Now we know where the booboo came from!

Yeah. Mort isn’t very nice. He’s not particularly interested in how he gets people in his belly… as long as they’re alive enough to squirm he’s happy. What an ass.

Speed  was the name of the game for this page, since I’ve gotten behind on  posting. I think I’ve balanced slightly lower quality, with brushes and  techniques that will continue to increase speed…
The next few pages should be completed faster anyways since they decrease in panels after 23.

I do need to go back and fix Noah’s size on this page. I think he ended up a little small… >>’

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The post about telepathic parasites wouldn't be so creepy if mind-controlling parasites didn't actually exist. Thank the lord I'm not a tarantula or praying mantis, poor arthropod mofo's get all the zombifying worms and body-exploding fungi.

yeah like parasitism of/between arthropods is some of the most bizarre stuff in nature. we’re lucky Our parasites tend to be so comparatively pleasant and unable to completely control our minds, bc a lot of the stuff that preys on arthropods sounds like something out of a sci fi horror story.

like youve got the hairworm that literally forces their hosts to drown themselves

or the cordyceps fungi that makes its host go to an optimal location for it’s growth and then stay there as the fungus sprouts and they die. 

various species of parasitic wasps specifically are all sorts of weirdness too, like laying their eggs in a caterpillar and then making it guard the wasp larvae until it starves to death or a species that zombifies cockroaches by disabling its escape reflex so its larvae can hatch and then feed on it

basically, being an insect is rough

Hatching Time Part Two //Newt Scamander x Creature!Reader

•For part 2 of hatching time, could you add that the reader wakes up in the middle of the night crying for Newt beacause she’s afraid of lighting? That’ll be so fluffy😃😅
Also for that request, you can combine different request for the same story together for the sequel of hatching time btw😮
•To the anon that mentioned about the part 2 to hatching time, I have an idea! Maybe could you add Newt looking for the reader to play with her?😊☺

((I know this is kinda short, but I just loved how it turned out, and I hope you do too!!))

Warnings: None, unless you die of cuteness!!


You had woken up to a loud boom, and instantly sat up, looking out the window. Newt had taken you out of the case, which you thought meant that he really liked you. At least that is what you hoped it meant. Currently you were laying upon the blanket beside Newt. You were quite small, which only made it easier to lay with him. Before you laid back down, your nerves calming, another loud boom came and with it a crack of lightning across the night sky. You let out a yelp and dove under the blanket, your body shaking as you whimpered and cried out. The supposedly sleeping person moved beside you, and shifted the bed. Suddenly the blanket was lifted and Newt’s eyes were staring down at your cowering form, a concerned look in his eyes.
As he saw you, you let out a small whine,looking up at him with large eyes filling with tears. He slowly picked you up, and you happily nuzzled up against his warm chest as he soothed you while petting your head softly. After a little bit, a large yawn escaped you, causing Newt to chuckle, his laugh rumbling in his chest where you laid.
“Someone is getting sleepy, aren’t you little one? Well I think it is time to get some rest once more, and remember that I will be right here.” He whispered, but to you it felt like his voice was rather loud, not that you minded. Over the past few days, you had become very close to him, and have steadily got the hang of chasing after him when he goes to feed the other creatures, even if you stumble over your paws ever once in a while.
While you were thinking, Newt slowly tucked you back under the blanket, smiling as you fell into a rather deep sleep.
The next morning, you jumped out of the bed almost as soon as your eyes were open. You walked up to Newt and softly patted his cheek with your paw, trying to get him to wake up. To your disappointment his eyes stayed shut and you let out a small sound of disapproval before jumping down. You nudged the shed door open and trotted outside, sniffing at the scents around you.
After a few minutes of smelling, you scampered off towards where the niffler was, almost falling over your feet as you stopped at the small burrow. The creature crawled out to meet you and the two of you ran back down the burrow, your paws continued to slip across the gold coins and trinkets. Once down there the two of you seemed to examine many pieces of treasure, especially the newer ones the niffler had.
After a while of messing around with the all the niffler’s stuff, you heard a voice calling. Pricking up your ears, you listened out for it.
“Y/N, where are you.. y/n? Where did you go little one?” Newt called out, his footsteps could be heard in the underground burrow. You got excited and ran out, practically running straight into the long legs of Newt.
“Ah there you are Y/N! Would you like to play a game?” He questioned, and you somewhat understood, so you ran around his legs, jumping up at him. Newt leaned down and picked you up, laughing as you squirmed around in his arms.
The two of you walked out to a field, him setting you down once there. You skipped around, running through flowers before sneezing as Newt chuckled at you. He sat down, which only prompted you to jump at him, making him laugh even more and smile at you. Newt rolled you over, giving you a belly rub and you found yourself in a blissful daze at the pets, before moving back on your feet and snuggling up against the tall wizard.
“Well aren’t you feeling cuddly little one, you’re so very cute.” He whispered to you, giving you a soft kiss on the top of your head. As he laid back all the way, you squirmed your way onto his stomach, waking in a circle before laying down on top of him. His laughs made you move up and down, which only made you happier. His hand patted your head gently, making you relax against him.
You started to become tired, and turned to see Newt. As your eyes slowly closed after a busy morning playing, the last thing you saw was your favorite wizard staring right back down at you with a smile.

