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⏀❧ Kakashi

⏀ describe their usual smile

The corners of his mouth don’t move much, it’s his eyes that show he’s smiling. They get this one very clear line at the corners if he’s even slightly amused. No teeth visible pretty much ever and if he laughs with his mouth open, he covers it with a hand.

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

already done!

You Got-....Mail

January 1


(00:04) ……?

(00:05) Kakashi.

(00:05) Kakashi. Holy fucking KAKASHI.

(00:07) ….do I need to block you again?

(00:08) Fuck you.

(00:08) No.

(00:10) But seriously Kakashi. You won’t believe what happened. So there I am, cool as you please, watching for the fireworks to go off at midnight and to take a celebratory drink- of apple cider, honestly why is Minato such a MOM?- when Rin comes up to me. So here I am, turning to greet her and invite her to watch the fireworks with me like the cool, suave guy I am- really? you had to go there? you fucking bastard- and she just- she grabs me by the front and drags me into a kiss. There were fireworks! Literally. ‘cuz, you know, she kissed me at the stroke so the 'works went off as we kissed.

(00:11) Is that a sign? It’s a sign isn’t it? We’re totally going to get married and have beautiful babies- you can be the godfather of Uchiha Ren, our first born.

(00:13) …that escalated quickly. I doubt a kiss is a declaration of marriage and oncoming babies (plural? really? you haven’t even gone on a date) but I am going to godfather. You already promised me your first born.

(00:14) Also. You’re a lot of things, 'cool’ and 'suave’ are not part of them. Which is why RIN had to be the one to make the first move- if you weren’t right about Sensei then I’d ask if she were drunk.

(00:14) Rin kissed Obito, he’s now freaking out about marriage and babies.

(00:15) Holy shit, you’re right. I have to ask her out now.

(00:15) WOO! YOU GO RIN!

(00:15) Should I go talk to him?

(00:15) FINALLY!

(00:15) …babies…?

(00:15) Is that why he’s holed up in the bathroom?

(00:15) …congratulations…? 

(00:15) Wtf? When the fuck did I promise you Ren?

(00:16) Also. Fuck you. With something twisted and awkward.

(00:16) Yeah, probably. Itachi says he’s holed up in the bathroom.

(00:16) Sensei will deal with it Rin.

(00:16) I’ll pass that on to Sensei to get him out.

(00:17) Ask Kushina for advice. Remember that time when Genma smuggled alcohol and you took him up on his drinking challenge?

(00:17) That’s when.

(00:18) Right. I’ll go now.

(00:18) Thanks.

(00:18) Understood.