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Willem Arondeus was a Dutch resistance fighter who gave his life trying to protect his Jewish countrymen from the Nazis.

Born in Amsterdam in 1895, Willem was one of six children. From a young age, he was a talented artist and his parents encouraged his creativity, until he came out as homosexual at age 17.

In a time when nearly all gay people were in the closet, Willem’s parents could not accept his choice to live openly. Their rejection led Willem to run away from home.

On his own, Willem took odd jobs and eventually became a successful visual artist and writer. He was commissioned to paint a mural for Rotterdam’s town hall, in a style that combined modern abstract painting with a traditional Dutch motif. Willem was a well-respected author who published a popular biography of Dutch painter and political activist Matthijs Maris.

In 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands. Willem immediately joined the resistance movement, and urged his fellow artists to fight against the Nazi occupation. WIllem published illegal anti-Nazi pamphlets calling for mass resistance against the Germans.

Willem was especially committed to saving Amsterdam’s Jewish community. Bringing in others to the cause, Willem arranged for Dutch Jews to be hidden in people’s homes. He used his artistic skills to create false identity papers.

In 1943, Willem hatched a brazen plan. Dressed as a German Army captain, and with 15 men behind him, Willem boldly marched into the Public Record Office, where lists identifying people as Jews were kept. Willem drugged the guards and planted a firebomb. The resulting blaze destroyed tens of thousands of documents, and delayed or prevented many Jews from being identified by the Nazis.

Unfortunately, Willem was captured by the Germans and sentenced to death. Willem’s last words before being executed in July, 1943 were, “Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards.”

In 1986 Yad Vashem recognized Arondeus as Righteous Among the Nations.

Because of his sexual orientation, Willem’s story was omitted from Dutch history books. Only in the last 20 years has his courage become widely known.

You ask him to help you unzip the back of your dress because you can’t get it (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -the boys were convinced you didn’t exist because he never brought you over to meet them except for tonight because you were going to stay over. The two of you arrived just a view before the other boys did so when the boys entered to see Seungcheol sitting there watching tv they were teasing him about his “date”. ‘Oppa can you unzip my dress’ rang through the dorm leaving all the boys shocked- “coming jagi”

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Jeonghan: -you hated dressing up but Jeonghan was very happy to see you in a dress so you thought it was ok then. So as soon as you got back to your place you were trying to reach the zipper on the back of the dress, so you began wondering how you even got it on and let out a groan you headed out to ask him to help you.- “aw do I have to baby you look so cute in it but if I have to”

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Joshua: -you have been struggling for the past 5 minutes to reach the zipper of the dress, you roommate was out so you and Joshua could have the apartment to yourselves. Groaning you walked out to Joshua and asked him if he unzip the back of your dress- “gladly Y/N”

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Jun: -he was being a normal boy so when he decided to stay on your bed while you tried to get out of your dress. He was leaning on your bed watching you struggle and giggling. Giving it one last try you gave up and asked him to unzip it. He got up and relaxed your shoulders as he unzips it enough that you could unzip it the rest of the way- “let me know if you need help getting out of anything else jagi”

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Hoshi: -you were going hanging out with the boys after a shift at work where you had to were the merch the store sold. Today you made the mistake of wearing a dress you have to unzip from behind but you did think ahead enough to bring spare clothes.As soon as you got to the dorm you asked Hoshi to unzip the dress in the middle of the livingroom area with all the other boys around- “um yeah sure babe lets got to my room first, don’t want the boys seeing too much of you”

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Wonwoo: -he’s been watching you for the passed 5 minutes struggle to get out of the dress, not saying a word just listening to you groan and whine about not being able to get it off. He was just waiting for you to give up in defeat but it was taking longer than he thought. You let out a grumpy yell before you made your way over to him and asked him to unzip you- “took you long enough babe, now turn around so I can get it”

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Woozi: -you lived on your own so you and Woozi could have date nights without having to worry about the boys or roommates. But the downside right now was you couldn’t get your dress unzipped, Woozi was wondering what was taking so long. Knocking on the door he asked if you were alright and you told him you couldn’t reach the zipper on your dress. He hatched out a plan- “I’ll unzip your dress IF you let me stay over for the night”

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DK: -Seokmin managed to get his shirt caught in the zipper of the dress you were wearing and neither of you could figure out how to get it out of the zipper without one of you having to take something off. So after a few moments you decided to ask him to unzip the dress as unawkardly as possible. He did just that so when you were out of the dress you threw a large shirt on and turned to see him standing there smiling with a heavily crinkled shirt- “I got it, p.s. I like the choice in underwear” 

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Mingyu:-you were going to the dressing room to get changed after your groups performance having to dance in a dress wasn’t one of your most favorite things in the world. So when you entered Mingyu was already in there waiting for you. You asked him to unzip you which he did, then you told him to leave so you could change- “that’s no fair I was in here before you were I should be allowed to stay

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The8: -he was helping you pick out a dress for a friends birthday. You two were doing the couply thing and trying to wear matching colors. So dress after dress he told you none of them were the right color or looked right for you. So you thought you finally found a winner you realized it was easier to get on than off so now you were trying to get the zipper but you couldn’t. So you walked out to him to ask him if he’d unzip it for you- “that all depends if this is the dress you’ll be getting because I think it looks amazing on you Y/N”

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Seungkwan: -you guys were going to the beach today with the rest of the boys, he was rather excited because he would get to see you in a swimsuit for the first time. But the sundress you picked was a zipper back which your mom made you wear just incase you didn’t go to the beach. So as the boys were picking on him for being excited you yelled out if he could unzip, so he playfully pushed Vernon out of his way- “yeah coming baby!”

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Vernon: -your date night was ruined by a heavy downpour which ended up soaking you both. So you had to stay over at the dorm for the evening because your parents couldn’t pick you up and they didn’t want you to walk home in the current weather. So Vernon was letting you borrow one of his shirts for the night while your dress was drying. Since there wasn’t many places to change you asked if he could turn around while you changed which he did do but now you couldn’t get the zipper on the back down so you quickly asked him if he would undo it for you- “if I do are you going to make me turn around again?”

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Dino: -it was a new dress and Chan had been the same person who zipped up the dress but not before he broke off the handle attached to the zipper and you yelled at him for it. But the two of you still had to go out to a friends party for the night. Now that you two happened to be staying over you asked him if he would unzip it for you- “that depends if you’re going to yell at me again or not”

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