I tried to save an ask in a draft and instead tumblr ate it so: in response to “how to ride a whale/dolphin,” you basically need a tiny submarine. The rider sits in a streamlined, pressurized capsule near the blowhole, and has a hatch/fan to let in fresh air whenever the mount surfaces to breathe. There are oxygen canisters for backup/safety reasons, and the “reins” are some sort of corded mechanism that lets you tug gently on the pectoral fins.

This (like all of my unusual mount art lmao) is a fairly hasty design and could use improvements, especially with how cramped the capsule is, but I think I’ve gotten the essentials down. You could also ride without a capsule in a scuba suit, but it would greatly increase drag while swimming.

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Coldwave or Coldflash (or Coldflashwave, your choice), "Accepted" AU (aka We created a fake college to fool our parents and now there's a bunch of other people here who think it's real)

Also not familiar with the original of this, but sure! Going with coldflash since I’ve filled so many coldwave ones already.

1 - The original scheme is hatched by Barry, Iris, Cisco, Catilin and Eddie. Len is recruited because as an older man, he can convincingly pass as professor/dean/etc. and is willing to do it in exchange for a date with Barry. Barry spends a lot of time blushing.

2 - Barry and Len had a meet-cute shortly before this begins, but Len was reluctant to date Barry because he was concerned with ‘corrupting’ him, since Len is still totally a thief in this universe. Once Barry brought him into the fake college plan, Len is totally on board with dating, since Barry is clearly of the criminal bent like him.

3 - When people start demanding to see more of the college, Barry panics. Len hates it when Barry panics and offers to see what he can do. He ends up calling his long-term criminal partner, who has been running with a different outfit while Len recovers from an injury, for help.

4 - said long-term criminal partner agrees to play the part of the chemistry professor. said long-term criminal partner’s new outfit - which is actually more of a treasure hunting squad than an actual criminal unit - hear “be a college professor” and become over-enthusiastic. This outfit is the Legends. Stein volunteers to play physics professor, Sara has feelings about English literature that no one was aware of, her sister Laurel offers to teach a law class, Nate covers various types of history classes, Amaya offers social history and biology classes, Ray knows mechanical engineering, Felicity shows up at some point to take over comp sci (she’s an old buddy of Len’s).

5 - it’s all Ray’s fault that it goes wrong because he’s still a crazy billionaire and just offers to make it a real college. Laurel gets them the accreditation while everyone is still confused by the offer. They are now the smallest liberal arts/STEM college in Central City. Barry and the rest have no idea how it happened, but hey! they’re not complaining.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: It's snowing in your building

What a hell of a night. I get here at 3, nonstop calls and check-ins, don’t get around to opening my drawer and doing call arounds until 3:20. Shortly after a gentleman informs me that my emergency hatch is open in one of my stairwells and that it’s snowing in the building. Just great! I called managers until I got permission to call my maintenance guy in because 2nd and 3rd shift are entirely alone in the building. He finally gets here and fixes it after I rushed around to put down towels, a wet floor sign and an OOO sign.

The madness doesn’t end there though. I had to turn away an Expedia check-in because she was under 21 and get a lovely, “I’m calling on behalf of our mutual guest” call.

A bit later I get an in-house guest who comes up for soap and shampoo. NBD, it’s the usual. Or so I thought. This gentleman then proceeds go tell me he’s a psychic and read me.

All in all an interesting night so far. 2 hours until I go home. Let’s see what other madness the gods bestow on me tonight.

By: Gypsy-Soul94

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Imagine Mycroft playing pirates with Sherlock

“ARRRGGHH! MAN-DOWN THE HATCHES AND SWAB THE POPP DECK YA MANGY DOGS!” bellows the tiny terror struggling to keep his pirate hat tilted just so atop his curly mop of a head and little boot on top on a rock in what could be a supposed dramatic pose.

With his head held high against the afternoon sun and wooden blade swinging wildly he calls out more demands with his sword swishing at every word.

Today we fight the crown where ya all can prove your worth to me!”

“Plot a course!”

“Get my ship ready!”

“Someone get my meat and rum!” 

He slips momentarily as his boot had stepped in mud earlier but manages to correct his footing and draw into another majestic pose.

“First mate Homes!” Captain Holmes demands, “Where is my meat and rum?”

Mycroft putting down his ‘mop’ to give his brother his most solemn look, “It would be in the galley. The cook seems to be busy tending to the crew’s lunch. Shall I go fetch it for you?”

