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(warning: long story)

When I was just out of high school and still living at home I took a summer job working at my favorite dive restaurant. I had been going they’re for years and didn’t know that the owner had sold the place to someone else who didn’t change the name or menu.

The place was really small so often times it was just me (a waitress) and the cook, somedays I made a killing and other days the place was dead.

The boss seemed really laid back when I started. This was his first business and didn’t have a whole lot of management experience but since he only had 4 employees and we were all competent it wasn’t a big deal.

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Huntress 2

Had a request for a continuation of the huntress story, so i put something together. It could probably keep going further if people want… so… see what you think.


The following is composed of excerpts retrieved from the logs found in the remains of rescue vessel fgd-22583. Compiled, organized, and annotated for inquiry 894438hf.

Log# 44889390hjk43- fgd-22583 contacted by command and rerouted to intercept and investigate the loss of contact with research vessel rhd-777421. Eta- 3 cycles to contact target.

**-Note- transcript of reroute orders available under appendum 4, orders do not mention nature of rhd’s research, nor does it note the brief activation of rhd’s emergency beacon.**

Capt. Contact report- Rhd detected and approached. No visible signs of damage, or violence. Scans indicate hull is uncompromised, however main power appears to be offline. Minimal life support appears to be active on secondary particle decay power system. No response to hails. Boarding team assembled and shuttlecraft deployed.

*transcript from video record of commander of boarding team ‘Comdr. Tuluth’*

Tuluth- “It’s cold in here. (image shows Hatch is heavily frosted over.). Do you have that door wired up?”

Pvt hervs- “Almost Sir. It’s cumbersome in these gloves.”

(Door opens, revealing a hallway lit by emergency lighting)

The smell was what hit them first. A cloying metallic stink that their bodies reacted to instinctively with revulsion. It was the scent of danger… of messy and violent death. They reflexively shut their nose slits to the onslought. “Damn that stinks.” Hervs said, stating the obvious.

“Keep sharp. Something bad happened here.”

“Think they were attacked?”hervs whispered

“I don’t see any signs of being boarded or attacked. No weapon damage to the hull, or signs of much fighting here.” Tuluth said, moving into the hall, weapon at the ready.

The ship was eerily silent, Tuluth began shouting to try to rouse any survivors. His voice echoed flatly against the walls, and brought no responses. He keyed the com link with a clawed thumb. “There’s no sign of the crew. We’re going to go to engineering and see if we can restart main power. I don’t see anything wrong with the ship. Maybe we can pull up records.”

“Affirmative.” The captain’s voice crackled over the com.

They were just becoming more comfortable, and began walking faster through the halls. They nearly walked through the first section of old smeared blood dried against the decking before they realized what they were looking at. The sheer volume of area covered was unexpected. “With an edge of surprise and shock, Tuluth keyed the mic again. “We have blood on the floor. A lot of it. No body though.”

“Perhaps after you get power up, the next stop should be medical.” The captained responded.


They found themselves beginning to move steadily faster to the engineering section, before skidding to an abrupt and horrified halt outside the door.

“Holy Egg.” Hervs said breathlessly. “Those are bones!”. He was correct. Bones of the crew were piled haphazardly along the sides of the hallway.

Tuluth leaned down and picked up a skull. These were not simply bodies that had fallen. These bodies had been dismembered, and cast about. Scratches on the skull suddenly clicked in his mind. “These have been cannibalized.”

“What?” Hervs said looking at the bones with somehow even greater horror.

“They were eaten. Those scratches are knife marks.” He looked up at the door to engineering. “Engineering would be the warmest part of the ship, near the particle decay core. If they are still here, they are probably in there.” He gestured to the sealed door looming before them. They girded themselves and pressed forward. Tuluth keyed in the code, and the door parted, revealing what could only be described as a house of horrors. Hervs reflexively vomited on the floor before him.

The remaining bodies of the crew had been butchered. The meat must have been kept frozen elsewhere in a colder section of the ship, but here the work of separating edible from not had been done. Gore streaked panels sat before them, and a partially dismembered corpse hung from the network of conduits above them. “Egg. What madness happened here?” Hervs whispered.

“Someone must have gone insane, and murdered the others.” Tuluth responded.

“Are they still here?” His eyes were wide and searched the room.

“Could be. Keep your guard up. Lets just get tHe logs loaded and leave. Let someone else untie this mess.” Tuluth stepped carefully into the room, and quickly found the needed console. Relieved, he could see it was already active. He connected his com unit, and initiated the information transfer.

