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Just some random sketches of dress based on some Youtubers :)
Disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE! I DON’T CARE IF YOU ASK ITS STILL A NO! You may USE the designs but I must be linked back and credited. Not doing so is considered stealing and will be reported as so.

Pewdiepie: I went with something more revealing based on how outward Felix is. I also gave his signature pink boa and his bro fist logo pinned to the dress.
Markiplier: I tried to cover his neck to go with his #thickneck trend. I also tried making his M shape logo where the cleavage is located. I made it a shorter dress to reveal more legs for the illusion of long legs or tallness, this represents how Mark doesn’t like the fact he’s shorter than most.
Jacksepticeye: I gave Jack something more longer and flowy to go with his happy go lucky attitude. I wanted to mix cute with mature because Jack may be adorable but he is also a very respectable adult
VanossGaming: I went with his BatOwl look more. Not much more to say with this one, just reminds me of a evil villain though XD’
H2ODelirious: I gave Delirious a short more cutesy dress for his child like attitude. I implemented his mask in the form of a small hat with a veil, the veil is to try to hide the face of the wearer much like the mask itself does. I gave him boots for a more of a “not of afraid to get dirty” feel to it without hindering the outfit as a whole.
Wiishu: I gave her more of a casual look but with the bling bling~ I added the hat for flare and sass. The leggings are to show that she doesn’t need to be behind a man to show who wears the pants.

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Black hat x reader where the reader is dating a hero, but Black Hat is Pissed™ because he liked them. So he decides to kill two birds with one stone, and kidnap the reader for himself, and leave the hero with a threatening note and a picture of reader unconscious in his arms. Reader wakes up later and is angry and scared. Cue sassy banter. You decide the rest. Thank you!

OhhHoh YES! I just love this idea! I can’t get over it! 

Jealously, Ignorance | Black Hat x Taken! Reader

{ I made this fic with a fem! reader, i hope that wasn’t a mistake! :( Normally i would make my fics with gender-neutral terms, but the flow of the story seemed to fit so well with a her. }

A/N: I just woke up at 12pm (yes. noon. sometimes i’ll sleep til like 3 pm if nobody bothers me. I’M A LAZY BUM) to a phone call from the manager of the business that i applied for a job at!! AHH! I scheduled an interview for July 6th. This means i’m gonna need to be busting my tooshie and cranking out fics for you all! If i get this job, i’m gonna have about 50-75% of the time on my hands taken from me! :( (but also yay because that means i can buy sick stuff and get that DRAWING TABLET so i can create art for you guys too!!) 

Anyway, my inbox is blown up right now! I’m loving the feedback and support from you all. If you don’t see your fic posted soon, i promise i’ll get to it! I’ll never delete my asks from my lovely supporters!! <3 Okay, enough boohoo time and ON WITH THE FIC! Adios!

“I must go save them. I promise i’ll be back soon, okay?” Jonathan cooed, well .. otherwise known as “Hyper Hex”, a hero to this city. Also Y/N’s boyfriend. Y/N sighed, sitting patiently at the table in Jonathan’s apartment, a lovely at-home dinner date in front of her. Disappointment dripped from her voice. Jonathan gave Y/N a kiss on the forehead, then opened the window and zipped out. 

Two hours had passed, the city was still “in trouble” apparently, and Jonathan- no, Hyper Hex wasn’t anywhere to be seen. At least in the apartment that was. Y/N sat on the couch, a bottle of wine in her hands, a sleepy look in her eyes. She stared dimly at the TV screen. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on, the episodes seeming to never stop. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s a marathon. Y/N slowly turned her head, glancing at the clock. 10pm. She sighed, standing up from the couch, slamming the bottle of wine on the coffee table, and stumbling straight to her room. Without even changing from her nice black dress she had put on for the date, she flopped on the bed, hugging the pillow angrily until she fell asleep. 

Black Hat sat on his throne with the the angriest face he’s ever had. “A boyfriend..” He growled. “A HERO BOYFRIEND!!” He boomed. The walls shook, Dr. Flug shivered from his lab. Oh no, Boss was angry, more than usual. Black Hat’s hands turned to claws as they gripped the throne, tearing holes in the red velvet. “She’s MINE!” He shouted, swiping one of the stone busts of himself off it’s pedestal. It flew to the floor, shattering. He oozed with rage, breathing heavily, unpredictably. He marched to the lab, his black coat fanning behind him from the speed he was going. He slammed the door against the wall as he opened it, Dr. Flug shuddering. “Y’Yes sir- Lord Black Hat Sir?” He said, terrified. “Give me the chloroform.” He insisted. “Y-Yes s-” “NOW!” He shouted. Dr. Flug trembled like a coward, running immediately to his chemical cabinet, searching through the bottled for chloroform. He wasn’t gonna bother asking what it was for. He ran back to his boss, handing it to him gently. Without another word, Black Hat spun around, marching out of the lab, his coattails floating behind him accordingly. 

