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10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Muse


Inside The Actor’s Studio Edition.

So the purpose of this meme is to give a little info on your muses without having to rely on others to fill your ask with meme questions. I know how disappointing it can be to come back to an empty ask so I wanted to create a meme that anyone and everyone can do (mun and muse). The rules are simple, you do not need to be tagged to fill out the questions, but once you have you must reblog and tag 10 of your followers to spread the love (as well as add a question of your own to the bonus section). You can fill it out as many times as your heart desires (we all know muses can change with their character development.)

10 Questions:

1. What is your favorite word?: 

“Can’t think of one, it’s like when someone gives you an infinite amount of Lego to build with and then puts you on the spot to make something.”

2. What is your least favorite word?:

“Mine is more of a statement I keep being told, specifically that the way I do things is wrong, and I need to do it different. I have my methods, so you can take yours and shove them where the sun dares not tread, thanks.”

3. What turns you on?:

“Why am I being asked this?”

Because the people’s need to know. It’s important. FOR RAISINS. RAISINS I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN.

“I like cuddling, and kissing. I’m not really all that kinky to be honest, but I’m not afraid to try something the other party is interested in.”

4. What turns you off?:

“Gore, vore.”

5. What sound do you love?: 

“Laughter of people I care for, a special someone’s voice.”

6. What sound do you hate?:

“People who chat during a instructor’s lessons when I was back in College. Jesus Christ can you stop yammering FOR TWO HOURS.”

7. What is your favorite curse word?: 


8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?: 

“Game developer or an author.”

9. What profession would you not like to do?: 


10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God(s) say when you arrive at the pearly gates?:

“Shhh, no tears, only memes now. Followed shortly by I accept atheists, yes.”

Bonus Questions:

1. Something most people don’t know about you?: 

“I used to… write fanfiction.”

Gideon, are you blushing?


4. Sexual Preference?

“I’m straight, but as long as you aren’t coming on to me to the point of forcing yourself on me then I’m cool with gay guys or girls.”

5. What position do you sleep in?:

“On my side.”

I hug a pillow and pretend it’s my special someone.

6. What if someone told you…you HAD to lose, just this one time?

“Depends on who said it. If it was someone I trusted, then I’d do what they said, but if it was someone I was trying to stop then I’d ignore it because it’s stupid to listen to them.”

7. Greatest fear?

“Bees, Wasps, Hornets and Spiders.”

Same here.

8. If you could leave one thing to be remembered by, what would it be?

“That it wasn’t for nothing.”

That I lived a happy life.

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破綻。それは意図的に。創りたいものが、あるのです。 by aozora.umikaze


        the forest is dark at this time
       of the day. augustine, though
       lost, looks around and enjoys
         seeing the wildlife. but when
     he hears a loud screeching, he
          turns abruptly and the smile
         fades. ❛ is someone there? ❜

I’m going to buy a sailboat, name it hatan and install a satanic altar on the deck. every day I’ll be able to hail satan while I sail hatan

szeretném megköszönni kormányunk szorgos munkájának, hogy sikerült annyira felbátorítani a nácikat, hogy a metrót szétszedő, véglény fradidrukkerek a “takarodj haza nigériába”-t ordító csürhéből már hatan is neki mernek menni egy darab ártatlan srácnak és a 160 cm-es fehér barátnőjének

gratulálok, igazán bátor, gyönyörű teljesítmény

az volt a pár szerencséje, hogy már épp állt meg a metró, amikor elkezdték őket rugdosni és verni (engem csak kicsit tapostak meg a művelet közben), és konkrétan ki tudtak ugrani, mielőtt ott helyben verik őket agyon

közben az egyik utassal kiugrottam én is (első kocsiban történt persze mindez), amikor szólt a vezetőnek, az a vállát vonogatta, ugyanez volt a válasz az odaugró, zokogó lánynak is

három ember ment hozzájuk segíteni, az egyik szerencsére hívta is a rendőröket - ha jól hallottam, a srác egyébként több, mint tíz éve él magyarországon, amúgy szebben beszél magyarul, mint ezek a férgek

annyira borzasztóan dühös vagyok, hogy nem tudom kifejezni, mert eddig is rasszista gusztustalan pondrók voltak ezek, de legalább nem hallották azt mindenhol, hogy ez jó és így is kell csinálni

meneküljön innen minden normális ember

Starter for siren-hatane

It was another beautiful, sunny day off the shore of Lilycove.  Wingulls were happily screeching as they swooped through the air, trying to snatch any spare bit of food from some distracted swimmer.  For some reason that suited the pirate well enough, the coast was never heavily populated, and that made for a good hideout.

With a coil of heavy rope looped around the man’s shoulder, he slowly made his way across the sand so he could enjoy the sea’s breeze.  About halfway to the entrance of his team’s somewhat secluded hideout, an odd lump was seen out in the distance.

It didn’t look Pokemon, and it appeared to have been brought in by the tide.  With a spark of curiosity splashed across the man’s face, he brought himself closer, to take a look.

Tizenegyedik végére döbbentem rá, hogy a régóta keresgélt „legjobb barát” tulajdonképpen végig ott volt az orrom előtt, csak amíg én egy emberben kerestem azt, amit számomra a barátság fogalma jelentene, nem vettem észre, hogy ez nem egy konkrét ideál, ami egyvalakiben megvan, és akkor az a nagybetűs Legjobb Barát. Hanem inkább egy puzzle, a darabjai szanaszét vannak, és ha együtt látja őket az ember, akkor értelmet nyer az egész. Valami ilyesmit jelenthet a barátság. És ahogy a többieket néztem, rájöttem, nekem ők azok. Ők, hatan. :)
—  A Szent Johanna gimi 6. - Ketten
Chance Meeting { Mob AU } {w/ Siren-Hatane}

It had been a pretty slow night on the market. The Black Market of course was always slower than a traditional marketplace, but even then, sometimes it was busier than others. Perhaps it was due to the rain t hat came down in thick sheets. The Market was held at a different location every time. And tonight of all nights, they had to chose a location that was above ground. Typical.

The back alleyways were filled with puddles forming between the cobblestones–a few rats skittling about underfoot as patrons came for the unique, the forbidden, and yet the equally capitalized.

Winona leaned on her table, her booth protecting her from the otherwise onslaught of raindrops from the black sky. The clouds were so thick there wasn’t even a glow behind them from the moon. It was nearly 1am. She’d need to head home soon. She’d sold some good things, tonight. A couple of rarities. Some pills that were a one-off. She’d never have those in her supply again. So she sold them for a high price to a chance buyer. At least that was money in the bank. Money to get the roof of the house repaired. Money to feed her little nest egg for the future. Money that went to buying groceries.

Because in the mob world, money made the world go round.

She didn’t call into the crowd like some of the others did, hawking their goods. Winona sat and waited patiently, drumming her fingers on the table, her opera gloves as pristine as ever. People knew her. And if they needed her, they would come to her, as always. That was just the normal order of things.

So she sat.

And waited.

  • " Ağlama. " dedi bana. " Ağlama, yeter ! " Sessiz kaldım bir süre. " Hepsi senin hatan. Bunların hepsi senin hatan. " diye ekledi sonra. Evet hepsi benim hatamdı haklıydı. Onu bu kadar çok sevmem hataydı.