“Did you hear that?” Hervs said starting to pant with panic.

Tuluth strained his tympanic membranes, but detected nothing unexpected. “I just hear the ship thermally creaking.”

“I thought something moved.”

“Lets just hurry.”

Excerpt from Capt. log- **Upon review of the boarding party’s recommendation, the target ship has been tagged for salvage with a note of severe biocontamination from crew remains. Beacon has been affixed and activated. Recovered data regarding several weeks of intensive testing done on one of two unidentified organisms has been included with the dispatch and final report returned to command involving this incident.**

360 Centicycles after contact with the derelict craft, engineering began noting an unusual level of subsystem failures. Life support, thermal regulators, and internal illumination, all suffered a 500% increase in minor failures reported throughout the ship. Why this was not noted by engineering staff is unknown. The failure of the main communication array and location beacon is the first system failure properly logged, noted, and responded to in any recorded capacity. Ensign Yuta, was dispatched to make repairs via access shaft 67.

*Note following partial autopsy report*

Medical casualty report, 34. Ensign Yuta. Apparent cause of death is extreme electrocution and accompanying heat damage. Burns are extraordinarily severe, carbonizing approximately 85% of all tissue. Official cause of death- misadventure.

A log note in engineering was made indicating that during the second attempt to repair the array, it was observed that the death of Yuta had caused secondary damage to the array, and repairs were deemed impossible at the time. Wording used by repair crew included,”Torn to pieces” “ripped out” and “unlike any simple failure {they had} ever seen”. No other logs were made which indicated mechanical issues, prior to the cessation of main power, and any official logs.

The following was drawn from the personal recording device of Commander Ojoft. Timestamp on the recording indicates that only 60 Centicycles had passed since power failure.

“It’s in the walls. ITS IN THE WALLS!!!” Ultge screamed, firing his rifle blindly into the ceiling and walls until all of his ammunition was spent. Ojoft covered his head, and stayed low behind the piled debris he was using for cover. “EGG! Ultge! Calm down!” Ojoft yelled, hands still over his membranes.

“Calm!?! How can we be calm!? Whatever killed everyone on that ship came here, and now it’s killing us! WE’RE DEAD ALREADY!! WE’RE ALLL DEAD!!” Ultge ran from the room screaming, disappearing down the darkened hallway before suddenly falling silent with a gurgling chirp. Ojoft stared into the darkness, barely breathing. A small round object spun back from the hallway, rolling roughly along the deck. Ultge”s head came to a stop before blinking once at him. Ojoft froze. The human strode out of the darkness, and into the room. Blood-slicked, muscular, and wide shouldered, it was slightly smaller than Ojoft himself. It was brandishing Ultge’s spent rifle like a club. It waved the rifle in the air, and called out loudly. He was watching the human, terrified, and heard the sound above him far too late. The last thing Ojoft ever saw, was the smaller human, squealing and barking a maddening pattern of titters, falling upon him from the vent it had crawled through. Its soft, yet frustratingly resilient skin stretched rather than tore as his thicker skin did. Her paws dug into him, tearing and rending him. He didn’t even have time to scream.


It is the opinion of this council, following review of the logs and reports following this incident which resulted in the loss of two fully crewed interstellar vessels, that the organisms classified as “Humans” Should be avoided at all cost. No further specimens are to be collected, and any planet found to contain them is to be blacklisted for indefinite quarantine. It has also come to the attention to the council that a full shuttlecraft is unaccounted for in the review of debris. Location of this shuttlecraft should be made a priority activity for the good of the race.

GoSpark Idea

Cos really… Playing Pokemon Go gets you to ship the male trainer and Spark. Some more, there are really cool art works out there.

So what if…

Spark: /walking with Go when the Pokemon egg in his hands hatch/

Spark: /shows the new Pokemon to Go/ We have a new baby!

Go: /holds the Pokemon/ I shall take responsibility.

Candela: /snickers/ How many times have they done that?

Go: /in the background/ I’m a father!

Blanche: /sighs/ Let them be. It probably won’t get old with them.

infinitelystrangemachinex  asked:

"It's either this or you sleep in the tub."/"Alright. Get up here." - just one piece will dooooo, bruh (ObiYuki probs)

Zen is the first.

“It looms like the Sword of Damocles,” he mutters. “I just have to get it over with.”

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Ronin Character Sheets and

thx @malaroots​ for creating a ref sheet!!


