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Steve/Hermione, Halloween

for @mcgregorswench

“Listen, they’re going to love you, I promise…” Steve assured her, slipping his hand into hers and pulling her along.  “And you already know Dr. Foster.”

Hermione pulled her pointy witch’s hat down further on her head.  “You don’t think my costume’s a little on the nose, do you?”  

He shook his head.  “I love your nose, though, so I might be biased…” He ducked down under the brim of her hat to kiss the tip of said adorable nose.

anonymous asked:

could I maybe request how mccree,reaper,and hanzo would react to their s/o being into computer stuff like their s/o would be typing away on their computer looking at randoms things and articles or just messing with coding lmao(love your blog btw <3)

I took a semester of programming and I can tell you that it’s really fun and really satisfying when it all works out (thank you so much ily)


>he’d be pretty impressed actually

>at first he’d be a little irritated and wonder what exactly is so interesting about staring at a computer screen all day

>but then one day he catches you creating a macro that looks for new articles about him and deletes them

>and he does the stupid “tip the hat upwards and whistle at you” thing that I totally imagine he’d do bc he’s a huge dork

>”Is that what you’re doin’ all day?”

>he’d totally sit down next to you and ask what it does and how it works and how you made it

>he’d be watching you explain and his face would be glowing

>his admiration of you went up by 1000000%


>at first he’d scold you for spending too much time on the computer

>once he realizes that you’ve been sneaking onto websites about Overwatch and messing with the coding and publishing wrong information

>he’d be a little less hard on you

>he’d watch you over your shoulder and would definitely chuckle

>one day he pulls up a chair next to you and comes up with more misinformation with you

>it’s one of the few times that you see his lighter side and he feels oddly at ease with it

>he’d want you to get better at manipulating programs to his favor so he’d definitely call in Sombra

>and he’d be very (internally) anxious to see how well you develop


>I love him but I kind of headcanon him as being a little dense when it comes to computers

>so you could literally code “Hello World” into a program and he’d lose his mind

>he’d be so impressed

>he’d definitely ask every single question he can think of

>and he’d be very intrigued at your response

>he tries to take mental notes but he gets lost in the jargon and would ask more questions

>when he sees you typing away he’d be so impressed

>being technically savvy is a huge tactical advantage in his eyes

>so he’d respect you that much more

I’ve realized I don’t actually believe it’s possible to “teach” someone a language.

You can provide resources, but the student needs to use them.

You can answer questions, but the student needs to ask them first.

You can point at a word and say “This means that.” And then the same again for the next word. And then again, and again, and again. But a dictionary can do this too.

You can give a long awkward explanation of all the grammatical exceptions to the rules, but you’ll probably leave them even more confused than when they started.

What you can do is inspire them, give them passion – the longest-lasting and most useful gift you can give someone who wants to learn a language. If you ignite the flame of excitement within them to pursue the language on their own, they will continue to learn for the rest of their lives, even without you.