hat tip

A Gift in Undercity

The well dressed undead man walked around Undercity for hours, casually walking about and seeking someone. He searched carefully, gazing into every undead’s face until he found the right woman.  He tipped his hat at several, laughed at others, and then he found the woman he was looking for. 

“Excuse me, ma’am?” The man approached the woman and bowed. “I believe I have found who I was looking for.” He took a small, slender box from his suit pocket and said, “I don’t know what you did or who you are. I don’t know how you did it, but you got his attention.” He presented the woman the small box. “He doesn’t gift often, but here you are.”

The box contained a bone hair comb, intricately carved. The undead man smiled and said, “I am the Flea. I work for the Rat King. If I were you, I would say thank you. You can find him in Dalaran, although he occasionally shows up here. Maybe you’ll be lucky.” He smirked and bowed once more, adjusting his sleeves.


Bernie Sanders Lays Down 2016’s New Electoral Math
Democratic candidates for president flew to the Twin Cities last week to make their pitches to members of the Democratic National Committee. They did not come to debate—a missed opportunity highlighted by Martin O’Malley in a fiery speech decrying the DNC’s constricted debate schedule—but to...

(2012 Electoral Map)

“Clinton spoke a language that DNC members know well, focusing ably on broad themes that are familiar to Democrats and on the electoral mechanics that are a source of fascination for members of the party’s national committee. She promised”to help Democrats win up and down the ticket-not just the presidential campaign.” She declared, correctly, that “It’s time to rebuild our party from the ground up.” She declared, correctly, that “It’s time to rebuild our party from the ground up.” And she tipped her hat to the popular notion that the party needs to get back to the 50-state strategy of former DNC chair Howard Dean. “We have to compete everywhere,” announced Clinton, to loud applause, which continued as she declared, “We’re building something that will last long after next November.”

Sanders spoke a language that DNC members are learning in a turbulent campaign season that has already produced a fair share of surprise; offering a mixture of progressive-populist agenda and political tough love. The senator from Vermont held nothing back when he spoke to the committee members- and to a crowd of Minnesota grassroots activists that had packed in to the ballroom to cheer him on. “My friends, the Republican Party did not win the midterm election in November: We lost that election,” Sanders declared. “We lost because voter turnout was abysmally, embarrassingly low, and millions of working people, young people and people of color gave up on politics as usual and they stayed home. That’s a fact.