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Timelapse view of bird hatching, Valencia Museum

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I love this moment so much because Newt is so crazy and loving for his newborn shrinky bird snek but also because he looks at Jacob like I know you don’t know what’s happening right now but isn’t this just the best thing ever??? and Jacob is totally here for it


Lines, patience and good music ✍🏽️🎶❤️#ink #lines #wip #beatles #illustration #ilustracion #diegoandradeart #artistoninstagram #instaart #wings #bird #animals #hatching

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The path to a perfect racing chocobo is a long, unnatural road

Other than “because it is there,” there’s little reason to level a racing chocobo. It’s a very good source of MGP, but there are easier ways to make it. There are a few titles and a set of barding that come from it, but the number of hours you have to put towards doing it are insane. 

That being said, if you’re interested in getting a perfect chocobo, here’s some info on the process.

First, what’s a perfect chocobo? A G9 (generation 9+) bird with perfect stats, the stars:

That means your attributes will have a cap of 500:

I just hatched this bird this evening, so he’s not leveled at all yet.

Generations 1-9 are easy. You have your starting bird, level it up to 40, retire it, buy a breeding card from the NPC in the racing area, then go to Bentbranch and breed it.

Take that bird, level it up to 40, retire it…  Repeat nine times.

When you have a G9 bird, then the work really starts. Now you take your two best hatchlings from each breeding, level both up to 40, then breed them.  Each breeding chocobo pair makes a max of 10 hatchlings.

Take the best two hatchlings from that breeding, level both up to 40, breed them… etc.

Yes, incest. Yes, a hell of a lot of incest. After G9, you will only ever breed brother to sister. Somehow this makes a better bird.  #gamelogic

In my case, I got the perfect bird on the 21st generation. That means I leveled 33 birds to level 40. Leveling one bird to 40 takes many hours…

(In truth, my bird is only 95% perfect. The best Preferred Weather is rain, and mine has fair. However I just cannot bring myself to level two more birds to max and maybe not even get a perfect stats bird out of it, let alone the right weather. In my 10 final breedings, I had only 1 with perfect stats.)

I made almost a million MGP leveling up my bird. I have three racing challenges left to do, which will gain me 150K more MGP… not that I really needed it.

By the time I finish leveling this last bird, I’ll have completed these achievement/title:

And I earned this mask along the way as well:

Fun fact: Every chocobo I raised, all 33 of them, had Something Biscuit names. I was going to name this last one either Biscuit or Biscuit Biscuit, but Alpha Biscuit seemed best.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment/send me an ask. I don’t consider myself an expert on chocobo racing, but there’s so little information out there about it, sometimes every resource helps.


2 day old baby Emu that was beautifully prepared for the collections.

Hello! I work for my school’s natural history collections so I understand all the laws and have all the permits I need to care for my dead things. This piece is not a personal collection piece but the schools.

Finnish mythology series: Ilmatar

In the Finnish national epic Kalevala, Ilmatar [‘ilma’; Finnish word for 'air’] was a virgin spirit of the air:

At first there were only primal waters and Sky, who also had a daughter named Ilmatar. One day, seeking a resting place, Ilmatar descended to the waters. There she floated for 700 years until she noticed a beautiful bird searching for a place to lay her eggs. Ilmatar raised her knee for the bird. The bird then laid her eggs, six made of gold and one made of iron, on her knee. As the bird hatched the eggs, Ilmatar’s knee got burned by the heat and she jerked her leg. The eggs fell and shattered in the water. Land was formed from the lower part of one of the eggshells while sky formed from the top. The egg whites turned into the moon and stars, and the yolk became the sun.
     Ilmatar spent another few hundred years floating around the waters, admiring the results of these broken eggs until she could not resist the urge to continue the creation. Her footprints became pools and simply by pointing her finger she created contours of the land. She made all that is. One day she gave birth to Väinämöinen, the first man, whose father was the sea.”


Do you know how the cuckoo bird survives? By preying on a mother’s weakness. The cuckoo bird is too clever to raise its young. Instead, it sneaks its eggs into the nests of simpler birds. So, when they hatch… the mother bird is fooled. She feeds them, nurtures them.

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Dawww, hungry birds.


I was going to wait and make a surprise but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do ir anymore, so I’m just sharing it with you all already: MAMA ALICE

Anxious times are these, worries about alice laying eggs, worries about the babies, worries about the parents…
I believe there are 3 fertilized eggs, those that aren’t fertilized are marked. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see them hatch, which is another anxiety, my mother is gonna take care of them and I’m gonna give her a set of instructions. I’ll ask her to try to take pics of the babies.

ps.: super floofs for them babies