Name: Aya ( 理 )
Age: 23
Gender: F
Spirit: Firefly


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Haircut: Ponytail (with bangs and loose strands on the sides)
Height: 170 cm or 5′7 ft

RELATIONSHIPS - How much does the Ronin like their companions? Would they trust them to have their back? Do they trust them at all? Would they consider a romantic relationship with them or would they keep things strictly platonic?


 She keeps a closer eye on Masashi because, part of her tells her “it’s your job,” while the other says “he’s only a kid.” Aya isn’t afraid to let him do what he wants and tell him what he needs to know. Seeing him improve his, shugenja powers, she’s more than just proud and impressed…but she’s a bit wary of it. 

  As their journey ventures, she grows more attached to the kid and believes that one day, she could turn around without worry, knowing that he’s going to be more than capable in having her back. well if tht time ever comes. she doesnt really depend on him rn.

  Protecting Masashi holds…meaning–a childish innocence. She projects herself in him and knows that the world is cruel. So, she spares her candid tongue for the sake of purity. 

  Romance–Uhhhh, she likes to tease the kid and finds him cute, sometimes? She thought about the possibility and wouldn’t mind waiting for the kid, if her feelings ever blooms into something more. But right now, she sees him more as a her grandson


  Their relationship was rocky at the start. Being tested to battle some ruffians without so much as to leave a couple of coins–nah, wasn’t going to fly with her. Though, after going through the whole ‘emperor’s dream’ and ‘spirits are real’ mumbo jumbo…she let that whole thing slide. 

  She does oogle longer than she should when they’re alone and doesn’t deny that he is attractive. This emotionless statue isn’t just for staring, though. She’ll say a few things just to get a reaction out of him and the group. More or less, successful than naught, which amuses her.

  Aya doesn’t completely trust him either, but trusts to know how to get them out of a tough situation. She feels that he doesn’t even fully trust her, so she’s always on her toes when he wants to ask about things he doesn’t need to know. 

  However, she’s aware that his intentions are for the best and they were able to understand one another as time goes on. Toshio was someone she was able to have those heart-to-heart conversations with. Learning a little more about the missions and life from each other.  

  Hand touching, shoulder-to-shoulder, in your face–this guy… She won’t lie, she enjoyed those little moments. A romantic relationship, huh? It doesn’t sound so bad.


  Her proclaimed “best friend” and drinking buddy. She actually really like the guy. Aya was relieved she wasn’t the only one who knew street smarts–well, less smarts and more street…fighting. Least, she wasn’t also, the only one who knew how to shed a few blood. She takes comfort in knowing that they had some similarities.

   Hatch is a doofus who wears his heart on his sleeveless top. However, Aya finds his gullibility to very troublesome. But when they’re not in danger, she’ll take those harmless chances to play little tricks on him, once in awhile. Sees him as this..better version of herself, so is envious of his kind-hearted and trusting character. she’s the foil

  She doesn’t mind giving him a couple words of wisdom and helping him out when he needs something, if it raises a nose. There seems to be a soft spot around here somewhere. Can trust him to knock a few heads together, wander on his own and call out to rescue Momoko.

  If Hatch hadn’t showed that he cared for her well-being, she wouldn’t be feeling the little frustration in her heart. She didn’t need a strong, smelly knight in obsidian armor, but boy…did it skipped a few beats. She can probably see a possible relationship, but knowing that he’d propose after meeting someone for a couple of weeks….maybe, a one night instead…


  Their first meeting was just as problematic for Aya as meeting Hatch at that back alley, but even more so when you’re dotted with poison. Pretty uncharacteristic of her to jump in the way of that dart, but it was more like mindless reflex.  

  Despite everything, Aya was captivated by her intelligence and…busts. She was a huge help to the group and wouldn’t mind laying on her lap another time. A woman doctor? Don’t see that much around, but neither do demons, spirit realms, or an ex-assassin-turned-bodyguard, so, it’s whatever..  

  They also share similarities in regards to tragic backstories. After everything that happened with Shiroyama, she can trust her to an extent when it comes down to formulating a plan and it’s execution. Aya will unconsciously check up on Momoko every once in awhile.

   Aya wasn’t dense. So, finding out Momoko had broke out of their contraband of friendship, for…her? The signs were there, but… how could someone bring themselves to love her? When she confessed, Aya couldn’t return it after recent events and a scar she couldn’t stomach to bear. It was…a nice feeling, though. To be loved by someone. It pains her swollen heart.