From stalking Y/N for however long he’s had eyes for them, he knew exactly where they lived, from memory. He made his way inside without any mistake. The lights were off, and on the TV was Hyper Hex himself. Hmm. Saving the city. What a good, good boy. Black Hat’s hand clenched furiously, nearly breaking the TV screen. He held himself back.. he wouldn’t want to wake up his girl, would he..?” He crept to the bedroom, the door was open, there was a figure on the bed. Oh how lovely she looked in that black dress. He got closer. How lovely she looked sleeping.. but she wasn’t sleeping in his bed. He barred his shark-like teeth, pulling the cork off the bottle of chloroform, soaking the rag. “Honey, tell me.. does this rag smell like chloroform?” He said, then placed the rag across Y/N’s face. Gently. Her body jolted from shock, but she was only awake for a few more seconds, unable to see through the rag. With one deep breath, she was out again. Black Hat grinned, his glowing eyes flaring up. He laughed evilly, scooping her off the bed and into his arms. “He wasn’t here to save you tonight, Princess.” He said, brushing back her hair. He pulled out a Polaroid, flashing a quick picture of her. Oh she was gorgeous. There on the bed he left the note, and the photo. “The hero wasn’t there to save the innocent girl.The knight put his guard down that night, and the dragon stole the princess away. I promised i’d always protect her. If you truly want her, come get her. OH but do come prepared, the dragon has much waiting for you.” 

Y/N woke up with a gasp. “A nightmare?” Black hat asked from his throne, grinning. He sat relaxed, His chin resting in the palm of one hand, a glass of wine in the other. Wait.. was that wine.. or blood? Y/N yanked at the ropes that bound them. “I must say, you have an incredible taste for wine. Y/N. Too bad Hyper Hex wasn’t there to share it with you on your date night.” He frowned. “What do you want from me? Who are you, why am i here?” Y/N asked, terrified, yet keeping their attitude bold. Black Hat chuckled. “The better boyfriend, that’s who i am. If you were with me, you’d always be safe.” He said, swirling the wine in his glass, glancing down at her. “By the looks of this place, i couldn’t be safe if you surrounded me in pillows and tied me up in a straitjacket.” She remarked. Black Hat chuckled, “Your sass is cute. That’s why i love you.” His gruff voice cooed. Y/N swallowed. “Why me? I don’t even know you!” Y/N said desperately. “But you do.” Black Hat said, standing up. He placed his glass of wine on the side table, slowly approaching her. Y/N got more terrified each step closer he took. “Just think, love. It’s been a few years.. but i’m there.” He grinned, placing his fingers under her chin, slowly sliding them away. Y/N put her head down, then looked back up at his face, squinting, trying so hard. Who was he? What relation did he have with her? She gave up. “Look, you can let me go! I can-” You can what?” Black Hat interrupted, “You can run off, back to your normal life, with your hero boyfriend? I’ll never see you again, i’ll never get the chance to be with you?” His voice got louder, and more aggressive as he went on. He stopped, staring at Y/N’s horrified, yet sad face. She stopped, feeling.. remorse? He loved her, and she’d never seen him a day in her life. “Stay, with me.” He paused, “You can learn to love me, (and trust me, it won’t take that long)” He flicked his collar, smirking. Y/N stared up at him, shaking her head and looking back down. A furious look washed over Black Hat’s face, “Fine.” He said, turning around, and walking out of the room without another word. “W-Wait-!” Y/N shouted. He slammed the door.

Alright alright! Kind of a cliffhanger, but I’ve been writing this for about 2 hours now and i’m thinkin’ about replying to another ask. Did you guys like it? Would you want a more smutty side? Where Black Hat kidnaps her, ties her up.. you get the drift ;). Would you like a part two? Would you like an ending where possibly reader is brainwashed into staying by something BH insists Dr. Flug creates? Would you like an ending where BH is heartbroken and lets his love go? An ending where Hyper Hex comes to save his girlfriend? Would you rather have BH be more aggressive towards reader? LET ME KNOW!! 

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Talking steepled hats with attitudes. Just, a group of steepled hats, that have too much sass and not enough leg, so they just sorta glare at everyone in the circle like "I see you gretchen, your familiar ate the cookies again...Cute" just sassy hats.

….this is such an amazing mental image and I embrace it

Taron Egerton is a chicken nugget. Pass it on. (insp/ref)

Our band is about sass

*stomping onto the field waving my hat around with sass* YASSS I AM READY FOR THIS SHIT. Wait where am I. Fuck I’m on the wrong side of the field.

*skips around angrily* Where am I shit, damnit fuck. *runs into drumline* damnit. I cant find my dot. Im screwed. NO. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEEE. *finds dot* oh. There me go. *cant see drum major*