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alright i have no patience to crop it to make it appear all neat on this hellsite so have this lil wallpaper i decided to make for this amazing cartoon!! and also for the love of god fullview this pls


I just had a dream that I was hanging out in the general vicinity of Nash Grier and he stole my large cowboy hat, which was a very important possession of mine in the dream. I asked him if he took it, but he said no. I knew it was him so obviously I was very upset by this injustice. I went to the police and proved that he had stolen it by showing he had used it as a prop in his newest video. I got my hat back and he got arrested


This is what America is like today. People said it was exaggerating or going overboard when comparing Trump to Hitler & calling him & his supporters Nazis. Well guess what?! Here we are. Doing the Nazi salute is ILLEGAL in Germany yet it’s clearly not here, as well as shouting “Heil Trump” while wearing their stupid MAGA hats. And then Trump’s tweet was such bullshit. He can’t tell us to unite to fight hate when, one, he is leading & fueling their hate; & two, he never condemned them. There’s alt-right sites that are HAPPY with his tweet since it doesn’t condemn them. Oh & you can’t forget how a car plowed into a group of people, killing one of them. It’s all repulsive, disgusting, & it’s not okay. Violence is not okay from either side. I will say that every time. But our government is corrupted & only making it worse. How much WORSE do things have to get before action is taken against him & his admin? Do we have to wait until North Korea bombs us because Trump runs his mouth? It’s honestly frightening.

ghostlymark  asked:

i was thinking earlier, imagine the ego's celebrating mark's b-day and the host wearing a party hat ; ~ ;

i saw your tweet of it!

host wearing a party hat, but it’s a little crooked on his head. he has one of those little party blowers in his mouth, and he’s just casually sitting at the table just listening and narrating the party around him. he narrates that wilford pops a balloon to scare bim and before he does, host quickly places his hands over king of the squirrel’s ears so that the loud noise won’t spook him. 💛