hatchback eg


Even though it took forever to follow through with this, we finally got all four of my old DR-27’s on Tom’s Civic.

Honestly I was getting real sick of going out of my way to help my friends with their cars because they weren’t showing much appreciation for my efforts, but Tom was different.  Tom has a very kind and loving heart, and we actually connect pretty well and have a lot of the same outlooks on life.  He wanted to do something for me so he gave me his old tires to use for drifting because I’m always going through so many, and he took me out to lunch after I helped him wash his car for the first time since he bought it.

Helping Tom out with this was very refreshing, he works very hard for himself and his family and doesn’t have half the luxuries I do.  He was so stoked to finally do something cool with his car, seeing the look on his face and hearing the enthusiasm in his voice made me very happy.

Here’s to you buddy.