last chapter… I’m not crying, I’m really not… *loud sniffing*… Thank you for sticking with me for 30 chapters! Leave me a message, you beautiful idiots :)

Everyone followed them to Hannah’s place. This needed to be celebrated.

As soon as she got home, Hannah put Alex on the ground, “Go on baby, now you can put on your onesie.”

Alex cheered and ran to her room.

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