  A bug that keeps buzzing–they have history, no doubt about it. He was a childhood friend, another student of Gensai and her first love. Neither titles were a good thing in her book. 

  [tbh, i dont have a relationship description rdy for them yet bc i’d rather wait for connell’s story to continue to adapt into.]]


Any special backstory to their name? What does it mean?

  Aya, intended to mean “colorful,” by her parents, but written as “truth” by Gensai. She never delved too much into the meaning, but takes solace in knowing that it’s a normal and common name. unlike her backstory amirite. what a mess

What do they wear? Do any of their clothing hold any special significance?

  She wears an old, torn black kimono with a red undergarment + hakama and a beige wrap. Also a couple of limb armor, for protection. 

  The only thing that’s worn for sentimental value is the black kimono from when she had trained under Gensai.

Does the Ronin have any noteworthy physical traits or scars?

  Pretty fit and slim, with a lot of scars on her body. Has a couple of roughed up lines on her face from fights she’s been in, but can be washed and treated. Other than that, not many that are noteworthy. except for that stomach scar

How does the Ronin behave and/or speak around strangers? How do they behave and/or speak around their companions or people they trust?

  Usually, Aya doesn’t start talking, until you do. On occassion, she’ll step up, if she has business with you.

  The way she speaks to strangers and her companions aren’t much different: witty comments, smirky lines and hints of light sarcasm. Only more cautious and assertive with strangers. Aya is typically charming, so she can keep the flow of conversation along with her tantalizing. 

  She’ll divert attention or will be completely silent if she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about certain topics.

Are they extroverted or introverted?

  Mixed, but leaning towards introverted. Aya is more outgoing when there’s drinks on the table, but she mainly keeps to herself.

What would the Ronin’s alignment be (Neutral-Good? True Neutral? Etc.)? Why?

  True Neutral, because she does want she wants regardless of consequences. She doesn’t care about what people think at this point. Unless you’ve made an impact on her, she’ll keep her actions in mind.

What do they like? Dislikes? Is there any reason why they like/dislike it?

  Likes massages (she tries to convince Masashi to give her massages, and sometimes she’s successful), dumplings, stories/tales, and spending a couple of ryo on cho-han. The smell of miso and watching things that glow (stars, lanterns, bugs, fire, etc.) also brought her comfort.

  Dislikes heights, rust, and listening to wind chimes. She used to love the sound of those metal jiggles, but it brought back dark memories. Also, politics; never cared too much for those either.

Does the Ronin have any hobbies? Are they good at it?

  Fishing, singing, whittling… a simple country gal. She’s pretty good at singing, whistling and sometimes find herself humming to sleep–something she used to do to put Jun to sleep.

  However, not so good at whittling. It was a hobby she picked up when loitering outside the Hashimoto estate with Masashi. Would always end up making some sort of sharp stake rather than the fish from the pond as intended, but still practices in her spare time. 

Does the Ronin have any unique quirks?

   Aya pays attention to details, but very briefly, which makes it hard for her to stay focus on something unless she forces herself to concentrate. (Which could be why she’s not so great at whittling.) Will notice the little scars, the lines on wood, texture of hair, the smell of blood–she’d be really good at wine-tasting–but would move on from things very quickly.

  Shakes her leg, clicks her tongue, and secretly believes in fortune-telling.

What is the Ronin bad at? Are they embarrassed by it? How would they react if their companions pointed it out to them?

  Reading, because she can’t, but is only embarrassed when it’s pointed out in a room full of people. 

  Also, sleep-talking; tells herself that she shouldn’t be too surprised, because she knows that she does it a lot, but still reacts shockingly and sometimes, flustered if someone mentions it.

What frustrates the Ronin? What do they usually do to calm themselves down?

  Trash talking. She does it a lot from time to time herself, but no one, in general, likes it if it’s directed at herself or her friends, unless they’re looking for a beating. Also, having to constantly repeat herself and questions she doesn’t want to answer.

  Aya calms herself down by cleaning her sword, taking a walk, or drinking.

What makes the Ronin happy? Is it something small or something extravagant? Something tangible or abstract?

  When people praise her for doing something. She’ll sheepishly grin or smirk and feel good for awhile.

  Catching a big fish or having a huge feast at the table. Listening and strumming string instruments also, makes her a happy.

What does their voice sound like? Do you have a headcanon for them?

  I’ve always imagined a smooth, but deep voice. My headcanon would be Miyuki Sawashiro, aha. Roles like Bishamon from Norgami, Celty from DRRR, Seo Yuzuki from GSNK, etc–are more like how I imagined it. 