“Indeed you should!” Sherlock commands plopping himself once more on the rock with his posterior this time in waiting for his meal.

It had been like this well before 8 a.m. as Sherlock’s little friend from down the street who would normally play pirates with had to visit his grandparents out on the coast for the week.

Since then Mycroft had been the replacement first mate; bending to his brother’s whims, trying to keep up with him through his elaborate games and minding his safety despite often forgetting his own. (And that knee still stung from sliding down the quarry trying to keep Sherlock from slipping down himself!)

It had been a rough start so far but even now Mycroft couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t enjoying himself.

For the longest time Sherlock had fallen from playing with him in favor of the new boy and for a time Mycroft was fine with that. He was a busy man after all. Mycroft had advanced classes to take, homework to do, connections to make that he couldn’t always drop anything to play with Sherlock anymore however, it did make him terribly lonely at times.

After all Mycroft may deal with very important business but he wasn’t old just yet. Sometimes he missed being a carefree kid alongside his brother and just playing about in the yard. It wasn’t something he could freely admit without scrutiny from his parents or peers so this stint with Sherlock was the best excuse as any.

Where’s my lunch cabin boy?” Sherlock screeched impatiently on his rock. 

Mycroft resists the urge to roll his eyes skyward in fear of losing them completely. “Coming Captain,” he calls over his shoulder trying to retrieve their sandwich’s from under the trash of Sherlock’s earlier snacking.

“That’s Captain Holmes to you,” Sherlock corrects and Mycroft just barely restrains the urge to clock his baby brother with his lunch.

“Coming Captain Holmes,” Mycroft corrects himself as he now has both lunches and bottles of ginger beer underneath an armpit. Its frigid to the point where he’s likely to drop it but knows better than to hear Sherlock cry over the loss of his sugary beverage.

Sherlock makes little movement to give Mycroft any space on the rock but Mycroft doesn’t mind as he makes space in the shade beside it.

It’s quiet for a few moments with only the hurried munches of Sherlock eager to get back to playing in the sweltering autumn sun.

Mycroft forgoes eating his sandwich to take in the scenery.

The fresh country air, the sunlight kissing  their skin, the wind caressing them and jostling Sherlock’s hat (much to his annoyance) and the sight of Sherlock enjoying his companionship.

Days like these will be the ones I’ll remember forever, Mycroft thinks knowing that by the end of the week he’ll have to go back to school and fall back into his boring routines but for now Mycroft was the first mate of Captain Holmes, scrounge of the seven seas and only a child for a short while.

Where do ball python morphs come from?

There seems to be this huge misunderstanding that every ball python morph sold somehow comes from mutations of normals in captivity. (this is seriously a widespread belief, not just referencing that other post)
This is not so! Most- seriously SO MANY- of the morphs actually are imported from wild caught animals or hatched in captivity from wild caught females.
To this day pastels, hypos, yellowbellies, cinnamon, and many other existing morphs (including recessives) are found in the wild and imported to create new lines.

When the season comes around, you can take a look at importers, such as Outback Reptiles, who will list unique looking individuals and sell them to those looking for the next new morph. They also tens to receive several wild caught pastels, hypos, and possible other morphs like fire.

On occassion, someone may receive a strange looking normal ball python and attempt to prove the gene out as heritable. The animals that do prove genetic are few and far between. Most normals just end up being a variation or have patterning influenced by incubation temperatures.

apart from me is space.
apart from me is a hatch in which leads to space.
it is odd to have to go down to get to space.

I Promise You I Promise You I Promise You

in my efforts to mail letters i have discovered my handwriting is awful.
what am i to do about this?
apart from me is space.

born left-handed and corrected to be right-handed

high noon and the duel begins, high noon and that duel
both guns pointed at guns and teeth

Do you know the reason they think about me in such a way
it is cause i am a witch
they burned me once near a lake, but they will not burn me again
Do you know the lord and savior loves you, his name is
they drowned me once near where they burned me
there is a piano at the bottom of the lake
someone is playing Rachmaninoff.

swam to the piano player
did not get there in time.

the third time they said I Promise You I Promise You I Promise You

@bluebirswing tagged me to say 5 things i like about myself and then tag 10 of my favourite people. The post was super long though so i didn’t reblog and just started again.

1 My eyes bc they work really well and i am thankful for that because i would lose glasses every second day
2 My singing voice, because it’s very terrible and that makes people laugh and not be so self-conscious about their own
3 My legs because I have two of them and they carried me through all sort of shit as well as to beautiful destinations
4 My constant failure in everything math-related, because it keeps me grounded and let’s face it - i am arrogant enough already
5 My confidence because it’s hard earned and took so many years to hatch&grow

And I tag the fist ten people who like this bc i sure as hell ain’t choosing between my kids