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♦ What was a mildly annoying thing that has happened to you rp wise?

[During one of the first Faceless events about two years back, Jack became heavily involved because his loved ones joined the story. He became so intermixed with it at the very end, that in the last few hours of it, two fights had broken about. One between Hatal and Jack and the other against the Avatar. Jack had spent a LOT of in-game and Tumblr  time working with the hospital, community and some behind the scenes with the creators (not directly, but a lot of tossing ideas around to stay within their realm of their story and, well, dragon) to help progress the story and actually start getting a cure. I didn’t want it to be a “ONE PERSON CURE YAY SAVIOUR OF ALL” and so I involved as maaaaaaaaaaaany people as I could. 

Someone jumped in at the last second and used this out of the park (okay very out of the park) idea on how to cure everyone that only one person had come up with and it was just his character that saved all of the city and was somehow able to mass produce this one item within a day.(Although, if I recall, they later complained how ‘taxing’ it was to their character because normally they couldn’t have done that feat.) Mind you, in the end, it was a spin-off/rip-off of the idea Jack had been working on with the community to help cure others.

They flaunted around that they ‘cured’ the issue because the DM of the event said it could help be a plausible solution. It wasn’t my event, I was just helping to get people involved, but I found it annoying that in the process of all of this, even if Jack was one of the top avatar figures to stand AGAINST the Faceless, all of his work and the work of everyone that got involved with me and the mass amount of people they saved was thrown out the window by some insta-cure. The credit all went to the hospice (who had started to complain about all of the sudden RP intruding on their hospital story??? But like, hospital and sudden emergency??) and to this person. Not even just for my part of my glory, I don’t care, but it was rough watching a lot of really wonderful roleplayers be shunned out of the spotlight for their involvement and hard work.]

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If You Wander Over Yonder (French)

let me share with you the wonder that is french wander over yonder.

translated lyrics:

oh wander, the traveller
around you,  everything is beautiful
oh yes wander, the traveller,
and don’t forget your hat
all these worlds to explore,
and all these oddities
oh yes, wander the traveller
will show them to you!
tu-lu-lu-lu tu-lu-tu!

t h a n k y o u !

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“Oh, Wander Over Yonder 

And check out this and that

If you Wander Over Yonder

Best be sure to wear your hat

All the things that you will see

And you certainly will be free

If you Wander Over Yonder,

Just you and me!

If the darkness comes a creepin’

And you’re feelin’ down

Just Wander Over Yonder

And turn your life around!

Oh, Wander Over Yonder

Be sure to lend a hand

All your helpful friendly good deeds,

Will spread across the land

All your helpful friendly good deeds

Will spread across the land!

Doodly doo doo doo doo, woo!”

I actually drew this two years ago (before I got into tumblr) and posted this on my Deviantart page. So, I decided to post it here too.

Wander Over Yonder is one of the best cartoons ever on tv!! I love the characters, the animation, the colorful backgrounds.. The show really puts a smile on my face even when I’m in one of those depressing and stressful times.

I’ve always loved Craig McCracken’s cartoons since I was a kid, watching The PowerPuff Girls and I would love to see more of his work!