  She has a nice singing voice, too.

Any other headcanons about the Ronin?

  • Personality-wise, she’s more suited for the drifter trait, but has a protective streak in some instances. 
  • The sketchy ref sheet above shows three stages of Aya in her life. from how I’d like to imagine it at least (right-to-left).
    • Last img is Aya losing control of the Jigoku Itto-Ryo before running away from Jun and Gensai.
    • Middle img is her currently during her travels to eliminate the spirits.
    • First img is like a future version of Aya when she’s finally at peace with her life and powers.


Did Ume-Ume leave her home? Stayed.

Who was poisoned? The Ronin or Hatch? Aya.

Who grabbed Momoko before she fell? Hatch.

Who did the Ronin request for? The Shinto or Jijinto guard? The Shinto.

Did the Ronin spare or kill Daisuke? Spared.

Did the Ronin let Momoko save her work? Saved her work.


How did the Ronin deal with Jun/Junko’s return throughout the book? Haha.. Wild party, man…

How well did the Ronin fair during the first shogi tournament? Flying colors, actually.

What was the final fate of the Gold General, Anzai Sukenobu? Beheaded him.

Did the Ronin try to set up Momoko and Hatch together? Why or why not? Not at first, but eventually did, because it was hard to say no to the kid.

Did the Ronin let Masashi/Masami cast the spell to help with the date? Yup.

How did the Ronin react to Momoko’s confession? Did they try to stop her from leaving? Didn’t return the feelings, told her to stay, but let her go in the end.

Did they visit with the Baron? Ye, but left after painting.

inktober 6

rahaha I tricked you all, I’m posting this early!!

so. I’m gonna be real, I don’t really like how this came out. I’m ok with that, if I’m drawing every single day not all of them are gonna be masterpieces and sometimes I just wanna experiment. at first I was trying to recreate the feeling of doodling with ballpoint pen, e.g. no erasing, scribbling/hatching to show shading and texture. 

well… it looked cooler in my head than what I could actually do with it. the concept of “inktober” fast got away from me once I started scribbling in orange and this sorta turned into just a regular old digital painting. and then i had the bright idea to motion blur things since i was already going ham and lost a ton of the pen detail that i wanted in the first place!!!!!! jeez there’s just a lot I don’t like about this.

so I would like to revisit these guys (they deserve better) and more bloodborne or dark souls things but I will not be doing this style again 😞 lesson learned

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Pokemon Go Headcanon

~I caught a Tauros!!! I was only going to do five members of overwatch. I got carried away. 


  • Has nearly been arrested once already for sulking around a graveyard.
  • It’s okay though, he caught a Gastly. He named him Grim. 
  • Still searching for the rest of the ghost type pokemon. He won’t stop. No matter how many police officers he has to evade. 
  • Wants a gengar really badly. 


  • She loves that people are getting in touch with nature again and exercising.
  • She’s encouraged every Overwatch member to play the game for both fun and their health.
  • Has “Go bags” ready if anyone needs a bag full of healthy snacks and water to take with them while pokemon hunting.
  • She loves dropping lures.
  • Caught a Chansey for her first pokemon (not counting starter). She named her Miss Medicine. 


  • Already has all of the available pokemon. 
  • No one knows how. 


  • Flew all the way back to australia to get a kangaskhan
  • Wouldn’t come home until he found one.
  • It took him two weeks.


  • Disappeared for a week after the game came out. 
  • Just flat out disappeared. The game announced. He downloaded it. Walked out the door. Gone for a week. No calls. No note. 
  • Came back with 56 pokemon and three eggs ready to be hatched. 
  • Proudly showed his collection for the next four days. 

Soldier 76

  • Caught three pidgys and five rattatas.
  • that’s all that’s in his area. 
  • he doesn’t understand why the game is popular. 
  • He’s willing to drive the younger members around to areas outside of the city so they can get more Pokemon. 


  • Got a boat and paddled into the ocean to get more water type pokemon.
  • had a run in with the coast guard but it was worth it. He caught a Gyarados.
  • Has captured a gym nearby the base. 
Throwback Thursday

This is something I must have drawn in 7th grade (1997-1998). 

I think this was supposed to be a watercolor/dip pen project, where we had to use cross-hatching to show some perspective, shading and form. I guess I wasn’t happy with the buildings on their own because I added a bunch of gryphons. 

I loved gryphons Back In The Day.